Baldinger, Ernest Gottfried

, an eminent German physician, was born at Erfurt, May 18, 1738. During the seven years’ war, he had the direction of the military hospital belonging to the Prussian army, and after the conclusion of peace, the landgrave of Hesse Cassel appointed him his first physician. He was afterwards professor of medicine at Gottingen and Marpurg, where he died Jan. 2, 1804. He wrote very copiously on the subject of his profession 1. “A treatise on the Diseases of the Army,1774, 8vo. 2. A species of periodical work or “Magazine for Physicians,” 3 vols. 1779 1799. 3. “Sylloge opusculorum selectorum argument! medicopract.” 4to, Gottingen, 1776 1782, and some other works; and he edited an edition in German, of Boerner’s lives of physicians. 3