Events noted in 1665

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1660 1670


Died: Agreda, Maria D' a singular impostor and enthusiast

Publication: “Description of St. John de Lateran,” by Alemanni, Nicholas antiquary

Publication: “Trutina statuum Europae Ducis de Rohan,” by Arndt, Joshua divine

Publication: “De Parasitis,” by Arnold, Christopher writer

Died: Artois, Jean Van painter

Born: Ashton, Charles one of the most learned critics of his age

Publication: “Theologia Moralis,” by Baron, Vincent a learned father of the Romish church

Publication: “De cometis anni 1664 et 1665,” by Bartholine, Erasmus one of the sons of Caspar

Publication: “Experimenta crystali Islandici disdiaclasti,” by Bartholine, Erasmus one of the sons of Caspar

Publication: “Memoirs,” by Bassompierre, François De colonel-general of the Swiss guards

Publication: “Relation of his embassies,” by Bassompierre, François De colonel-general of the Swiss guards

Died: Bausch, John Laurence was born at Schweinfurt

Publication: “Schediasmata bina curiosa de lapide hcematite et cetite,” by Bausch, John Laurence was born at Schweinfurt

Born: Beisch, Joachim Francis artist

Publication: “Exercitatio Anatomica de structura et usu renum.” by Bellini, Laurence physician

Publication: “Gustus Organum novissimtæ deprehensum; prccmissis ad faciliorem intelligentiam quibusdam de saporibus,” by Bellini, Laurence physician

Born: Beyer, George bibliographer

Publication: “Living Truths in dying times,” by Blake, Thomas divine

Publication: “Culter Anatomicus” by Bogden, Martin a favoured pupil of T

Publication: “Parthenissa, a romance in three volumes,” by Boyle, Roger earl of Orrery

Publication: “Occasional Reflections upon several subjects; whereto is prefixed a discourse about such kind of thoughts,” by Boyle, Robert philosopher

Publication: “INew experiments and observations upon Cold; or, an experimental history of cold begun: with several pieces thereunto annexed,” by Boyle, Robert philosopher

Died: Boys, Edward clergyman

Publication: “Regicidium,” by Brathwaite, Richard whom Warton calls one of the minor pastoral poets of the reign of James I. was the second son of Thomas Brathwaite

Died: Brinsley, John divine

Born: Burette, Peter John born at Paris in 1665

Died: Burgess, Cornelius another Nonconformist

Publication: “De Moralitate Sabbati,” by Burman, Francis the first upon record of a very learned family

Publication: “An answer concerning the new way of Infallibility lately devised to uphold the Roman cause; the ancient fathers and councils laid aside, against J. S. (the author of Sure-footing) his Letter lately published,” by Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Died: Cheynell, Francis a nonconformist of some note

Died: Codrington, Robert writer

Publication: “An Introduction to Merchants’ Accompts,” by Collins, John mathematician

Publication: “CEuvres galantes,” by Cotin, Charles a member of the French academy

Born: Craufurd, David, Esq. was born at Drumsoy near Glasgow

Born: Crespi, Joseph Maria sometimes called La Spagnuolo

Publication: “A Treatise concerning the Lord’s Supper,” by Doolittle, Thomas an eminent nonconformist

Died: Dorigny, Michael painter and engraver

Publication: “Dissertationes de Cometis,” by Dudith, Andrew prelate

Publication: “Ciysniatica nova,” by Elsholtz, John Sigismond botanist

Publication: “Disquisitio de moralitate Sabbathi hebdomadalis,” by Essenius, Andrew divine

Publication: “Pars secunda: cui accedunt Aristophanis Concionatrices, Graece & Latine, cum notis,” by Fevre, Tannegui Le a very learned man

Publication: “the marriage of Belphegor, and the life of Theseus, from Plutarch,” by Fevre, Tannegui Le a very learned man

Died: Fresnoy, Charles Alphonsus Du painter

Publication: “Academiae Oxoniensis Notitia,” by Fulman, William antiquary

Born: Gildon, Charles writer

Died: Giry, Lewis advocate to the parliament of Paris

Publication: “Scepsis Scientifica, or confessed ignorance the way to science, in an Essay on the Vanity of Dogmatizing, and confident opinion,” by Glanvil, Joseph writer

Publication: “De famosis latronibus investigandis de jure praecedentiae de Salario animadversiones Juris civilis. De suburbicariis Regionibus de statu Paganorum sub Imperatoribus Christianis. Fragmenta Legum Juliae et Papioe collecta, et notis illustrata. Codex Theodosianus,” by Godefroj, James born in I 587

Publication: “Memoires et Instructions pour servir dans les Negociations et les Affaires concernant les Droits du Roi,” by Godefroi, Denvs son of Theodore

Died: Goldman, Nicholas mathematician

Died: Goodwin, John one of the most violent of the republican sectaries in the time of Charles I. but whom no sect seems to own

Died: Hall, Thomas a learned nonconformist

Publication: “Institutiones Theologica,” by Henichius, John a learned professor of divinity in the university of llinteln

Publication: “Occasional Verses,” by Herbert, Edward lord Herbert

Publication: “Historiola de nova stella in collo Ceti.” by Hevelius, John astronomer

Died: Holden, Henry divine

Died: Janssens, Cornelius called also Johnson (1593–?)

Publication: “Glossarium Gothicum in quatuor evangelia Gothica,” by Junius, Francis was born at Heidelberg in 1589

Publication: “Tractatus de Religione Ethnica, Mahummedana et Judaica,” by Kortholt, Christian a learned professor of divinity at Kiel

Publication: “Notes and Corrections upon the Breviary of Lyons;” by Laboureur, John Le antiquary

Born: Leng, John prelate

Publication: “The Worthies of the World, &c.” by Lloyd, David historian

Publication: “Dying and Dead men’s Living Words; or a fair warning to a careless world,” by Lloyd, David historian

Publication: “Wonders no miracles; or Mr. Valentine Greatrack’s Gift of Healing examined, &c.” by Lloyd, David historian

Born: Long, James Le bibliographer

Publication: “Commentaries on the History and Canons of the Councils,” by Lupus, Christian writer

Born: Maraldi, James Philip astronomer

Publication: “Observationes in Evangeliorum versiones perantiquas duas, Gothicas scilicet & Anglo-Saxonicas,” by Marshall, Thomas divine

Born: Martelli, Peter James poet

Born: Massieu, William writer

Publication: “Examen Diatribae Thomae Willisii, de Febribus,” by Meara, Dermod O physician

Died: Mola, Pfter Francis painter

Died: Monconys, Balthasar traveller

Publication: “Journal de ses voyages en Portugal, Provence, Italic, Egypt, &c. &c. redige par le sieur de Liergues, son fils,” by Monconys, Balthasar traveller

Publication: “Princeps Medicus,” by Morhof, Daniel George a very learned German

Publication: “Narrative panegyrical on the life, &c. of George Wild, bishop of Derry,” by Mossom, Robert prelate

Publication: “Fables of Æsop paraphrased, in verse, &c.” by Ogilby, John a very industrious adventurer in literary speculations

Publication: “Odyssey” by Ogilby, John a very industrious adventurer in literary speculations

Died: Pagan, Blaise Francis Count De mathematician

Publication: “Dissertatio de Motu et Natura Cometarum,” by Pardies, Ignatius Gaston mathematician

Publication: “Tentamina Physico-Theologica de Deo; sive Theologia Scholastica, ad normarn novae et reformats philosophise concinnata,” by Parker, Samuel a man of some learning

Publication: “Introduction a l'Histoire par la Connoissance des Medailles,” by Patin, Charles antiquary

Born: Petit-Pied, Nicholas and a celebrated doctor of the Sorbonne

Died: Poussin, Nicholas painter

Died: Quarles, Francis poet (?–1644)

Publication: “Versio Latina ex Hebraeo sex priorum capitum Geneseos, &c.” by Ravis, Christian a learned orientalist

Publication: “Edda Snorronis Sturlesonii triplici lingua Islandica & Latina,” by Resenius, Peter John a counsellor and professor in Copenhagen

Publication: “Astronomia Reformata,” by Riccioli, John Baptist astronomer

Publication: “Chronologia Reformata,” by Riccioli, John Baptist astronomer

Born: Richardson

Publication: “Jnteriora regni Dei,” by Rous, Francis a very conspicuous racter during the republican state of England

Died: Schoockius, Martin writer

Born: Smith, Edward bishop

Publication: “Observations on M. de Sorbiere’s Voyage into England,” by Sorbiere, Samuel writer

Died: Stephens, Jeremy divine

Born: Torcy, John Baptist Colbert, Marquis Of son of the celebrated French minister

Publication: “De Praesulibus Hiberniae Comiaestarius, &c.” by Ware, James antiquary

Born: Welchman, Edward divine

Born: Weston, Stephen bishop (?–1742)

Publication: “Diatribse Thomas Wiilisii Med. Doct. & Profess. Oxon de Febribus Vindicatio contra Edm. de Meara,” by Willis, Thomas physician

Born: Woodward, John philosopher

Publication: “On Hypochondriacal Diseases,” by Zacchias, Paul physician


Publication: “A Journey into Spain, historical and political,” by Aarsens, Francis lord of Someldyck and Spyck

Publication: “Phytologia, hoc est, de plantis partis primae tomus primus, &c.” by Ambrosini, Hyacinth and his successor in the direction of the botanic garden at Bologna

Publication: “Apologie de Luther, de Zuingle, de Calvin, et de Beze,” by Ancillon, David divine

Publication: “The lives of ' illustrious Jesuits,” by Andrada, Alphonsus D' writer

Publication: “Observat. ad Franc. Vavassoris librum de forma Christi,” by Arndt, Joshua divine

Born: Arnold, Gothofred pastor and inspector of the churches of Perleberg

Publication: “The Arms, Epitaphs,. Feuestral Inscriptions, with the draughts of the Tombs, &c. in all the churches in Berkshire.” by Ashmole, Elias philosopher

Died: Augustus duke of Brunswick and Lunenburg

Died: Automne, Bernard advocate of the parliament of Bourdeaux

Born: Barchausen, John Conrad physician

Publication: “Opuscula varia Herbipoli,” by Baro, Bonaventure whose true name was Fitz-Gerald

Publication: “Libri Apologetici contra Theophilum Rainaudum,” by Baron, Vincent a learned father of the Romish church

Publication: “Mens sancti Augustini & Thorn ae de Gratia & Libertate,” by Baron, Vincent a learned father of the Romish church

Publication: “Ethica Christiana,” by Baron, Vincent a learned father of the Romish church

Publication: “Schediasma curiosum de unicornu fossili,” by Bausch, John Laurence was born at Schweinfurt

Publication: “Dissertatio de aris et mensis Eucharisticis veterum,” by Bebele, Balthazar divine

Publication: “Theoriæ Medicorum Planetarum ex causis physicis deductae,” by Borelli, John Alphonso mathematician

Publication: “The Origin of Forms and Qualities, according to the Corpuscular philosophy, illustrated by considerations and experiments,” by Boyle, Robert philosopher

Born: Bridges, John esq. of Barton- Seagrave

Died: Brome, Alexander poet

Publication: “Instructions familieres sur les quatre parties de la Doctrine Chretienne,” by Bus, Cæsar De founder of the society of the priests

Died: Carpzovius, Benedict was born in 1595

Publication: “Observations upon Experimental Philosophy: to which is added, the Description of a new World,” by Cavendish, Margaret duchess of Newcastle

Publication: “Histoire de Bertrand du Gueschin, connetable de France,” by Chatelet, Paul Hay, Lord Of a gentleman descended froman ancient family in Bretany

Publication: “The Life of Æsop,” by Codrington, Robert writer

Born: Connor, Dr. Bernard physician

Died: Conti, Armand De Bourbon prince of

Born: Cowper, William anatomist

Publication: “De Scriptis, quae sub Dionysii Areopagii et Ignatii nominibus circumferuntur,” by Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

Born: Desmaiseaux, Peter a fellow of the royal society of London

Publication: “De pace regionis, Epistola ad Josephum Hallum,” by Dominis, Mark Antony De archbishop

Publication: “Directions how to live after a wasting plague” by Doolittle, Thomas an eminent nonconformist

Publication: “Annus Mirabilis,” by Dryden, John poet

Publication: “Indian Grammar,” by Eliot, John known by the title of the Apostle of the North American Indians

Born: Elliger, Ottomar was born at Hamburgh

Publication: “Dissertationes de Decalogo et die Sabbathi adversus Abrahamum Heidanum,” by Essenius, Andrew divine

Publication: “Vindiciae quarti praecepti in Decalogo,” by Essenius, Andrew divine

Publication: “Memoirs of the regency of Mary de Medicis,” by Estrees, Francis Annibal D' duke

Publication: “De Homine,” by Fabri, Honore' Jesuit

Publication: “Asia Portuguesa,” by Faria De Sousa, Emanuel one of the most celebrated historians and poets of his nation in the seventeenth century

Died: Featley, John son of John Fairclough

Publication: “Entretiens sur les Vies et sur les Ouvrages des plus excellens Peintres anciens et modernes:” by Felibien, Andrew Sieur des Avaux et de Javerci

Born: Felibien, John Francis succeeded his father in all his places

Publication: “Seconde Journaline;” by Fevre, Tannegui Le a very learned man

Publication: “Plutarchus de Superstitione” by Fevre, Tannegui Le a very learned man

Publication: “Bibliotheca Patrum;” by Firmicus Maternus, Junius writer

Born: Fontanini, Juste archbishop

Publication: “Experimental Proposals how the king may have money to pay and maintain his fleets, with ease to the people London may be re-built, and all proprietors satisfied money may be lent at six per cent, on pawns and the fishing trade set up, and all without straining or thwarting any of our laws or customs,” by Ford, Sir John an ingenious gentleman of the seventeenth century

Died: Fotherby, Martin younger brother of the rev

Born: Fraguier, Claude Francis writer

Died: Gayton, Edmund or

Born: Geminiani, Francis a fine performer on the violin

Died: Gevartius, John Gaspar critic

Publication: “Clypaeus Theologiae Thomisficae, contra novos ejus impugriatores,” by Gonet, John Baptist Dominican

Publication: “Wonders no miracles: or Mr. Valentine Greatrakes Gift of Healing examined,” by Greatrakes, Valentine an empiric

Publication: “A brief account of Mr. Valentine Greatrakes, and divers of his strange cures,” by Greatrakes, Valentine an empiric

Died: Guercino whose proper name was John Francis Barbieri

Publication: “Bibliotheca Sebnsiana,” by Guichenon, Samuel historian

Died: Hals, Francis painter

Born: Hawksmoor, Nicholas architect

Publication: “Macaride; or the Queen of the Fortunate Islands,” by Hedelin, Francis at first an advocate

Publication: “Prodromus Cometicus, or the history of a Comet, which appeared in 1664.” by Hevelius, John astronomer

Publication: “De principiis et ratiocinatione Geometrarum, contra fastuosum professorem,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Died: Hoole, Charles a schoolmaster of very considerable note in his day

Died: Hoornbeeck, John an illustrious professor of divinity in the universities of Utrecht and Leyden

Publication: “Questiones Medico-legales” by Horstius, Gregory physician

Died: Ho Well, James writer

Died: Jackson, Arthur divine

Publication: “Oratio de Scholarum et Academiarum ortu et progressu, presertim in Germania,” by Kortholt, Christian a learned professor of divinity at Kiel

Publication: “Psalterium Hebrseum,” by Leusden, John scholar

Born: Lorrain, Robert Le an eminent sculptor

Born: Lutti, Benedict artist

Publication: “Saggi di natural! esperienze fatte nel academia de Cimento,” by Magalotti, Laurence mathematician

Died: Mansard, Francis architect

Born: Mariotte, Edmund mathematician

Born: Melmoth, William, Esq. a learned and worthy bencher of LincolnVinn

Publication: “Recueil des Eloges faits pour M. le cardinal Mazarin,” by Menage, Giles called

Publication: “Sacra Theologia,” by Molloy, Charles, Esq. descended from a very good family in the kingdom of Ireland

Publication: “Le pais d'Amour;” by Moreri, Lewis divine (?–1680)

Born: Moss, Robert clergyman

Died: North, Dudley, Third Lord who appears to be the first of this family entitled to notice in a work of this description

Born: Parent, Antony mathematician

Publication: “The Bulk and Selvedge of the World.” by Parker, Samuel a man of some learning

Born: Pouget, Francis Ame' divine

Publication: “Observations on the Fragment of Petronius,” by Reinesius, Thomas a learned and philosophic German

Publication: “A Method for observing the Eclipses of the Moon,” by Rooke, Sir George a brave naval officer

Publication: “Scaligerana;” by Scaliger, Joseph Justus and heir to his talents and temper

Publication: “The History of the Propagating and Improvement of Vegetables, by the concurrence of Art and Nature, &c.” by Sharroch, Robert clergyman

Died: Sloane, Sir Hans physician (16601752)

Died: Stock, Richard divine

Publication: “A Letter to a friend in Wilts (his patron Mr. Gore) upon occasion of a late ridiculous pamphlet, wherein was inserted a pretended prophecy of Thomas Becket,” by Tully, Thomas divine

Born: Valsalva, Antony Maria physician

Publication: “the laws of motion in the collision of bodies.” by Wallis, John mathematician (16161703)

Publication: “A method and order for Private Devotion,” by Wetenhall, Edward prelate

Publication: “A rational account of the doctrine of catholics, concerning the ecclesiastical guide in controversies of religion: reflecting on the late writings of protestants, particularly of archbishop Laud, and doctor Stillingfleet, on this subject; in four discourses” by Woodhead, Abraham whom Dr (?–1678)

Born: Wotton, William divine (?–1726)


Died: Abati, Antony poet (15901667)

Died: Adams, Sir Thomas citizen and lord mayor of London

Publication: “Considerazioni sopra la forza d'alcune cagioni fisiche matematiche addote dal Pad. Riccioli, &c.” by Angelis, Stephen De mathematician

Publication: “Lexicon antiquitatum Ecclesiasticarum,” by Arndt, Joshua divine

Died: Arriaga, Roderic De Jesuit

Born: Audran, John the third son of Germain Audran

Born: Baltus, John Francis Jesuit

Died: Berckringer, Daniel who was born

Publication: “Epistolae mutuas H. Grotii et Matt. Berneggeri,” by Bernegger, Matthias who was born Feb. 8

Born: Bernoulli, John mathematician

Died: Bloot, Peter painter

Born: Boffrand, Germain architect

Died: Booker, John one of those impostors who amused the public in the seventeenth century

Publication: “Hortus seu Armamentarium simplicium Plantarum et Animalium ad artem medicam spectantium,” by Borel, Peter physician

Publication: “De Vi Percussionis,” by Borelli, John Alphonso mathematician

Born: Boyer, Abel writer

Publication: “A poem on the death of the celebrated Mr. Abraham CowJey,” by Boyle, Roger earl of Orrery

Born: Brett, Thomas, Ll. D. divine

Born: Buddeus, John Francis divine

Publication: “Duplex Centenarius Proverbiorum Anglo-Latino-Graecorum,” by Busby, Richard the most eminent schoolmaster in his time

Died: Castillo Y Saavedra, Antonio Del painter

Publication: “A new method and extraordinary invention, to dress Horses, and work them according to nature; as also to perfect nature by the subtlety of art,” by Cavendish, William baron Ogle

Publication: “The Life of the thrice noble, high, and puissant Prince William Cavendishe, duke, marquiss, and earl of Newcastle, &c.” by Cavendish, Margaret duchess of Newcastle

Born: Centlivre, Susannah writer

Publication: “England’s wants; or several proposals probably beneficial for England, offered to the consideration of both houses of parliament,” by Chamberlayne, Edward was descended from an ancient family

Publication: “A translation from the Italian, of the Life of Donna Olympia Maldachini, who governed the church during the time of Innocent X. which was from the year 1644- to 1655,” by Compton, Henry prelate

Publication: “Vite dei Pittori,” by Dati, Charles professor of polite literature at Florence

Born: Demoivre, Abraham mathematician

Born: Drake, James physician

Born: Dryden, John our author’s second son

Publication: “His Commentaries on the Holy Scriptures,” by Escobar, Anthony surnamed of Mendoza

Publication: “Public employment and an active life preferred to solitude, in a reply to a late ingenious essay of a contrary title,” by Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

Died: Fabricius, Vincent a man eminent for wit and learning

Publication: “Damoiselles a la mode,” by Flecknoe, Richard poet

Died: Forstner, Christopher lawyer

Born: Gabriel, James architect

Born: Gacon, Francis poet

Died: Gaulmin, Gilbert a French minor author

Born: Gaupp, John divine

Born: Gedoyn, Nicholas scholar

Died: Gerbier, Sir Balthasar

Publication: “Series Alphabetica, LatinoAnglica, Nomina Gentilitiorum, sive cognominum plurimarum familiarum, quse multos per annos in Anglia floruere,” by Gore, Thomas writer

Publication: “Nomenclator geographicus,” by Gore, Thomas writer

Born: Granville, George viscount Lansdowne

Died: Gregory Of St. Vincent a Flemish geometrician

Born: Harris, John the first compiler of a “Dictionary of Arts and Sciences” in this country

Publication: “Dictionary of Arts and Sciences” by Harris, John the first compiler of a “Dictionary of Arts and Sciences” in this country

Publication: “De Veritate Religionis Christiana?,” by Henichius, John a learned professor of divinity in the university of llinteln

Publication: “Heart Treasure,” by Heywood, Oliver divine

Died: Jenkins, David lawyer

Publication: “China illustrata,” by Kircher, Athanasius mathematician

Died: Labbe, Philip Jesuit

Publication: “Musical Companion,” by Laniere, Nicholas artist

Publication: “A Summary of Devotions,” by Laud, William archbishop

Publication: “Remarks on the Bible, or an Explanation of the difficult words, phrases, and metaphors, in the Holy Scriptures,” by Launay, Peter De writer

Publication: “Biblia Hebraea,” by Leusden, John scholar

Publication: “The late Apology in behalf of Papists, reprinted and answered, in behalf of the Royalists,” by Lloyd, William bishop

Publication: “Catch that catch can,” by Lock, Matthew composer

Publication: “Lettera esortatoria di mettere opera a fare sincera penitenza mandata alia signora F. M. L. P. &c.” by Loftus, Dudley scholar

Publication: “The Vindication of an injured lady, F. M. Lucretia Plunket, one of the ladies of the privy chamber to the queen mother of England,” by Loftus, Dudley scholar

Publication: “Theatrum Cometicum,” by Lubienietski, Stanislaus in Latin Lubieniecius

Publication: “Pinax Rerum Naturalium Britannicarum, continens Vegetabilia, Animalia, et Fossilia in hac Insula reperta,” by Merret, Christopher naturalist

Died: Milbourne, Luke writer

Publication: “Paradise Lost” by Milton, John the most illustrious of English poets

Publication: “Description of the use of the Carpenter’s Rule,” by Newton, John divine (16221678)

Publication: “Ephemerides, shewing the Interest and Rate of Money at six per cent.” by Newton, John divine (16221678)

Publication: “Chiliades centum Logarithmorum, et tabula partium proportionalium,” by Newton, John divine (16221678)

Publication: “Lettresimaginaires et visionaires,” by Nicole, Peter divine

Died: Pallavicino, Sforza cardinal

Born: Pepusch, John Christopher one of the greatest theoretic musicians of modern times

Publication: “La Morale deslesuites, extraite fidelement de leurs iivres,” by Perrault, Charles was born at Paris

Died: Petit, Peter mathematician

Publication: “Apparatus to the hjstory of the common practice of Dyeing,” by Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

Died: Piromalli, Paul Dominican

Publication: “Carmina juvenilia,” by Placcius, Vincent an eminent philologer of Hamburgh

Born: Pomfret, John poet

Publication: “De Statu Germanici Imperii liber unus,” by Puffendorf, Samuel historian

Died: Rawley, William divine

Died: Reading, John divine

Died: Reinesius, Thomas a learned and philosophic German

Born: Ridgley, Thomas an eminent dissenter

Died: Sanson, Nicolas a celebrated French geographer

Publication: “Physica curiosa; sive Mirabilia Naturae et artis,” by Schott, Gaspar Jesuit

Died: Schrevelius, Cornelius a Dutch commentator

Died: Scuderi, George De writer

Publication: “EJementorum Myologist; Specimen,” by Steno, Nicholas anatomist

Publication: “History of the Royal Society” by Stubbe, Henry writer

Publication: “Tractatus Physico-Anatomico-Medicus de Respiratione,” by Swammerdam, John anatomist

Born: Swift, Jonathan an illustrious English wit

Died: Taylor, Jeremy prelate

Publication: “Histoire genérale des Antilles habitées par les Francois,” by Tertre, John Baptist Du Dominican

Born: Thwaites, Edward a learned Saxonist

Died: Voetius, Gisbert divine

Born: Ward, Edward poet

Died: Warwick, Sir Philip historian

Born: Whiston, William divine (16671752)

Publication: “Pathologise Cerebri & nervosi generis specimina, in quo agiiur de morbis convulsivis & descorbuto,” by Willis, Thomas physician

Died: Wither, George a name well known among the readers of old English poetry

Publication: “Paraphrase on the Psalms, in five books,” by Woodfohd, Samuel divine and poet

Died: Wren, Matthew bishop


Publication: “A translation of Lucan,” by Abriani, Paul of Vincenza

Born: Aguesseau, Henry Francis D' statesman

Publication: “Ludi Salmanticenses sive Theologia Florulenta,” by Aguirre, Joseph Saenz De a very learned man of the 17th century

Died: Anselme, Antony of Antwerp (1588–?)

Born: Arlaud, James Anthony painter

Born: Astell, Mary a learned and ingenious lady

Publication: “Opus Historicum et Chronologicum,” by Baillie, Robert divine

Publication: “L'Heresie Convaincue,” by Baron, Vincent a learned father of the Romish church

Died: Bate, George physician

Publication: “Schediasma posthumum, de cceruleo et chryocolla,” by Bausch, John Laurence was born at Schweinfurt

Born: Bedford, Arthur clergyman

Publication: “Tiridate,” by Bentivoglio, Hyppolitus of Arragon

Born: Bentivoglio, Cornelius of Arragon

Born: Bingham, Joseph writer

Publication: “De abrotano mare monitum,” by Boccone, Paolo naturalist

Born: Boerhaave, Herman physician

Publication: “De ortu et progressu Chemise,” by Borrichius physician

Publication: “Remarques sur la dignite, rang, preseance, autorite, et jurisdiction du recteur de Tuniversite de Paris,” by Boulai, Cæsar Egasse De historian

Publication: “The history of Henry V. a tragedy,” by Boyle, Roger earl of Orrery

Publication: “An epistle to Caster Pucer,” by Brahe, Tycho astronomer

Died: Briet, Philip an able French geographer

Born: Burman, Peter philologist

Died: Busembaum, Herman of Nottelen in Westphalia

Publication: “Terra machinis mota,” by Casati, Paul Jesuit

Publication: “Of Credulity and Incredulity in things natural, civil, and divine; wherein, among other things, the sadducism of these times in denying spirits, witches, and supernatural operations, by pregnant instances and evidences is fully confuted; Epicurus his cause discussed, and the juggling and false dealing lately used to bring him and atheism into credit, clearly discovered; the use and necessity of ancient learning against the innovating humour all along proved and asserted^” by Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Publication: “De Vita & rebus gestis nobilissimi illustrissimique Principis Gulielmi, Ducis Novo-Castrensis, commentarii: Ab excellentissima principe Margareta, ipsius Uxore sanctissima conscripti, et ex Anglico in Latinum conversi,” by Cavendish, Margaret duchess of Newcastle

Publication: “Plays, never before printed,” by Cavendish, Margaret duchess of Newcastle

Publication: “The Converted Presbyterian; or the church of England justified in some practices,” by Chamberlayne, Edward was descended from an ancient family

Publication: “Anglix Notitia or the Present State of England with divers reflections upon the ancient state thereof,” by Chamberlayne, Edward was descended from an ancient family

Publication: “Gulielmi Ducis Novicastrensis vita,” by Charleton, Walter physician

Publication: “In quatuor meteorum Aristotelis librum commentaria,” by Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Born: Codrington, Christopher a brave soldier and a distinguished benefactor to All Souls college

Born: Coram, Capt. Thomas an eminent philanthropist

Publication: “Poesies Chretiennes,” by Cotin, Charles a member of the French academy

Publication: “The Church History of Britanny,” by Cressey, Hugh-Paulin writer

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Publication: “A Discourse shewing the many advantages, which will accrue to this kingdom by the abatement of usury. Together with the absolute necessity of reducing interest of money to the lowest rate it bears in other countries,” by Culpeper, Sir Thomas second son of sir Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne

Publication: “A Tract against the high rate of Usury, presented to the parliament in 1623,” by Culpeper, Sir Thomas second son of sir Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne

Died: Denham, Sir John poet

Born: Duche De Vancy, Joseph Francis born at Paris

Born: Estcourt, Richard writer

Born: Fabre, John Claudius writer

Born: Fabricius, John Albert one of the most eminenjt and laborious scholars of his time in Europe

Publication: “Responsio ad Objectiones Vincentianas,” by Ferrier, John Jesuit

Publication: “Anew version of the Psalms of David,” by Ford, Simon a man of learning

Died: Foulon, John Erard divine

Publication: “Plus Ultra, or the Progress and Advancement of Knowledge since the days of Aristotle, in an account of some of the most remarkable late improvements of practical useful learning, to encourage philosophical endeavours, occasioned by a conference with one of the notional way,” by Glanvil, Joseph writer

Publication: “A Blow at Modern Sadducism,” by Glanvil, Joseph writer

Publication: “Palpable Evidence of Spirits and Witchcraft,” by Glanvil, Joseph writer

Publication: “A Whip for the Droll Fidler to the Atheist,” by Glanvil, Joseph writer

Born: Goetze, George Henry a learned and zealous Lutheran

Publication: “ProdromusObservationum suarum circa partes gemtales in utroque sexu,” by Hoorne, John Van anatomist

Publication: “A Treatise on the blessedness of the righteous,” by Howe, John divine

Born: Hubner, John a native of Lusatia

Born: Juncker, Christian was born Oct. 16

Publication: “Bibliotheca juris canonici veteris,” by Justel, Christopher counsellor and secretary to the French king

Publication: “Measures” by Laboureur, John Le antiquary

Publication: “Acts of the Saints of the order of Benedictines;” by Mabillon, John writer

Born: Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

Born: Michaelis, John Henry a learned orientalist

Publication: “An Abridgment of Geography,” by Moses, Cflorenensis archbishop

Publication: “Chronicle” by Nestor, A Monk Of The Convent Of Petchersti At Kiof In Russia, Whose Secular Name Is Not Known was born in 1056

Publication: “The Isle of Pines: or a late discovery of a fourth island near Terra australis incognita, by Hen. Cornelius Van Sloetten,” by Nevile, Henry writer

Publication: “Studiosis sanctarum scripturarum Biblia Sacra in lectiones ad singulos dies, per legem, prophetas, et evangelium distributa, et 529 carminibus mnemonicis comprehensa,” by Ouvrard, Rene' a learned French ecclesiastic

Publication: “Motifs de reunion a l‘eglise catholique, presentes a ceux de la religion pretendue-reforme*e de France, avec un avertissement sur la reponse d’un ministre a Poffice du saint Sacrement,” by Ouvrard, Rene' a learned French ecclesiastic

Publication: “Exposition of the Ten Commandments,” by Patrick, Simon prelate

Publication: “Observationes in optimos auctores Graccos,” by Paulmier De Grentesmenil, James Le more commonly known to the learned by his Latinized name 1Dupin. Milner

Publication: “Rhonius’s Algebra,” by Pell, John mathematician

Publication: “Index Scriptorum, qui in Hesychii Graeco vocabulario laudantur, confectus et alphabetico ordine dispositus,” by Price, John in Latin Pricæus

Born: Reeves, William divine

Died: Sacchi, Andrea painter

Publication: “Balliofergus, or a commentary upon the foundation, founders, and affairs of Balliol college,” by Savage, Henry divine

Born: Smith, Edmund one of those writers who

Died: Waller, Sir William an eminent parliamentary general


Died: Aitzema, Leo D' a gentleman of Frizeland

Born: Alghizi, Thomas a very celebrated lithotomist

Died: Allatius, Leo keeper of the Vatican library

Born: Amman, John Conrad physician

Publication: “De magia et maleficiis” by Anania, John D' lawyer

Died: Anslo, Reiner poet

Born: Anstis, John writer

Born: Archinto, Count Charles the son of the senator Philip Archinto

Publication: “Sighs and Ejaculations,” by Atkyns, Richard a typographical author

Born: Baglivi, George physician

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Died: Berretini, Pietro Da Cortona

Publication: “De ortu et natura Sanguinis,” by Betts, John physician

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Publication: “Commentari sopra Cornelio Tacito,” by Boccalini, Trajan a satirical wit

Born: Boonen, Arnold painter

Publication: “Life and death of Alice dutchess Dudley,” by Boreman, Robert divine

Died: Bourignon, Antoinette a famous female enthusiast

Publication: “A, Gold Chain of directions with twenty Gold Links of love to preserve firm love between husband and wife,” by Bourne, Immanuel clergyman

Died: Byam, Henry preacher

Publication: “A Letter of Meric Casaubon, D.D. &c. to Peter du Moulin, I). D. &c. concerning natural experimental philosophy, and some books lately set out about it,” by Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Publication: “The question of Witchcraft debated; or a discourse against their opinion, that affirm witches,” by Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Publication: “Memoirs of his Negociations” by Castelnau, Michel De a French nobleman of high character and abilities

Died: Chambre, Marin Cureau De La a native of Mans

Died: Cocceius, John was a famous Hebrew professor at Bremen

Publication: “A translation i'roni the French, of the Jesuits’ intrigues; with the private instructions of that society to their emissaries,” by Compton, Henry prelate

Born: Congreve, William poet

Died: Crayer, Gaspar De artist

Died: Cunitia, Maria a lady of great genius and learning

Died: Dieteric, John Conrad the son of John Conrad

Born: Dryden, Erasmus Henry Dryden’s third son

Died: Escobar, Anthony surnamed of Mendoza

Publication: “Compendium Theologiae dogmaticum,” by Essenius, Andrew divine

Died: Ferrari, Francis Bernardine of the same family with the former

Died: Ferri, Paul in Latin Ferrius

Born: Folard, Charles an eminent French officer and author

Publication: “The true Idea of Jansenism,” by Gale, Theophilus divine

Born: Gibson, Edmund bishop

Publication: “Julius Secundus,” by Gilbert, William divine

Publication: “A Discourse, setting forth the unhappy condition of the practice of Physic in London,” by Goddard, Jonathan physician

Died: Graunt, John the celebrated author of the " Observations on the Bills of Mortality

Publication: “Historiae Ecclesiasticoe & Civilis Pars I.” by Henichius, John a learned professor of divinity in the university of llinteln

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Publication: “The Elements of Speech; an essay of inquiry into the natural production of letters: with an appendix concerning persons that are deaf and dumb,” by Holder, William philosopher

Born: Huber, Zacharias son of the former

Died: Jenkins, Sir Leoline statesman

Born: King, Peter chancellor of England

Publication: “Ars sciendi combinatorial,” by Kircher, Athanasius mathematician

Publication: “Histoire de l'Eucharistie,” by Larroque, Matthew De in Latin Larroquanus

Publication: “Contemplations on Mortality, &c.” by Lee, Samuel divine

Publication: “Tractatus de Corde, item de motu et calore Sanguinis, et Chyli in eum transitu,” by Lower, Richard physician and anatomist

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Died: Mather, Richard the first of a family of nonconformist divines

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Publication: “Oratio panegyrica” by Mill, John the learned editor of the Greek Testament

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Publication: “Art of practical Gauging,” by Newton, John divine (16221678)

Publication: “Observations and advices Œconomical,” by North, Dudley Fourth Lord had a learned education in the university of Cambridge

Publication: “Insolence and Impudence triumphant,” by Parker, Samuel a man of some learning

Died: Pepys, Samuel secretary to the admiralty in the reigns of Charles II. and James II. and an eminent benefactor to the literature of his country

Died: Perizonius, James a learned German

Publication: “Sacrarum profanarumque phrasium poeticarum Thesaurus,” by Phillips, Edward one of the nephews of Milton

Publication: “Synopsis Criticorum,” by Pool, Matthew a learned Nonconformist

Died: Prynne, William lawyer

Publication: “Perroniana,” by Puy, Peter Du historian

Died: Quistorp, John divine

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Born: Rousseau, John Baptist poet

Died: Sallo, Denis De writer

Publication: “Nucleus Historiae Ecclesiasticae,” by Sandius, Christopher or

Publication: “Ars Nova et Magna Gravitatis et Levitatis,” by Sinclare, George professor of philosophy in the university of Glasgow in the seventeenth century

Died: Somner, William antiquary

Publication: “Hero and Leander,” by Stapleton, Sir Robert poet

Died: Sterne, John physician

Born: Sturmius, Leonard Christopher writer

Publication: “General History of Insects,” by Swammerdam, John anatomist

Publication: “The doctrine of the three sacred persons of the Trinity,” by Tate, Nahum *a well known Psalmodist

Born: Terrasson, Matthew an eminent advocate to the parliament of Paris

Born: Toland, John writer

Born: Trenchard, John writer

Publication: “L'Histoire geneologique cle la Noblesse de Touraine,” by Tristan L'Hermite, Francis poet

Born: Vaillant, Sebastian botanist

Publication: “De Epigrammate,” by Vavassor, Francis, Jesuit

Born: Winslow, James Benignus anatomist

Born: Woolston, Thomas divine

Born: Zeno, Apostolo poet