Petit, Samuel

, or Petitus, a celebrated scholar, was born at Nismes in 1594. He studied at Geneva, witli a success so uncommon, that, at the age of seventeen, he was admitted to the sacred ministry. Soon after, he was raised to the professorships of theology, and of Greek and Hebrew in that city, where he passed the chief part of his life, and where he died in December 1645, at the age of fifty-one. He has left behind him several works of great learning. For instance, 1. “Miscellanea,Paris, 1630, 4to, in nine books, containing corrections of passages in a vast number of ancient authors. 2. “Eclogae Chronologicae,Paris, 1632, 4to. 3. “Varies Lectiones,Paris, 1633, 4to. This is in four books, three of which are employed on the customs, ceremonies, &c. of the Old and New Testament. 4. “Leges Atticae,” first published at Pads, in 1615, but again in 1635, &c. This is a work of the highest reputation, and having been enriched by the subsequent remarks of Palmerius, Salvini, Duker, and Wesseling, was reprinted in 1742, fol. In this shape, it forms a third volume of the collection entitled “Jurisprudentia Romana et Attica,” published by Heineccius, Duker, and Wesseling. Petit was the author also of other publications of less consequence, but all evincing profound and extensive learning. His character was not less amiable, than his accomplishments were extraordinary. Hs was mild and gentle in an uncommon degree. It is related of him, that going once from curiosity into a synagogue at Avignon, a rabbin, supposing himself free from all danger of detection, railed against him in Hebrew, in a very gross manner. Petit, without any anger, coolly answered him in the same language, and thus covered the assailant with | confusion. In Answer to the apologies and excuses of thfc Jew, he only, in a mild manner, exhorted him to embrace Christianity. 1


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