Baty, Richard

, rector of the parish of Kirkandrews upon Esk, in Cumberland, was born in the parish of Arthuret, and received his academical education in the university of Glasgow, where he was admitted to the degree of A. M. in 1725. He afterwards became curate of Kirkandrews and in this situation, his exemplary conduct, and faithful discharge of the ministerial duties, recommended him so effectually to lord viscount Preston, that on a vacancy, he presented him to the rectory in 1732. As there was no parsonage-house, nor glebe appropriated to the living, on its separation from Arthuret, he built the house contiguous to the old tower at Kirkandrews, with barns, stables, &c. entirely at his own expencd, having first obtained a lease of the situation and farm there during his incumbency. The parish is divided by the river Esk; and as there is no bridge on this part of it, he established a ferry for the use of those coming to church. He likewise promoted the building of the school-house near Meadhope (endowed by lady Widrington and her sister), and for the information of those of maturer years, he printed, at Newcastle, 1750, a “Sermon on the Sacrament;” with prayers for the use of persons in private, and of families, which he distributed liberally among them. With the same views he published, in 1751, a small volume entitled “Seasonable advice to a careless world,” in essays, &c. and lastly, in 1756, “The young Clergyman’s Companion in visiting the Sick;” all these without his name. He was also skilful, and much consulted, as an oculist, but his advice and applications were always gratuitous. His temper and manners were mild and conciliating, his company much in request, and his house presented a scene of hospitality to the utmost of his abilities. He died in 1758. 2


Hutchinson’s Hist, of Cumberland, vol. II. p. 681.