, or Alberic, canon and guardian of the church of Aix in Provence, his country, and where he died, about the year 1120, in his sixtieth year, is the author of a “History of the First Crusade,” from the year 1095 to 1120, the second year of the reign of Baldwin II. king of Jerusalem. Albert was not a witness of the exploits he records, but appears to have had recourse to the best information for his facts. Like most of his contemporaries, however, he abounds in the marvellous, and often disfigures the names of persons and places. Rhener Reinech printed this work, for the first time, in 1584, at Helmstadt, '2 vols. 4to, under the title of “Chronicon Hierosolimitanum,” with notes by the editor, and by Matthew Dresser; and Bougar reprinted it in the first volume of his “Gesta Dei per Francos.” Some late compilers of biography have | divided Albert into two persons, Albert and Alberic, both of whom wrote the above chronicle; but Albert went to the crusade, and Alberic staid at home. 1


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