Ferrara, a fortified and walled Italian city, capital of the province of the name, situated on a low and marshy plain between the dividing branches of the Po, 30 m. from the Adriatic; it has many fine ecclesiastical buildings and a university founded in 1264, with a library of 100,000 vols., but now a mere handful of students; a fine old Gothic castle, the residence of the Estes (q.v.), still stands; it was the birthplace of Savonarola, and the sometime dwelling-place of Tasso and Ariosto; once populous and prosperous, it has now fallen into decay.

Population (circa 1900) given as 31,000.

Definition taken from The Nuttall Encyclopædia, edited by the Reverend James Wood (1907)

Ferrara * Ferrari, Gaudenzio
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Fergusson, Sir W.
Fermat, Pierre de
Fernandez, Juan
Fernando Po
Ferrar, Nicholas
Ferrar, Robert
Ferrari, Gaudenzio
Ferrari, Paolo
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Ferrier, James Frederick
Ferrier, Susan Edmonston
Ferry, Jules François Camille
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Festus, Sextus Pompeius