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in common use:—

Bald as a coot.

Bitter as gall, as soot.

Black as ink, as a coal, as a crow

Blind as a bat, a beetle, a mole.

Blunt as a hedge-hook.

Brave as Alexander.

Bright as silver.

Brittle as glass.

Brown as a berry.

Busy as a bee.

Chatter like a jay.

Clear as crystal.

Cold as ice, as a frog, as charity.

Cool as a cucumber.

Cross as the tongs, as two sticks.

Dark as pitch [pitch-dark].

Dead as a door-nail.

Deaf as a post.

Dry as a bonc.

Fair as a lily.

False as a hell.

Fat as a pig, as a porpoise.

Flat as a flounder, as a pancake.

Fleet as the wind, as a racehorse.

Free as air.

Gay as a lark.

Good as gold.

Green as grass.

Hard as iron, as a flint.

Harmless as a dove.

Heavy as lead.

Hoarse as a hog, as a raven.

Helpless as a babe.

Hollow as a drum.

Hot as fire, as an oven, as a coal.

Hungry as a hunter.

Light as a feather, as day.

Limp as a glove.

Loud as thunder.

Merry as a grig, as a cricket.

Mild as Moses, as milk.

Neat as wax, as a new pin.

Obstinate as a pig (pig-headed.)

Old as the hills, as Methuselah.

Pale as a ghost.

Patient as Job.

Plain as a pikestaff.

Playful as a kitten.

Plump as a partridge.

Poor as a rat, as a church mouse, as Job.

Proud as Lucifer.

Red as blood, as a fox, a rose, a brick.

Rough as a nutmeg-grater.

Round as an orange, a ball.

Rude as a bear.

Safe as the bank [of England], or the stocks.

Savage as a bear, as a tiger, as a bear with a sore head.

Sick as a cat, a dog, a horse, a road.

Sharp as a needle.

Sleep like a top.

Slow as a snail, as a tortoise.

Sly as a fox, as old boots.

Soft as silk, as velvet, as soap.

Sound as a roach, as a bell.

Sour as vinegar, as verjuice.

Stare like a stuck pig.

Steady as Old Time

Stiff as a poker.

Straight as an arrow.

Strong as iron, as a horse, as brandy.

Sure as a gun, as fate, as death and taxes.

Surly as a bear.

Sweet as sugar.

Swift as lighting, as the wind, as an arrow.

Thick as hops.

Thin as a lath, as a whipping-post.

Tight as a drum.

Tough as leather.

True as the Gospel.

Vain as a peacock.

Warm as a toast.

Weak as water.

Wet as a fish.

White as driven snow, as milk, as a swan, as a sheet, as chalk.

Wise as a serpent, as Solomon.

Yellow as a guinea, as gold, as saffron.

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Entry taken from Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, edited by the Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D. and revised in 1895.

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