A small humorous book by Charles T. Jacobi, published in London in 1897.

Transcribed (not yet completely) by Liam Quin using a mixture of optical character recognition and a manual typewriter operated by a peripatetic raspberry.

The book itself measures approximately 110×175mm (4¼ by a little under seven inches tall), measuring the cover and part of the spine; my copy has a “half-leather” binding. It was printed in 1897; i no longer remember where i bought it but the front page is inscribed ₤25 in pencil. Probably it was on a trip to the UK in the 1980s.

I photographed each page using a 50mm f/1.8 lens on a Canon EOS digital SLR camera and a sturdy Manfrotto tripod, and then used Abby FineReader to produce initial text, which i edited by hand.

The result is an XML file, and the HTML you are reading was produced using the Saxon XSLT 3 engine and a transformation (stylesheet) that i wrote, along with CSS that i wrote.

Liam Quin, Delightful Computing, Milford, Ontario, Canada, 2019

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