Pezenas, Esprit

, a learned Jesuit, born at Avignon in 1692, where he died some little time after 1770, was for a long time professor of physics and hydrography at Marseilles. His works and translations on these and similar subjects are very numerous: 1. “Elemens du Pilotages,1737, 12mo. 2. A translation of Maclaurin’s Fluxions, 1749, 2 vols. 4to. 3. “Pratique du pilotage,1749, 8vo. 4. “Theory and practice of gauging,” 8vo. 5. “Maclaurin’s Algebra translated,1750, 8vo. He translated also the Course of Experimental Philosophy by Desaguliers, Dyche’s Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, which was supplanted by Prevot’s “Manuel Lexique,” Ward’s Young Mathematician’s Guide, and Smith’s Optics. From the German he translated Baker’s Treatise of the Microscope, 1754. His ideas and language were clear, and he was esteemed for the mildness and agreeableness of his character, as well as for his talents. 2