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Martyr (a blessed)

,—a perjured prince, who broke his coronation oath in the most material of all points; governed without a Parliament; imprisoned his subjects for refusing to lend him money; commenced a false, villainous prosecution for high treason against a most deserving nobleman (the Earl of Bristol); reduced his people to the dreadful necessity of taking up arms in their own defence; and, by his shameful dissimulation when he wass about to be restored, left it utterly impossible to confide in his honor, his humanity, or his oath, but drove the principal officers of the adverse party, in their own defence, to sit in trial upon, and sentence him to death. Truly, a very blessed martyr! Had this prince been a private man, who would have dared to say a word in his defence?

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Entry taken from A Political Dictionary, by Charles Pigott, 1795.

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