Eyre, Francis

, a Roman catholic gentleman of Warkworth castle in Northamptonshire, who died in London, Oct. 7, 1804, was the author of some controversial pamphlets; 1. “A few Remarks on the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman empire, relative chiefly to the two last chapters. By a gentleman.London, 1778, 8vo. 2. “A short Appeal to the Public. By th,e gentleman who is particularly addressed in the Postscript of the Vindication of some passages in the fifteenth and sixteenth chapters of the Decline and Fail of the Roman Empire,London, 1799, 8vo. “A short Essay on the Christian Religion, &c. the whole proposed as a preservative against the pernicious doctrines which have overwhelmed France with misery and desolation. By a sincere friend of mankind, London,1795, 8vo. On Mr. Churton, rector of Middleton-Cheney, to which parish that of Warkworth adjoins, addressing to his parishioners, at his first coming among them, “A Defence of the Church of England,” Mr. Eyre, feeling the strength of his arguments against the religion of the church of Rome, which he professed, published, 4. “A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Ralph Churton, &c. from Francis Eyre, of Warkworth, esq.London, 1795. This was answered by Mr. Churton; and Mr. Eyre published, 5. “A Reply to the Rev. Ralph Churton, &c.London, 1798; which occasioned a short postscript by Mr. Churton, and there the controversy ended. 1


Gent. Mag. 1804.