Wheare, Degory

, Camdenian professor of history at Oxford, was born at Jacobstow, in Cornwall, 1573, and admitted of Broadgate-hall in that university. He took the degrees in arts, that of master being completed in 1600; and, two years after, was elected fellow of Exeter-college. Leaving that house in 1608, he travelled beyond the seas into several countries; and at his return found a patron in lord Chandois. Upon the death of this nobleman, he retired with his wife to Gloucester-hall in Oxford, where, by the care and friendship of the principal, he was accommodated with lodgings; and there contracted an intimacy with the celebrated mathematician, Thomas Allen, by whose interest Camden made him the first reader of that lecture which he had founded in the university. It was thought no small honour that on this occasion he was preferred to Bryan Twyne, whom Camden named as his successor, if he survived him, but Twyne died first. Soon after, he was made principal of that hall; and this place, with his lecture, he held to the time of -his death, which happened Aug. 1, 1647. He was buried in the chapel of Exetercollege. Wood tells us, that he was esteemed by some a learned and genteel man, and by others suspected to be a Calyinist. He adds, that he left also behind him a widow and children, who soon after became poor.

He published “De Ratione et Methodo legendi Historias Dissertatio,” Oxon. 1625, in 8vo. This was an useful work, and the first regular attempt to investigate the subject on proper principles. It long went through several editions, with the addition of pieces upon the same subject by other hands: but the best is that translated into English, with this title, “The Method and Order of reading both Civil and Ecclesiastical Histories; in which the most excellent historians are reduced into the order in which they are successively to be read; and the judgments | of learned men concerning each of them subjoined. By Degory Whestre, Camden reader of history in Oxford. To which is added, an appendix concerning the historians of particular nations, ancient and modern. By Nicolas Horseman. With Mr. Dodwell’s invitation to gentlemen to acquaint themselves with ancient history. Made English, and enlarged by Edmund Bohun, esq.” Loud. 1698, in 8vo.

Besides this work, Mr. Wheare published, “Parentatid Historica: sive, Commemoratio vitae et mortis V. C. Guliel. Camdeni Clarentii, facta Oxonise irt Schola Historicæ 12 Nov. 1626,” Oxon. 1628. “Dedicatio Imaginis Camdenianse in Schola Historica, 12 Nov. 1626,” Oxon. 1628. “Epistolarum Eucharisticarum Fasciculus.” “Charisteria.” These two last are printed with “Dedicatio Imaginis,” &c. 1


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