Peucer, Gaspard

, a celebrated physician and mathematician, was born at Bautzen in Lusatia in 1525, and became a doctor and professor of medicine at Wirtemberg. He married a daughter of Melancthon, whose principles he contributed to diffuse, and whose works he published at Wirtemberg in 1601, in five volumes folio. He had an extreme ardour for study. Being for ten years in close imprisonment, on account of his opinions, he wrote his thoughts on the margins of old books which they gave him for amusement, making his ink of burnt crusts of bread, infused in wine. He died at seventy-eight, on the 25th of September, 1602. He wrote several tracts, 1. “De praecipuis divinationum generibus,1584, 4to. 2. Methodus curatidi morbos internes,“Francfort, 1614, 8vo. 3.” De Febribus,“1614, 4to. 4.” Vita? illustrium medicowjm.“5.” Hypotheses astronomicas.“6.” Les no, us des Monnoies, des Poids, et Mesures," 8vo. His | character, as drawn by himself, is that of a man who did no injury to any one, but, on the contrary, gave all the aid in his power to all who might require it. For these things he calls God to witness. 1


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