Events noted in 1756

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1755 1757


Born: Ackermann, John Christian Gottlieb physician

Publication: “Observations Anatomical and Physical,” by Akenside, Mark poet and physician

Publication: “Memoires particuliers pour servir a. l'Histoire de France,” by Angouleme, Charles De Valois Duke D' the natural son of Charles IX. and Maria Touchet

Publication: “Histoire civile et politique de la ville de Reims,” by Anquetil, Lewis-Peter historian

Publication: “Vetus Missale Romanum, proefationibus et notis illustratum,” by Antonelli, Nicholas Maria count of Pergola

Publication: “History of the town of Rochelle, and the country of Aunis,” by Arcere, Louis Etienne priest of the oratory

Publication: “Novissimus Mercurii transitus,” by Audiffredi, John Baptist astronomer

Died: Bachius, John Augustus critic

Publication: “Fabliaux et contes des poetes Franc,ais des 12, 13, 14,et 15 siecles,” by Barbazan, Stephen antiquary

Publication: “Practice of Painting and Perspective made easy,” by Bardwell, Thomas artist

Publication: “An account of a Meteor seen in Rutland,” by Barker, Thomas esq. the descendant of an ancient and respectable family at Lyndon in Rutlandshire

Publication: “Seasonable advice to a careless world,” by Baty, Richard rector of the parish of Kirkandrews upon Esk

Publication: “The <f Memoirs of Madame de Maintenon,” by Beaumelle, Laurence Angliviel De La writer

Publication: “Description topographique et militaire des campagnes de Flandre, depuis 1690 jusqu'en 1694,” by Beaurain, John De an accurate military geographer

Publication: “Les songes d'Epicure,” by Beausobre, Lewis perhaps of the same family with the preceding

Died: Bel, Matthias born at Otsova in Hungary

Died: Benevoli, Anthony surgeon

Publication: “Memoire sur les consequences relatives a la pratique, deduites de la structure des os parietaux,” by Bertin, Exuperius Joseph anatomist

Publication: “Histoire de l'abbaye de Port-royal,” by Besoigne, Jerome a doctor of the Sorbonne

Publication: “La Citadelle coupee,” by Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

Publication: “His inquiry into the share which king Charles the First had in the transactions of the earl of Glamorgan.” by Birch, Thomas writer

Publication: “Recherches sur le pouls par raport aux crises,” by Bordeu, Theophilus De was born Feb. 22

Publication: “Treatise on Ships, their construction and motions,” by Bouguer, Peter mathematician

Born: Bourgeois, Sir Francis knight

Died: Broschi, Carlo was born the 24th of January

Publication: “Histoire des Navigations aux Terres Australes,” by Brosses, Charles De writer

Publication: “Bibliotheca historico-sacra, an Historical dictionary of all religions, from the creation of the world to the present times,” by Broughton, Thomas divine

Publication: “Athelstan” by Brown, John writer

Died: Bruhier, John James D' Ablaincourt physician

Publication: “A reply to Dr. Huddesford’s observations relating to the delegates of the press, with a narrative of the proceedings of the proctors with regard to their nomination of a delegate,” by Buckler, Benjamin antiquary

Publication: “A Vindication of Natural Society,” by Burke, Edmund was one of the most distinguished politicians and political writers of the last century

Publication: “A Philosophical Enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful,” by Burke, Edmund was one of the most distinguished politicians and political writers of the last century

Publication: “An account of what passed between Mr. George Thomson of York, and doctor John Burton of that city, physician and manmidwife, at Mr. sheriff Jubb’s entertainment, and the consequences thereon, by Mr. George Thomson,” by Burton, John antiquary

Died: Byng, George lord viscount Torrington

Born: Cabanis, Peter John George physician

Publication: “Abdeker,” by Camus, Antony Le physician

Publication: “Histoire générale du Paraguay,” by Charlevoix, Peter Francis Xavier De Jesuit

Born: Charnock, John writer

Born: Collins, David historian

Died: Concina, Daniel divine

Publication: “Histoire des Empereurs Remains jusqu' a Constantin,” by Crevier, John Baptist Lewis historian

Born: Currie, James physician

Publication: “Treatise on the Gonorrhoea Virulenta,” by Daran, James surgeon

Born: Davis, Henry Edwards son of Mr

Publication: “Assize Sermon on the equal and impartial discharge of Justice,” by Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Publication: “I was glad of this,” by Dyer, John poet

Died: Edwards, Bryan historian

Died: Emlyn, Thomas divine

Died: Faber, John is the name of two engravers whose works are held in some estimation among portrait-collectors

Publication: “The Englishman returned from Paris,” by Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

Died: Furstenau, John-Herman physician

Died: Gamaches, Stephen Simon writer

Publication: “Treatise on the use of Sea-voyages in medicine,” by Gilchrist, Ebenezer physician

Died: Goldsmith, Oliver poet

Publication: “History of France,” by Griffet, Henry writer

Publication: “Vie de Pithou,” by Grosley, Peter John antiquary

Publication: “Histoire generale des Huns, des Turcs, des Mogols, et des antres Tartares occidentaux,” by Guignes, Joseph De scholar

Publication: “D. Justiniani Institutionum, Libri quatuor; and a translation of them into English, with notes,” by Harris, George an English civilian

Died: Hebenstreit, John Ernest physician

Publication: “Henckelius in Mineralogia redivivus,” by Henckel, John Frederic an eminent mineralogist

Died: Henley, John ” has furnished the world with memorials 1Memoirs of persons who died in 1711

Died: Heywood, Eliza writer

Publication: “Observations on a Series of Electrical experiments, by Dr. Hoadly and Mr. Wilson, F. R. S.” by Hoadly, Benjamin bishop

Publication: “A discourse on the establishment of a national and constitutional Force in England,” by Jenkinson, Charles earl of Liverpool

Publication: “Meditations upon various important subjects,” by Jenks, Benjamin divine

Publication: “Sermons,” by Jerusalem, John-Frederick William divine

Born: Jones, Thomas an eminent and learned tutor of the university of Cambridge

Publication: “The Helvetiad,” by Keate, George writer

Publication: “Farther Observations,” by Kennedy, John, M. D. a native of Scotland

Publication: “Elementa Trigonometric,” by Lecchi, John Anthony a learned Italian mathe. matician

Died: Lieberkuhn, John-Nathaniel anatomist

Publication: “The Prater, by Nicholas Babble, esq.” by Long, Edward author of a valuable History of Jamaica

Died: Lussan, Margaret De writer

Publication: “Les Annales Romaines,” by Macquer, Philip lawyer

Publication: “Audi alteram partem; or a further vindication of Mr. Thomas Ruddiman’s edition of the great Buchanan’s works,” by Man, James a schoolmaster of considerable learning

Died: Marsais, Cæsar Chesneau Du a French grammarian of high reputation

Publication: “Institutiones linguae Turcicae,” by Meninski, Franciscus A Mesgnien a most celebrated German orientalist

Publication: “Prayers for a time of Earthquakes and violent Floods,” by Merrick, James divine and poet

Publication: “Histoire de la reception du Concile de Trente dans les etats catholiques,” by Mignot, Stephen a learned French canonist

Publication: “Considerations sur la Marine Militaire de France,” by Montesquieu, Charles De Secondat, Baron Of writer

Publication: “Lettre sur la qustlite des Eaux de Luxeuil en Tranche Comte,” by Morand, John Francis Clement was born at Paris in April 1726

Died: Murray, William, Earl Of Mansfield lawyer

Publication: “Essay on the origin of Human Knowledge,” by Nugent, Thomas writer

Publication: “Discours Pathetique” by Oliveyra, Francis Xavier De knight

Publication: “A Series of Dissertations on some elegant and very raluable Anglo-Saxon Remains,” by Pegge, Samuel antiquary

Publication: “Polygeni Strategematum libri octo, Justo Vulteio interprete, Pancratius Maasvicius recensuit, Isaaci Casauboni nee non suas notas adjecit.” by Polyænus is the name of many eminent personages recorded in ancient writers

Publication: “A Treatise on Ruptures,” by Pott, Percival surgeon (17131788)

Publication: “An Account of a particular kind of Rupture, frequently attendant upon new-born Children, and sometimes met with in Adults,” by Pott, Percival surgeon (17131788)

Died: Ramsay, Allan one of the extraordinary instances of the power of uncultivated genius

Publication: “A British Philippic, inscribed to the right hon. the earl of Granville,” by Reed, Joseph writer

Publication: “A Methodical Synopsis of Mineral Waters, comprehending the most celebrated Medicinal waters, both cold and hot, of Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, and Italy, and several other parts of the world, wherein their several impregnating minerals being previously described, and their characteristics investigated, each water is reduced to its proper genus; and besides the particular analysis, the virtues, uses, and abuses of the water are described, in a method entirely new. Interspersed with tables, tending to throw a light upon this intricate subject; and abstracts of the principal authors who have treated of mineral waters; and the accounts dispersed in the acts of most of the learned societies in Europe, are collected and properly digested,” by Rutty, John writer

Publication: “Treatise on Fluxions,” by Saunderson, Nicolas an illustrious professor of the mathematics in the university of Cambridge

Died: Saxi historian

Publication: “Archiepiscoporum Mediolanensium Series critico-chronologica,” by Saxi historian

Born: Schomberg, Alexander Crowcher clergyman (?–1792)

Publication: “Euclid’s Elements,” by Simson, Robert mathematician

Publication: “Power,” by Smart, Christopher poet

Publication: “Compendium of Voyages,” by Smollett, To Bias historian

Publication: “Critical Review,” by Smollett, To Bias historian

Publication: “Essays of the Philosophical Society of Edinburgh,” by Stewart, Matthew mathematician

Publication: “A Charge delivered at the ordination of Mr. Smithson.” by Taylor, John a learned dissenting teacher

Publication: “Vocabolorio Italiano e Latino del P. Mandosio accrescinto e corretto” by Tiraboschi, Jerome one of the most valuable Italian writers of the last century

Died: Vertue, George antiquary

Died: Viner, Charles an eminent benefactor to the study of law

Born: Wakefield, Gilbert critic

Publication: “A Sermon preached before his grace Charles duke of Marlborough president, and the Governors of the Hospital for the small-pox and for inoculation, at the parish church of St. Andrew, Holborn, on Thursday, April the 24th, 1755,” by Warburton, William prelate

Died: Watson, David known chiefly as a translator of Horace

Publication: “A Letter to the Clergy of the Church, known by the name of Unitas Fratrum, or Moravians, concerning a remarkable book of hymns used in their congregations, pointing out several inconsistencies and absurdities in the said book,” by Watson, John historian

Publication: “The Country Gentleman’s advice to his Son;” by Weston, Stephen bishop (?–1742)

Publication: “An edition of the Works of Ben. Jonson, with notes,” by Whalley, Peter critic

Died: Wilkes, Richard antiquary

Publication: “History of Art.” by Winkelman, Abbe John antiquary

Publication: “Notes on the walls of antient Rome,” by Wray, Daniel a man of taste and learning