Events noted in 1802

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1801 1803


“Bulletin des Societés savantes de Marseilles et de departements du Midi,” Achard, Claude Francis a French physician

Died: Adair, James Makittrick a physician

Died: Æpinus, Francis-Marie-Ulrick-Theodore a German physician of considerable eminence

Died: Alvensleben, Philip Charles Count D' a Prussian statesman

Died: Arnald, Richard an English divine and commentator (17141756)

Died: Arnold, Samuel an English musician and composer of considerable eminence

“La nouvelle mecanique de l'homme et des animaux,” Barthes De Marmorions, Paul Joseph a French physician and medical writer

“L'Histoire des maladies goutteuses,” Barthes De Marmorions, Paul Joseph a French physician and medical writer

“Elnathan, ou les ages de Phomme, trad, du Chaldeen,” Barthes De Marmorions, Paul Joseph a French physician and medical writer

Died: Basire, James an eminent English engraver

Died: Batsch, Augustus John George Charles a learned contributor to the science of Botany

“Histoire de la mesure du temps par les horologes,” Berthoud, Ferdinand an eminent French marine clock-maker

Died: Boccage, Mary-Anne Le Page, Du an eminent literary lady of France

“Supplement to Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary,” Boucher, Jonathan a learned English clergyman and philologer

Died: Butler, John late bishop of Hereford

Died: Calonne, Charles Alexander De an eminent but unfortunate French minister

“Memoire sur la collection des grands et petits voyages,” Camus, Antony Le a French physician

“Discourses on the Providence and Government of God.” Cappe, Newcome a dissenting minister of the Socinian persuasion

“Amelia Mansfield,” Cottin, Sophia De a French lady of considerable talents

Died: D'Argonne

Died: Dermody, Thomas a young man who acquired a short-lived reputation as a poet

“Reflections upon the State of Religion in Christendom, &c. at the commencement of the nineteenth century of the Christian sera,” Evanson, Edward one of the most determined opponents of revealed religion in modern times (?–1805)

“He was a promoter and panegyrist of the revolutionary system, the friend, the companion, the adviser of the pro-consuls, who carried throughout France, fire and sword, devastation and death.” Fabre D'Eglantine, Philip Francis Nazaire one of the agents in the French revolution

Died: Feller, Francis Xavier De an ex-jesuit

“Zoonomia.” Garnham, Rev. Robert Edward an English divine

Died: Gerdil, Hyacinth Sigismond a Roman cardinal

Died: Girtin, Thomas an ingenious young landscapepainter

“Essai sur les monumens Typographiques de Gutenberg,” Guttenberg, John called also Gænsfleisch de Sulgeloch

Died: Hunter, Henry a popular preacher and writer

Died: Johnstone, James an eminent physician at Worcester

Died: Knowles, Thomas was a native of Ely

Died: Law, John usually known by the name of the projector (?–1729)

Died: Monro, Alexander, M. D. an eminent anatomist

Died: Paterson, Samuel a gentleman who deserves honourable notice in the literary history of his country

“Alfred, an epic poem in six books,” Pye, Henry James a late English poet

“Verses on several subjects, written in the vicinity of Stoke Park, in the summer and autumn of 1801,” Pye, Henry James a late English poet

“Heads from the Fresco pictures of Raffaello in the Vatican,” Raphael whose family name was Sanzio (?–1520)

“Drammi Musicale,” Rinuccini, Ottavio an Italian poet of Florence

“Ancient English Metrical Romances; selected and published by Joseph Ritson,” Ritson, Joseph a poetical critic and editor

Died: Romney, George an eminent modern artist

Died: Roussel, Peter a French physician

Died: Thew, Robert an excellent engraver

“Address;” Watson, Richard a late eminent and learned prelate

Died: Wildbore, Charles an ingenious mathematician (1717–?)

“Notes of Opinions delivered in different courts,” Wilmot, John Eardley a learned lawyer

“Sermons on the Dignity of Man,” Zollikofer, George Joachim an eminent German divine