Ambrosini, Hyacinth

, brother to the preceding, and his successor in the direction of the botanic garden at Bologna, in 1657 published the catalogue “Hortus Bononiae studiosorum consitus,” ibid. 1654, 1657, 4-to; and a little before his death, “Phytologia, hoc est, de plantis partis primae tomus primus, &c.” ibid. fol. 1666. This contains the names, synonyms, and etymologies of the plants, with a botanical lexicon, and index in three languages. It has been often consulted for the synonyms, but the etymologies are thought to be sometimes fanciful. The second volume, which was to include trees, never appeared. The Ambrosini were skilful botanists, but living before the science was so well understood as it has been since the time of Linnæus, their works are deficient in | order and precision. Bassi dedicated a genus of plants to their memory, under the name of Ambrosinia, a genus of the polyandria order, of which there is but one species, a native of Turkey. 1


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