Barre, Joseph

, a canon regular of St. Genevieve, and chancellor of the university of Paris, was born in 1692, and died at Paris in 1764. He joined his order early in life, and became distinguished for his knowledge and researches in civil and ecclesiastical history, and his numerous works afford a considerable proof of his industry. The principal are, 1. “Vindicise librorum deutero-canonicorum veteris Testamenti,1730, 12mo, a very ingenious attempt. 2. “Histoire generate cTAllemagne,1748, 11 vols. 4to, a work of vast labour, but has few of the elegant and fascinating charms of modern history, and is in many respects inaccurate. 3. “”Vie de rnarechal de Fabert,“1752, 2 vols. 12mo. 4.” Examen des defauts theologiques," Amst. 1744, 2 vols. 12mo. He also wrote notes to the edition of Bernard Van Espen’s works, 1753, 4 vols. fdrio; and about the time of his death had made some | progress in a history of the courts of justice, of which he had published a prospectus in 1755. 1