Acernus, Sebastian Fabian

, a native of Poland, whose real name was Klonowicz, was born in 1551, and became burgomaster of Lublin, His Latin poem, “Victoria Deorum, in qua continetur veri Herois educatio,| on which he spent ten years, procured him the name of the Sarmatian Ovid. This poem, which was printed at Ilacow by Sebastian Sternacius, the Socinian printer, in 1600, is become very rare, as the impression was ordered to be burnt. He wrote also in the Polish language, a poem on the Navigation of the Dantzickers, 1643; a Memorial of the Dukes and Kings of Poland, and other works, and “Disticha moralia Catonis, interprete Seb. Fab. Klonowicio,Cracow, 1595. He died in 1608 in great distress, owing to the extravagance of his wife. 1


Biog. Universelle, 1811.