Aicher, Otho

, a benedictine father, was professor of grammar, poetry, rhetoric, and lastly of history, at Salzburgh, where he died Jan. 17, 1705. He wrote commentaries on Tacitus, the Philippics of Cicero, and the first ten books of Livy; several treatises on the legislation, history, and manners of the early part of the Roman republic, and dissertations on various other subjects. The titles of his principal works, all printed at Salzburgh, are: I. “Theatrum Funebre, exhibens epitaphia nova, antiqua, seria, jocosa,1675, 4 vols. 4to. 2. “Hortus variarum Inacriptionum veterum et novarum,1676, 8vo. 3. “De Comitiis veterurn Romanorum,1678, 8vo. 4. “Iter oratorium,1675. 5. “Iter Poeticum,1674. 6. “Deprincipiis Cosmographiæ1678. 7. “Ephemerides ab anno 1687 usque ad 1699.4


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