Berigard, Claude Guillermet, Slgnor De

, was born at Moulins in 1578, and taught philosophy with reputation at Pisa and at Padua, where he died of an umbilical hernia, in 1663. We have by him, 1. “Circulus Pisanus,” printed in 1641, at Florence, 4to. This book treats of the ancient philosophy, and that of Aristotle. 2. “Dubitationes in dialogum Galilaei pro terree immobilitate,1632, 4to, under the fictitious name of Galilasus Lynceus a work which brought upon him the charge of pyrrhonism and materialism, not without foundation. He has been reproached with acknowledging no other moving principle of the world than primitive matter. Whatever he professed, his works are now in little repute, yet Chaufepie has bestowed a copious article on him. 2