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A novel told in a series of letters by Sir Walter Scott. Sir Edward Hugh Redgauntlet, a Jacobite conspirator in favour of the Young Pretender, Charles Edward, is the hero. When George III. was crowned he persuaded his niece, Lilias Redgauntlet, to pick up the glove thrown down by the king’s champion. The plot ripened, but when the prince positively refused to dismiss his mistress, Miss Walkinshaw—a sine quâ non with the conspirators—the whole enterprise was given up. General Campbell arrived with the military, the prince left Scotland, Redgauntlet, who embarked with him, became a prior abroad, and Lilias, his niece, married her brother’s friend, Allan Fairford, a young advocate.

Redgauntʹlet (Sir Aberick). An ancestor of the family so called.

Sir Edward. Son of Sir Aberick, killed by his father’s horse.

Sir Robert. An old Tory in Wandering Willie’s Tale. He has a favourite monkey called “Major Weir.” Sir John, son and successor of Sir Robert. Sir Redwald, son of Sir John.

Sir Henry Darsie. Son of Sir Redwald. Lady Henry Darsie, wife of Sir Henry Darsie. Sir Arthur Darsie alias Darsie Latimer, son of Sir Henry and the above lady. Miss Lilias alias Greenmantle, sister of Sir Arthur; she marries Allan Fairford.

Sir Edward Hugh. A political enthusiast and Jacobite conspirator, uncle of Sir Arthur Darsie. He appears as “Laird of the Lochs,” “Mr. Herries, of Birrenswork,” and “Mr. Ingoldsby.” “When he frowned, the puckers of his brow formed a horseshoe, the special mark of his race.” (Sir Walter Scott: Redgauntlet.)

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Entry taken from Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, edited by the Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D. and revised in 1895.

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