Peyer, John Conrad

, a native of Schaffhausen in Switzerland, is famous for having first given an accurate account of the intestinal glands, which, in a state of health, separate a fluid, for the lubrication of the intestines, and which in diarrhoeas, or upon taking a purge, supply the extraordinary discharge that happens upon these occasions. His works are, “Exercitatio Anatomico-Medica, de Glandulis Intestinorum, SchatFhausse, 1677,” Amstelod. 162. This is in the Bibiioth. Anatom. of Mangetus and Le Clerc. | Paeonis & Pythagoras Exercitationes Anatomicae,Basil, 1682; “Methodus Historiarum Anatoniico-Medicarum,” &c. 1679; “Parerga Anatomica & Medica,” Amstel. 1682; "Experimenta nova circa Pancreas, extant in the Biblioth. Anatom. of Le Clerc and Mangetus. 1


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