Events noted in 1804

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1803 1805


Died: Allioni, Charles a celebrated Piedmontese physician

Died: Alter, Francis Charles a German classical scholar critic

Died: Baldinger, Ernest Gottfried an eminent German physician

Died: Borgia, Stephen a learned Roman cardinal

Died: Boucher, Jonathan a learned English clergyman and philologer

“A Journal of a Tour to Corsica in the year 1766, with a series of original letters from general Paoli to the author, referring to the principal events which have taken place in that island from the year 1769 to 1302, with explanatory notes,” Burnaby, Andrew archdeacon of Leicester and vicar of Greenwich

“The Historic and Life of king James the sext,” Craufurd, David, Esq. was born at Drumsoy near Glasgow

Died: Eyre, Francis a Roman catholic gentleman of Warkworth castle in Northamptonshire

Died: Fawcett, Sir William, K.B. a brave English officer

Died: Gallini, Sir John a native of Italy

“Description of the Beauchamp chapel, adjoining to the church of St. Mary at Warwick,” Gough, Richard the Camden of the eighteenth century

“Contes,” Gudin, De La Brenellerie, Paul Philip a French writer who attained some share of reputation among the encyclopedists

Died: Heber, Reginald a learned and amiable English clergyman

Died: Ingram, Robert a worthy English divine

“A complete and uniform explanation of the prophecy of the seven vials of wrath, or seven last plagues contained in the Revelation of St. John,” Ingram, Robert a worthy English divine

Died: Kant, Immanuel a German writer

“Sir Tristrem,” Lermont, Thomas a poet of Scotland

“Inquiry into the Nature of Civil and Military Subordination,” Macdiarmid, John an ingenious young writer

“The History and Antiquities of Surrey,” Manning, Owen an excellent antiquary and topographer

“Lyric Poems. Bv James Mercer, esq. Second edition, with some additional poems,” Mercer, James a major in the army

“an author from whom the age has received greater favours, who has enlarged the knowledge of human nature, and taught the passions to move at the command of virtue.” Richardson, Samuel a celebrated writer of novels

“Introductory Lectures to a course of lectures upon the institutes and practice of Medicine,” Rush, Benjamin an eminent American physician

“Remarks” Sharp, Granville eminent as a Christian

“Memoir on Respiration,” Spanheim, Frederic professor of divinity at Leyden

Died: Twining, Thomas a learned divine

“Enumeratio Plantarum vel ab ipso vel ab aliis observatarum,” Vahl, Martin a learned Danish botanist

“The Substance of a Speech intended to have been delivered in the House of Lords, Nov. 22, 1803,” Watson, Richard a late eminent and learned prelate

Died: Weisse, Christian Felix a modern German poet and miscellaneous writer of great fame in his country

Died: Whitehead, John a physician

“Letters from the year 1774 to the year 1796 of John Wilkes, esq. addressed to his daughter,” Wilkes, John a very singular political character in the early part of the present reign