Vitringa, Campegius

, an eminent and learned protestant divine, was born May 16, 1659, at Leuwarden, in Friesland. He took a doctor’s degree in divinity at Leyden, July 9, 1679, and was successively professor of oriental languages, divinity, and sacred history at Franeker, in which city he married, 1681, and died March 3, 1722, of an apoplexy. His works are, 1. an excellent “Commentary on Isaiah,” 2 vols. fol. in Latin. 2. “Apocalypseos anachrisis,1719, 4to. 3. “Typus Theologiae Practices,” 8vo, 4. “Hypotyposis Historiae et Chronologies sacra,” 8vo. 5. “Synagoga vetus,” 4to. 6. “Archisynagogus, 4to. 7.” De Decemviris otiosis Synagoga?,“4io. 8.” Observationes sacrae,“17U,4to, &c. Campegius Vitringa, one of his sons, born March 23, 1693, was also professor of divinity at Franeker, and died nine months after his father, January 11, 1723, aged thirty-one, leaving an | ”Abridgment of natural Theology,“1720, 4to, and” Sacred Dissertations," which do him honour. 1

1 Niceron, vol. XXX. and vol. XXXV. —Saxii Onomast.