Peyronie, Francis De La

, first surgeon to the king, was distinguished above all the eminent surgeons who have appeared in France, by his ardent zeal for the progress and improvement of surgery, and the sums he expended for that purpose. He was born in 1678, and died April 24, 1747. Among the important services he rendered his country, we find that he procured the establishment of the “Royal Academy of Surgery” at Paris in 17.51; and left his library, and estate of Marigny, to the company of surgeons in that city, who sold them to his majesty for 200,000 livres; he also appointing the same company universal legatees to two-thirds of his property, M. de la Peyronie bequeathed to the surgeon’s company of Montpeilier, two houses situated there, with 100,000 livres, for the erection of an amphitheatre for surgery; and also left the said company universal legatees to the third part of his property. Every clause in his will tended to the public good, and the encouragement and improvement of surgery, by which, as well as by his talents, this celebrated surgeon rendered his name immortal in France. 2


Eloy, —Dict. Hist. de Medicine.