Manager of the Chiswick Press, and Ex­aminer in Typography [1892-97] to the City and Guilds of London Institute.

PRINTING. A Practical Treatise on the Art of Typography as applied more particularly to the Printing of Books. With upwards of 150 Illustrations, and a Glossarial Index of Technical Terms and Phrases. Small Post 8vo, cloth. [Price 5s.

THE PRINTERS’ HANDBOOK of Trade Recipes, Hints, and Suggestions relating to Letterpress and Lithographic Printing, Bookbinding, Stationery, Engraving, etc. With many useful Tables and an Index. Second Edition, Enlarged and Classified. Crown 8vo, cloth. [Price 5s.

THE PRINTERS’ VOCABULARY. A Collec­tion of some 2,500 Technical Terms, Phrases, Abbreviations, and other Expressions, relating to Letterpress Printing. Useful book for Authors and Publishers. Crown 8vo, cloth. [Price 3s. 6d.

ON THE MAKING AND ISSUING OF BOOKS. Fcap. 8vo. [Out of print.

THE PRINTING OF MODERN BOOKS. A paper read before the Bibliographical Society. Pot 8vo, sewed. [Printed for presentation.

SOME NOTES ON BOOKS AND PRINTING. A Guide for Authors and others. This work is an amplification of the previous volume. Demy 8vo. [Price 5s. net.

N.B.—These volumes, where in print, are supplied post free on receipt of postal order at the Chiswick Press, 20, Tooks Court.