Events noted in 1630

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1625 1635


Publication: “Ode di Orazio tradotte,” by Abriani, Paul of Vincenza

Born: Aguirre, Joseph Saenz De a very learned man of the 17th century

Died: Aleotti, John Baptist architect

Publication: “A Map and Description of New England, with a Discourse of Plantation and the Colon es, &c.” by Alexander, William poet and statesman

Publication: “Portuguese monarchy.” by Andrada, Francis D' historiographer to Philip III. king of Spain

Publication: “Opuscula de processione spiritds sancti,” by Arcudio, Peter a Greek ecclesiastic of the isle of Corfou

Publication: “Primera parte de los analesde Aragon que prosigue los de Zurita,” by Argensola the name of two Spanish poets

Publication: “Commentaria de comitiis Roman. German, imp.” by Arum, Dominic Van a nobleman of Friesland

Died: Aubespine, Gabriel De L' the son of William Aubespine

Died: Aubigne, Theodore Agrippa D' a very celebrated French Protestant

Publication: “A collection of Poetical pieces,” by Aubigne, Theodore Agrippa D' a very celebrated French Protestant

Publication: “Rime, parte prima,” by Balducci, Francis poet

Born: Barbadillo, Alphonsus Jerom De Salas born at Madrid

Born: Barrow, Isaac divine

Publication: “The Angel Guardian,” by Bayly, John son of the above

Born: Bemmel, William Van painter

Died: Benefield, Sebastian divine

Born: Bogden, Martin a favoured pupil of T

Born: Borgianni, Horatio painter and engraver

Publication: “The English Gentleman,” by Brathwaite, Richard whom Warton calls one of the minor pastoral poets of the reign of James I. was the second son of Thomas Brathwaite

Born: Breda, Peter Van painter

Publication: “Treatise of the Sabbath,” by Brerewood, Edward antiquary

Born: Cotton, Charles poet

Died: Courten, William the son of a tailor at Menin

Died: Cremonini, Caesar professor of philosophy at Fer­*ara and at Padua

Died: Crespi, Daniel a Milanese

Publication: “Admiranda Chymica, Tractatulus, cum Figuris,” by Deane, Edmond bishop

Publication: “A treatise on the Promises,” by Dickson, David divine

Publication: “The History of the ancient and modern estate of the principality of Wales, duchy of Cornwall, and earldom of Chester,” by Doddridge, Sin John lawyer

Died: Draudius, George a German author

Publication: “Del arcano del mare,” by Dudley, Sir Robert, As He Was Called Here, And As He Was Styled Abroad Earl Of Warwick And Duke Of Northumberland was son of Robert earl of Leicester by the lady Douglas Sheffield

Born: Ellis, Clement divine

Publication: “Coinmentarius ad codicem Babylouicum, seu Tractatus Thalmudicus de mensuris Templi,” by Empereur, Constantine of Oppyck

Publication: “Uranologia” by Eratosthenes a Greek of Cyrene

Publication: “Le dernier desespoir de la Tradition,” by Ferri, Paul in Latin Ferrius

Born: Fleming, Robert clergyman

Publication: “Libertas Evangelica; or, a Discourse of Christian Liberty. Being a further pursuance of The Design of Christianity,” by Fowler, Edward prelate

Publication: “Aurora Medicorum Galeno-chernicorum, seu de rectâ purgandi methodo è priscis sapientiæ decretis postliminio in lucem redacta,” by Freitag, John physician

Died: Gellibrand, Henry professor of astronomy at Gresham-college

Publication: “Biblia sacra expositionibus priscorum Patrum litteralibus *t mysticis illustrata,” by Haræus, Francis divine

Died: Hardi, Alexander a French dramatist of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Protomartyr Britannus; seu Elogia sacra in conversionem et rnartyrium S. Albani,” by Harmar, John scholar

Died: Harvey, Gabriel a caustic wit of the Elizabethan period

Publication: “Calamities of Authors.” by Harvey, Gabriel a caustic wit of the Elizabethan period

Publication: “The ancient Religion of the Gentiles, and causes of their errors considered. The mistakes and failures of the Heathen Priests and wise men, in their notions of the Deity and matters of Divine Worship, are examined with regard to their being destitute of Divine Revelation.” by Herbert, Edward lord Herbert

Born: Hickeringill, Edmund writer

Publication: “Problemata Theologica,” by Higgs, Griffin descended from a considerable family in Gloucestershire

Publication: “Miscellanese Theses Theologies,” by Higgs, Griffin descended from a considerable family in Gloucestershire

Publication: “Technogamia, or the Marriage of Arts, a comedy,” by Holyday, Barten divine

Born: Howe, John divine

Born: Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

Publication: “Militia equestris, antiqua et nova,” by Hugo, Herman Jesuit

Publication: “Sermon concerning the observation of Lent-fast,” by James, Richard was born at Newport

Publication: “Alexipharmacum,” by Jansen, Cornelius bishop (?–1638)

Publication: “Vita Gundebrandi Thorlacii,” by Jonas, Anagrimus a learned Icelander

Born: Kale, William painter

Born: Kunckel, John a celebrated chemist

Publication: “He was severely whipped before he was put in the pillory. 2. Being set in the pillory, he had one of his ears cut off. 3. One side of his nose slit. 4. Branded on the cheek with a red hot iron with the letters S S (a sower of sedition). On that day seven-night, his sores upon his back, ear, nose, and face, being not yet cured, he was whipped again at the pillory in Cheapside, and had the remainder of his sentence executed upon him, by cutting off the other ear, slitting the other side of his nose, and branding the other cheek.” by Leighton, Alexander divine

Born: Leti, Gregory writer

Born: Lipenius, Martin divine

Born: Lowth, Simon clergyman

Publication: “Via devia, the by-way,” by Lynde, Sir Humphrey a learned English gentleman

Born: Maggi, Jerome an ingenious and learned man of the sixteenth century

Died: Maintenon, Madam De a very extraordinary French lady

Died: Malapert, Charles mathematician

Died: Martinius, Matthias divine

Died: Moyses, David a political character

Publication: “Commentarius litteralis et historicus in omnes Psalmos,” by Muis, Simeon De Hebrew professor of the Royal College of France

Born: Muller, Andrew divine

Born: Nantueil, Robert engraver

Died: Page, William divine

Born: Pelletier, Claude De one of the few who have been able to unite attention to business

Publication: “Miscellanea,” by Petit, Samuel scholar

Born: Petit-Pied, Nicholas a learned doctor of the Sorbonne

Born: Phillips, Edward one of the nephews of Milton

Died: Ralegh, Walter divine

Publication: “Treatise concerning the Sacraments,” by Randall, John divine

Born: Rousseau, James painter

Born: Rudbeck, Olaus one of the earliest cultivators of natural science in Sweden

Publication: “A Turkish Grammar,” by Ryer, Andrew Du sieur de Malesais

Born: Sandford, Francis writer

Born: Santeul, John Baptist in Latin Santolius

Publication: “Genethliacon, sive stemma regis Jacobi,” by Slater, William divine and poet

Publication: “Travels in Europe, &c.” by Smith, John commonly called Capt

Publication: “Infelix Litteratus,” by Spizklius, Theophilus divine

Publication: “Histoire de la Vilie & de l'Etat de Geneva,” by Spon, James was born at Lyons in 1647

Born: Sybrecht, John painter

Died: Tempesta, Antonio painter

Born: Tillotson, John archbishop

Publication: “Illustrium viror.ucn Elogia iconibus exornata,” by Tomasini, James Philip prelate

Publication: “Titus Livius Patavinus,” by Tomasini, James Philip prelate

Born: Wadsworth, Thomas an eminent nonconformist

Publication: “The German Intelligencer,” by Watts, William a learned sufferer during the usurpation

Publication: “Of Natural, and Artificial Arithmetic, or Arithmetic made easy,” by Wingate, Edmund

Died: Yelverton, Henry lawyer


Publication: “Commentary on the third volume of Cicero’s Orations,” by Abraham, Nicholas Jesuit

Publication: “Ode di Pindaro, tradotte da Alessandro Adimari,” by Adimari, Alexander poet

Publication: “Modo, e facile preserva, e cura di peste a beneficio de popolo di Bologna,” by Ambrosini, Bartholomew physician

Born: Ashton, Thomas clergyman

Born: Atterbury, Lewis born about the year 1631

Born: Audran, Germain was the eldest son of Claude

Born: Backhuysen, Ludolph painter

Publication: “Francisco Andrew, comiti de Tilly, geniale ac praesagum carmen,” by Balde, James poet

Publication: “Maximilianus primus Austriacus,” by Balde, James poet

Publication: “Praelectio de Contagione pestifera,” by Baldo

Born: Baluze, Stephen writer

Publication: “Le Prince,” by Balzac, John Lewis Guez Dr writer

Publication: “Poemata,” by Barlæus, Gaspard poet

Publication: “Controversial Anatomicat,” by Bartholine, Caspar physician

Publication: “Manuductio ad veram phycologiam ex sacr. litter. &c.” by Bartholine, Caspar physician

Born: Boileau, Gilles the eldest brother of Boileau Despreaux

Publication: “Commentaries on Joshua, Judges, and Ruth,” by Bonfrerius, James Jesuit

Born: Bossu, Rene Le critic

Publication: “Granatarum encomium,” by Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Publication: “Historian Augustas Scriptores,” by Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Publication: “Certaine Sermons,” by Boys, John dean (15711625)

Publication: “The English Gentlewoman,” by Brathwaite, Richard whom Warton calls one of the minor pastoral poets of the reign of James I. was the second son of Thomas Brathwaite

Died: Buckeridge, John prelate

Publication: “The Law and the Gospel reconciled against the Antinomians,” by Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

Born: Cabel, Adrian Vander painter

Died: Capaccio, Julius Cæsar historian

Publication: “Principles of things,” by Capecio, Scipio in Latin Capycius

Died: Carleton, Sir Dudley Lord Dorchester

Publication: “Histoire genealogique des Dues de Bonrgogne,” by Chesne, Andrew Du historian

Publication: “Vigilius dormitans; or, a treatise of the 5th general council held at Constantinople, ann. 553,” by Crakanthorpe, Richard where he was born in 1567

Publication: “Praelectiones de duobus in Theologia controversis capitibus; de Judice Controversiarum, primo; de Justitia habituali & actuali, altero,” by Davenant, John bishop

Publication: “Dietionarium Latino-Britannicum,” by Davies, John antiquary

Publication: “Animadversiones in quatuor evangelia,” by Dieu, Lewis De protestant minister of Leyden

Publication: “The English Lawyer, a treatise describing a method for the managing of the Laws of this Land, and expressing the best qualities requisite in the student, practiser, judges, &c.” by Doddridge, Sin John lawyer

Died: Dolben, John archbishop

Born: Dornavius, Gaspar physician

Publication: “The Covenant of Grace, or an Exposition upon Luke i. 73, 74, 75,” by Downham, George bishop

Died: Drayton, Michael poet

Born: Dryden, John poet

Publication: “Confutatio Abarbanelis et Alscheichi in caput liii. Isaia-,” by Empereur, Constantine of Oppyck

Publication: “Aureus de Peste Libellus,” by Ferdinandi, Epiphanius physician

Publication: “A curse for Corne-horders,” by Fitz-Geffrey, Charles queen

Publication: “Apologia sedis Apostolicæ,” by Floyd, John Jesuit

Publication: “The church conquerant over human wit,” by Floyd, John Jesuit

Publication: “Integrum Morborum Mysterium,” by Fludd, Robert philosopher

Publication: “De Morborum Signis,” by Fludd, Robert philosopher

Publication: “Opera divi jElredi, abbatis Riavallensis, Cisterciensis,” by Gibbons, Richard Jesuit

Publication: “Les Mercure Jesuite, ou Recueil des pieces concernant les Jesuites,” by Godefroj, James born in I 587

Born: Gore, Thomas writer

Publication: “FairEmme, a comedy,” by Greene, Robert poet

Born: Greenham, Richard divine

Publication: “Biblia Sacra Arabica Sacra? Congregationis de propaganda fide jussu edita ad usuia ecclesiarum orientalium. Additis c regione Bibliis Vulgatis Latinis.” by Guadagnolo, Pinup an eminent Orientalist of Italy

Publication: “Expositio Epistolse Pauli ad Ephesios,” by Hanneken, Memnon divine

Born: Henry, Philip an eminent nonconformist

Died: Hoste mathematician

Born: Houdry, Vincent Jesuit

Born: Huyghens, Gomarus a celebrated doctor of Louvain

Publication: “Notarum Spongia,” by Jansen, Cornelius bishop (?–1638)

Publication: “An Explanation of the Laws against Recusants, &c. abridged,” by Keble, Joseph lawyer

Died: Keller, James was born in 1568

Publication: “Four Books of Geometrical Triangles,” by Lansberg, Philip mathematician

Publication: “Artis conservandi Sanitatem, libri duo, a C. D. doctore Liddelio defuncto delineati, opera et studio D. Patricii Dunaei, M. D. &c.” by Lid Del, Duncan professor of mathematics

Publication: “The Fair Æthiopian,” by Lisle, William antiquary

Publication: “Anciennes Remarques sur la Noblesse Beaiuoisme, et de plusieurs Families de France,” by Louvet, Peter an able advocate in the seventeenth century

Born: Lower, Richard physician and anatomist

Publication: “A pair of Spectacles for sir Humphrey Lynde,” by Lynde, Sir Humphrey a learned English gentleman

Born: Mapletoft, John a very learned Englishman

Publication: “Antigone, the Theban princess, a tragedy,” by May, Thomas historian

Died: Middleton, Sir Hugh a public-spirited man

Died: More, Dr. Henry divine

Born: Noris, Henry one of the most celebrated scholars of the seventeenth century

Born: Oisel, James a learned civilian

Died: Osius, Felix orator

Publication: “A Treatise of justification of Bowing at the name of Jesus, by way of answer to an appendix against it,” by Page, William divine

Born: Philips, Catherine an English lady once highly praised for her wit and accomplishments

Died: Pignorius, Laurence another learned Italian

Born: Puffendorf, Samuel historian

Publication: “Argalus and Parthenia,” by Quarles, Francis poet (?–1644)

Publication: “History of Sampson,” by Quarles, Francis poet (?–1644)

Publication: “Nine-and-twenty Lectures of the Church, for the support of the same in these times,” by Randall, John divine

Born: Richelet, Caesar Peter writer

Died: Richer, Edmund divine

Publication: “Quatre raisons pour lesquelles on doit quitter la religion pretendue reformee,” by Rodon, David a celebrated French professor of philosophy in the seventeenth century

Died: Ryer, Peter historiographer to the king

Publication: “Two Letters of Advice,” by Sancroft, Dr. William prelate

Died: Smith, John commonly called Capt

Born: Stubbe, Henry writer

Publication: “Comxnentaria in qtlatuor Evangelia,” by Theophylact archbishop

Died: Turretin, Benedict the first of a celebrated family of protestant divines

Publication: “A discovery of Dr. Jackson’s Vanity,” by Twiss, William divine

Publication: “Swedish Intelligencer,” by Watts, William a learned sufferer during the usurpation

Publication: “On Leviticus,” by Willet, Andrew divine (15621621)


Publication: “Judgment on bowing at the name of Jesus,” by Abbot, George archbishop (?–1633)

Publication: “Commentaries on Virgil’s Æneid,” by Abraham, Nicholas Jesuit

Born: Addison, Lancelot clergyman

Died: Agucchio, John Baptista archbishop

Publication: “Roxana,” by Alabaster, William divine

Publication: “Consultatio pro ulceris Syriaci nunc vagantis curatione,” by Alaymo, Mark Anthony physician

Died: Allen, Thomas mathematician

Publication: “Theorica medicina in tabulas digesta,” by Ambrosini, Bartholomew physician

Publication: “Demonstratio logicae verse,” by Ames, William divine (15761633)

Publication: “Technometria,” by Ames, William divine (15761633)

Born: Anselme, Antony preacher (16521737)

Publication: “Utrum detur purgatorium?” by Arcudio, Peter a Greek ecclesiastic of the isle of Corfou

Publication: “A course of Philosophy,” by Arriaga, Roderic De Jesuit

Born: Bagshaw, Henry brother of the above

Publication: “La Pace Urbana,” by Balducci, Francis poet

Publication: “Mercator sapiens,” by Barlæus, Gaspard poet

Died: Bayly, Lewis prelate

Born: Beale, Mary painter

Born: Bebele, Balthazar divine

Publication: “Dubitationes in dialogum Galilaei pro terree immobilitate,” by Berigard, Claude Guillermet, Slgnor De was born at Moulins in 1578

Publication: “Six Comedies, written by John Lilly, under the title of Court Comedies,” by Blount, Sir Henry writer

Died: Bonone, Carlo artist

Died: Borromeo, Frederic cousin german to the preceding

Publication: “Sacri Ragionamenti,” by Borromeo, Frederic cousin german to the preceding

Publication: “Pselli Synopsis Legum,” by Bosquet, Francis bishop

Born: Bourdaloue, Lewis Jesuit

Publication: “Theatrum, sive Descriptio Comitatus et Urbium Hollandiae,” by Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Publication: “Plinii Panegyricus,” by Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Born: Burman, Francis the first upon record of a very learned family

Publication: “Christian’s Bulwark, or the Doctrine of Justification,” by Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

Died: Calvert, George descended from the ancient and noble house of Calvert

Publication: “Optati Libri vii. de Schismate Donatistarum, cum Notis & Emendationibus,” by Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Publication: “De Speculo Ustorio, &c.” by Cavalleri, Bonaventura mathematician

Publication: “Directorium generale Uranometricum,” by Cavalleri, Bonaventura mathematician

Publication: “Voyages de la Nouvelle France, dite Canada,” by Champlain, Samuel De born in Saintonge

Born: Chauncy, Sir Henry knt. author of the “Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire

Born: Cheffontaines, Christopher in Latin

Born: Cohorn, Memnon the Vauban of the Dutch

Born: Compton, Henry prelate

Publication: “Specimen Conjecturarum in qusedam Origenis, Ireneei, et Tertulliani Loca,” by Croius, John clergyman

Born: Cumberland, Richard divine

Publication: “Satyra Menippara in sui saeculi homines inepte erudites” by Cunæus, Peter lawyer

Publication: “Aclagia Britannica, authorum Britannicorum nomina, & quando floruerunt,” by Davies, John antiquary

Publication: “Antiqui novique Latii Orthographies,” by Dausque, Claudius Jesuit

Born: Flechier, Esprit bishop

Born: Fowler, Edward prelate

Publication: “Disputatio Medica de morbis substantiæ et cognatis quæstionibus, contra hujus temporis Novatores et Paradoxologos,” by Freitag, John physician

Publication: “Disputatio Medica calidi innati essentiam juxta veteris Medicinæ & Philosophiæ decreta explicans, opposita Neotericorum et Novatorum Paradoxis,” by Freitag, John physician

Publication: “De Ossis natura et medicamentis opiatis Liber singularis, &c.” by Freitag, John physician

Born: Fulman, William antiquary

Born: Gallois, John a learned Frenchman

Died: Gibbons, Richard Jesuit

Died: Giggeius, Anthony a learned Italian

Publication: “Thesaurus Linguae Arabicse, seu Lexicon ArabicoLatinum,” by Giggeius, Anthony a learned Italian

Publication: “Poetici Conatus,” by Gill, Alexander son and successor to his father

Publication: “Lodowick Sforza, duke of Milan,” by Gomersal, Robert divine and poet

Born: Grævius, John George critic

Born: Gribner, Michael Henry an eminent professor of law

Died: Herbert, George divine

Born: Herbinius, John a native of Bitschen in Silesia

Publication: “Lectures on Psalm 34,” by Hildersham, Arthur divine

Born: Howe, Josiah scholar

Publication: “Description of Oakley-hole, near Wells,” by Jacob, Henry was born either in 1606 or 1607

Publication: “Sermon concerning the times of receiving the Sacrament, and of mutual Forgiveness, delivered in Corpus Christi college at the election of a president, on 1 Cor. xi. 25.” by James, Richard was born at Newport

Publication: “Apologetical Essay for the Righteousness of a miserable unhappy People, preached at St. Mary’s in Oxford on Psalm xxxvii. 25,” by James, Richard was born at Newport

Publication: “Epigrammata,” by Johnston, Arthur was born at Caskieben

Publication: “Thaumatographia naturalis in classes decem divisa,” by Johnston, John naturalist

Born: Keble, Joseph lawyer

Died: Lansberg, Philip mathematician

Publication: “Itinerary,” by Leland, John antiquary

Born: Leuwenhoek, Anthony philosopher

Born: Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

Born: Mabillon, John writer

Died: Marca, Peter De one of the greatest ornaments of the Gallican church (?–1662)

Publication: “Holland’s Leaguer, an excellent comedy, as it hath bin lately and often acted with great applause, by the high and mighty prince Charles his servants, at the private house in Salisbury court,” by Marmion, Shakerley writer

Publication: “Anti-Paraeus, sive determinatio de jure regio habita Cantabrigiae in scholis theologicis, 19 April, 1619, contra Davidem Paroeum, caeterosque reformats religionis antimonarchos,” by Pareus, David divine

Publication: “Eclogae Chronologicae,” by Petit, Samuel scholar

Publication: “Histriornastix,” by Prynne, William lawyer

Publication: “Synopsis Legum, versibus Grsecis edita,” by Psellus, Michael Constantinus the younger

Publication: “Circulus urbanianus, sive linea a^^ive compendio descripta,” by Puteanus, Erycius in Flemish Vander Putten

Publication: “Instructions to his Son and Posterity,” by Ralegh, Sir Walter or'Rawlegh

Born: Regis, Peter Sylvan philosopher

Born: Regnier De Marets writer

Died: Rider, John prelate

Born: Schilter, John an eminent jurist

Publication: “Exposition on the Creed, and Explanation of the Articles of our Christian faith, in 73 sermons, &c.” by Smith, John divine

Born: Spanheim, Frederic brother of Ezekiel Spanheim

Publication: “Notae in D. Cyprian, de imitate Ecclesiae,” by Stephens, Jeremy divine

Born: Strauchius, Ægidius divine

Died: Taylor, Thomas one of the most eminent and learned of the puritan divines

Born: Teissier, Anthony writer

Publication: “Vindiciae gratioe,” by Twiss, William divine

Born: Vaillant, John Foi a great medallist

Died: Wake, Isaac a learned politician

Died: Ware, James antiquary

Publication: “Hexaplaon Genesis and Exodus,” by Willet, Andrew divine (15621621)

Born: Wood, Anthony antiquary

Born: Wren, Christopher architect


Publication: “Apes Urbanæ,” by Allatius, Leo keeper of the Vatican library

Born: Allein, Joseph divine

Publication: “A fresh Suit against Roman ceremonies,” by Ames, William divine (15761633)

Born: Annand, William dean

Publication: “A Relation of the kingdom of Cochin China,” by Ashley, Robert a Wiltshire gentleman

Publication: “L‘Eucharistie de l’ancienne Eglise,” by Aubertin, Edmund, In Latin Edmundus Albertinus a minister of the reformed church of Paris in the seventeenth century

Born: Baan, John De painter

Born: Baengius, Peter son of Eric Basngius

Publication: “The life and death of Mr. Robert Bolton,” by Bagshaw, Edward a gentleman of a Derbyshire family

Born: Baudrand, Michael Anthony a celebrated French geographer

Publication: “De Ara,” by Berthauld, Peter historian

Born: Boccone, Paolo naturalist

Born: Brandi, Giacinto painter

Publication: “Senator, sive de perfect! et veri Senatoris officio,” by Brandt, John a learned philologer

Publication: “Trigonometria Britannica, &c.” by Briggs, Henry one of the greatest mathematicians in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

Publication: “An Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain; from the Nativity to the conversion of the Saxons,” by Broughton, Richard historian

Publication: “Laudatio* funebris in obitum D. Thomae Alleni,” by Burton, William antiquary

Publication: “Oratoriae libri duo,” by Butler, Charles writer

Publication: “De reformatione scientiarum,” by Campanella, Thomas philosopher

Born: Cassagnes, James a doctor of divinity

Publication: “Observations sur la vie et la condamnation du mareschal de Marillac,” by Chatelet, Paul Hay, Lord Of a gentleman descended froman ancient family in Bretany

Publication: “Difesa di Scipioni Chiaramonti, &c.” by Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Born: Ciampini, John Justin a learned Italian

Publication: “Conanti nihil est difficile.” by Conant, Dr. John divine

Born: Cradock, Zachary was born in 1633

Died: Crellius, John writer

Died: Crespi, John Baptist artist

Born: Crewe, Nathaniel bishop

Died: Curtius, Cornelius a native of Brussels

Publication: “Terra et aqua, seu terrae fiuctuantes,” by Dausque, Claudius Jesuit

Publication: “The Journals of all the Parliaments during the reign of queen Elizabeth, both of the House of Lords and House of Commons, collected by sir Symonds D'Ewes, of Stowhall in the county of Suffolk, knt. and bart. revised and published by Paul Bowes, of the Middle Temple, esq. 1682,” by Dewailly, Charles architect

Born: Dillon, Wentworth, Karl Of Roscommon poet

Publication: “The ancient History of the Septuagint; translated from the Greek of Aristeas,” by Donne, John divine and poet

Publication: “A treatise on Justification,” by Downham, George bishop

Born: Drelincourt, Charles was born at Paris in 1633

Born: Elliger, Ottomau artist

Publication: “Versio et Notae ad Paraphrasin Joseph! Jachiadae in Danielem,” by Empereur, Constantine of Oppyck

Publication: “De Florum cultura,” by Ferrari, John Baptist Jesuit

Died: Ferrars a Warwickshire gentleman of good family

Born: Firmin, Thomas a person memorable for public benefactions and charities

Born: Flatman, Thomas poet

Publication: “Clavis Philosophise et Alchyrniae Fluddanse,” by Fludd, Robert philosopher

Publication: “The Circles of Proportion, and the Horizontal Instrument, &c.” by Foster, Samuel mathematician

Born: Frankland, Thomas historian

Publication: “Theatro d'Huomini Letterati.” by Ghilini, Jerome writer

Born: Giordani, Vital mathematician

Publication: “Methodus Medendse Paronychia?,” by Glandorp, Matthias physician

Publication: “Gazophylacium Polypusium Fonticulorum & Setonum Reseratum,” by Glandorp, Matthias physician

Publication: “Certaine learned and elegant workes of the right hon. Fulke lord Brooke, written in his jouth, and familiar exercise with sir Philip Sidney,” by Greville, Fulk lord Brooke

Died: Habert, Isaac was a learned and celebrated doctor of the society of the Sorbonne

Publication: “Illustrium ecclesiae orientalis Scriptorum Vitae et documenta,” by Halloix, Peter Jesuit

Born: Hanckius, Martin a learned German professor

Publication: “The Chronicle of Ireland, in two parts,” by Hanmer, Meredith divine

Born: Heidegger, John Henry divine

Publication: “The Temple, Sacred Poems and private ejaculations,” by Herbert, George divine

Born: Hill, Abraham a learned English gentleman

Born: Hopkins, Ezekiel prelate

Publication: “Concio habita ad Clerum Oxon. de Ecclesia, in Matth. xvi. 18,” by James, Richard was born at Newport

Publication: “Poemata qutedam in mortem clarissimi Viri Roberti Cottoni & Thomae Allen,” by James, Richard was born at Newport

Publication: “Epigrammata Arturi Johnstoni;” by Johnston, Arthur was born at Caskieben

Publication: “Treatise on the Motion of the Earth and Sun,” by Inchofer, Melchior a learned German

Born: Kortholt, Christian a learned professor of divinity at Kiel

Publication: “Novus Orbis,” by Laet, John De an author of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Treatise of Divine promises,” by Leigh, Edward writer

Died: Lennard, Sampson writer

Born: Limborch, Pinup a celebrated professor of divinity in Holland

Publication: “De incarnalione dominica,” by Lugo, John cardinal

Born: Marchetti, Alexander physician

Publication: “A fine Companion, acted before the King and Queen at Whitehall, and sundrie times with great applause at the private house in Salisbury-court, by the Prince his servants,” by Marmion, Shakerley writer

Publication: “The Revenge, or a Match in Newgate.” by Marston, John an English dramatic author

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Died: Querenghi, Antony poet

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Died: Ricci, Michael Angelo a learned Italian ecclesiastic

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Born: Argonne, Noel, Called Dom Bonaventure D' was born at Paris in 1634

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Died: Forbes, William bishop

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