Albertano, Of Brescia

lived in the thirteenth century, in the reign of the emperor Frederic II. While he was judge and governor of Gavardo, he was taken prisoner, and in confinement wrote a treatise, entitled “De dilectione Dei et proximi, de formula vitae honestac.” He afterwards wrote two others, “De consolatione et consilio,” and “De doctrina loquendi et tacendi.Bastian de Rossi, called in the academy of De la Crusca l’Inferiguo, published an Italian edition, compared with several manuscripts, under the title of “Trattati di Albertano, &c.Florence, 1610, 4to, a very rare book. There was a second edition, finely printed, at Mantua, 1732, 4to. 2


Biographie Universelle.—Haym’s Biblioteca Italiana, vol. III.