Events noted in 1640

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1635 1645


Publication: “The whole book of Job paraphrased,” by Abbot, George and son of sir Maurice Abbot

Died: Achillini, Claude and son of

Died: Alabaster, William divine

Born: Alfaro-Y-Gamon, Juan D' painter

Publication: “Philo Byzantinus de septem orbis spectaculis, Gr. et Lat. cum notis,” by Allatius, Leo keeper of the Vatican library

Died: Allegri, Gregorio a Romish ecclesiastic

Died: Amaia, Francis lawyer

Publication: “Dissertatio historica et chronologica de antique urbis Syracusarum archiepiscopatu,” by Amico, Antonine D' of Messina

Publication: “Series ammiratorum insulse Sicilian, ab ann. 842 ad 1640,” by Amico, Antonine D' of Messina

Publication: “De Messanensis prioratus sacræ hospilitatis domus militum sancti Joan. Hierosolymitani origine,” by Amico, Antonine D' of Messina

Publication: “Chronologia de los Virreyes, &c. de Sicilia,” by Amico, Antonine D' of Messina

Publication: “Albero et storia della famiglia de conte Guidi, coll' agiunte de Scipione Ammirato Giovane,” by Ammirato, Scipio historian

Died: Arbaud, Francis Sieur de Porcheres

Publication: “De Cantici Canticorum sensu, velitatio bina,” by Aresi, Paul of Milan

Died: Arpino, Joseph D' painter

Publication: “With this weapon I defy you.” by Arpino, Joseph D' painter

Born: Audran, Girard artist

Publication: “Several speeches in parliament,” by Bagshaw, Edward a gentleman of a Derbyshire family

Publication: “Commentarius in libellum Theophrasti de Vertigine,” by Baillou, William physician

Publication: “De Convulsionibus libellus,” by Baillou, William physician

Publication: “Meditations and disquisitions on the first Psalm,” by Baker, Sir Richard and son of John

Publication: “Meditations and disquisitions on the 'seven consolatory Psalms of David, namely, 23, 27, 30, 34, 84, 103, and 116,” by Baker, Sir Richard and son of John

Publication: “Meditations and prayers upon the seven clays of the week,” by Baker, Sir Richard and son of John

Publication: “De loco affecto in pleuritide disceptationes,” by Baldo

Died: Ball, John divine

Died: Bamboccio an eminent Butch

Died: Bancroft, John bishop

Publication: “Observationes Philologicce,” by Bangius, Thomas doctor and professor of divinity in the university of Copenhagen

Publication: “Arte de loa metallos,” by Barba, Alvarez Alonzo curate of St

Died: Baudart, William divine

Born: Benoit, Elias the son of a Calvinist

Died: Bernard, Charles king’s counsellor

Died: Bernegger, Matthias who was born Feb. 8

Publication: “Admirandae fabrics humanae mulieris partium, &c. delineatio,” by Besler, Michael Robert physician

Born: Bohn, John physician

Publication: “Heures de Recreation,” by Boot, Gerard of a noble family

Publication: “Antiquities of Paris,” by Breulius, James antiquary

Born: Brueys, David Augustin writer

Publication: “Chorazin and Bethsaida’s woe and warning,” by Carpenter, Nathaniel clergyman

Publication: “Comment, ad legern regiam Germanorum,” by Carpzovius, Benedict was born in 1595

Born: Cavendish, William the first duke of Devonshire

Died: Chaderton, Laurence first master of Emanuel-­college

Born: Chauvin, Stephen clergyman

Publication: “De ratione Status Imperii Romano- Germanici,” by Chemnitz, Bogeslaus Philip grandson of the preceding Chemnitz

Publication: “A Treatise on Love, or Erotic Melancholy,” by Chilmead, Edward mathematician

Born: Coles, Elisha author of a Dictionary once in much reputation

Died: Collius, Francis a doctor of the Ambrosian college at Milan

Born: Coysevox, Anthony an ingenious French sculptor

Died: Day, John was born in his father’s house in Aldersgate-street in 1566

Publication: “Discursus historico-politicus de perigratione studiorum,” by Dieteric, John Conrad the son of John Conrad

Publication: “Sermons,” by Donne, John divine and poet

Publication: “A godly and learned Treatise of Prayer,” by Downham, George bishop

Died: Duncan, Mark an ancestor of the preceding Dr

Publication: “Dissertatio de Novo-antiquo Capitis Morbo ac Dolore, cum aliis Disquisitionibus Medicis de diffic. nonnul. Materiis Practice,” by Fabricius, James physician

Died: Faret, Nicholas poet

Publication: “Several Funeral Sermons, one preached at the funeral of sir Humphrey Lynd,” by Featley, Daniel divine

Died: Feuquieres, Manasses De Pas, Marquis De one of the bravest French officers in the seventeenth century

Publication: “Reply to the relation, of the conference between Laud and Fisher,” by Fisher, John Jesuit

Born: Fleury, Claude historian

Publication: “Pathologia Daemoniaca,” by Fludd, Robert philosopher

Born: Fosse, Charles De La painter

Publication: “Sumtna totins philosophise e D. Thomae Aquinatis doctrina,” by Fronteau, John canon regular of the congregation of St

Born: Garzi, Louis born at Rome in 1640

Publication: “Versio, varise Lectiones, et Annotationes critics in opuscula varia Galeni,” by Goulston, Theodore physician

Publication: “Elenchus AntiDiatribes Mercurii Frondatoris ad Statii Sylvas,” by Gronovius, John Frederic an eminent civilian

Publication: “Muscarium ad Statii Sylvas,” by Gronovius, John Frederic an eminent civilian

Publication: “Notes to Tacitus,” by Grotius, Hugo one of the most eminent names in literary history

Publication: “De Consensu Hierarchies et Monarchies,” by Habert, Isaac was a learned and celebrated doctor of the society of the Sorbonne

Publication: “Castara.” by Habington, William poet

Died: Hemelar, John a very learned man

Publication: “Optati Galli de cavendo Schismate, Liber Paraeneticus,” by Hersent, Charles divine

Born: Hire, Philip De La astronomer

Born: Hooper, Dr. George divine

Born: Hubert, Matthew preacher

Born: Jardins, Mary Catharine Des a French lady

Died: Jonas, Anagrimus a learned Icelander

Publication: “Horti Carolini Rosa altera,” by Joyner, William second son of William

Born: Keach, Benjamin divine

Born: Kirch, Godfrey the first of a family of astronomers

Died: Kirstenius, Peter professor of physic at Upsal

Born: Laet, John De an author of the seventeenth century

Born: Lairesse, Gerard painter

Born: Lami, Bernard a learned priest of the Oratory

Born: Mace, Francis a learned French priest

Publication: “De Archicancellariis S. R. imperil,” by Mallinkrott, Bernard dean

Publication: “Histoire de Bearn,” by Marca, Peter De one of the greatest ornaments of the Gallican church (?–1662)

Died: Mascardi, Augustin a distinguished person in the republic of letters

Died: Massinger, Philip writer

Born: Mercator, Nicholas astronomer

Died: Metrophanes Critopylus the patriarch of Alexandria in the seventeenth century

Died: Miræus, Aubertus a learned German

Publication: “Theanthropicon; seu de vita Jesu Christi originum ecclesiasticarum libri duo. Accedit Groecorum versio, et index utriusque partis,” by Mountagu, Richard divine

Died: Naudé, Gabriel bibliographer

Born: North, Francis lord Guilford

Born: Ozanam, James mathematician

Born: Parker, Samuel a man of some learning

Born: Pfeiffer, Augustus a German orientalist

Publication: “De septem Orbis Spectaculis,” by Philo, Judæus writer

Born: Plot, Robert eminent for being the first who formed a plan for a natural history of England

Died: Pontanus, John Isaac historiographer to his Danish majesty

Died: Risdon, Tristram an English topographer

Publication: “La Defense du Christianism,” by Roques, Peter clergyman

Born: Rycke, Theodore De critic

Publication: “Historian Navalis mediae libri tres,” by Ryves, Sir Thomas son of John Ryves of Damery Court

Died: Salian, James Jesuit

Publication: “Les Vanitez de la Cour,” by Salisbury, John Of one of the greatest ornaments of the twelfth century

Died: Salmasius, Claude one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Dissertatio de fcenore trapezitico, in tres libros divisa,” by Salmasius, Claude one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Achillis Tatii Alexandrini Eroticon de Clitophontis et Leucippes amoribus, libri octo,” by Salmasius, Claude one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Interpretatio Hippocratis aphorismi 69, sect. iv. de calculo,” by Salmasius, Claude one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Psalms,” by Sandys, George archbishop

Publication: “An Essay to the translation of the jEneis.” by Sandys, George archbishop

Died: Sarbiewski, Matthias Casimir poet

Born: Shadwell, Thomas poet

Died: Sherburne, Sir Edward poet

Born: Slingeland, John Peter Van artist

Publication: “Historia de Bello Belgico” by Strada, Famiamis Jesuit

Publication: “Contemplations, Sighs, and Groans of a Christian,” by Style, William writer

Born: Tourneux, Nicholas Le divine

Born: Tozzi, Luke physician

Publication: “Geographia antiqua,” by Vossius, Isaac a man of great parts and learning

Died: Walton, Brian bishop

Died: Walton, Isaac writer

Died: Wandesforde, Christopher, Viscount Castlecomer statesman (15921640)

Born: Wharton, Thomas, Marquis Of Wharton was eld* est son of Philip lord Wharton

Publication: “Prototypes, or the primarie Precedent out of the book of Genesis,” by Whately, William divine

Born: Wirz, John artist

Born: Wycherley, William poet (?–1715)


Died: Aarsens, Francis lord of Someldyck and Spyck

Publication: “Answer to the questions of the Citizens of London in Jan. 1600, concerniug Cheapside Cross,” by Abbot, George archbishop (?–1633)

Publication: “Vindiciae Sabbati, or an answer to two treatises of Mr. Broad,” by Abbot, George and son of sir Maurice Abbot

Publication: “Britannia illustrata,” by Alford, Michael whose real name is said to be Griffith

Born: Allix, Peter divine

Publication: “De Pelevation de la foi, &c.” by Amyraut, Moses divine

Publication: “L'Istoria Augusta da Giulio Cesare Costatino il magno,” by Angeloni, Francis antiquary

Died: Ashley, Robert a Wiltshire gentleman

Born: Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

Publication: “A Remonstrance against Presbytery,” by Aston, Sir Thomas a brave and loyal gentleman

Died: Backer, Jacob painter

Publication: “Two arguments in parliament, on the Canons and Praemunire,” by Bagshaw, Edward a gentleman of a Derbyshire family

Died: Baker, David Benedictine

Publication: “Chronicle of the kings of England, from the time of the Romans’ government unto the death of king James,” by Baker, Sir Richard and son of John

Publication: “Apology for Laymen’s writing in Divinity,” by Baker, Sir Richard and son of John

Publication: “A soliloquy of the Soul, or a pillar of thoughts, &c.” by Baker, Sir Richard and son of John

Publication: “Hebrew Lexicon,” by Bangius, Thomas doctor and professor of divinity in the university of Copenhagen

Publication: “Anatomia Caspari Barthqlini parentis novis observationibus primuin locupletata,” by Bartholine, Thomas physician

Died: Baskerville, Sir Simon knight

Publication: “Circulus Pisanus,” by Berigard, Claude Guillermet, Slgnor De was born at Moulins in 1578

Died: Bernard, Claude called Father Bernard

Publication: “Le Testament du reverend pere Bernard, et ses pensdes pieuses,” by Bernard, Claude called Father Bernard

Publication: “The penitent death of a woful Sinner; or, the penitent death of John Atherton, late bishop of Waterford in Ireland, who was executed at Dublin the fifth of December, 1640; with some annotations on several passages,” by Bernard, Nicholas divine

Publication: “A sermon preached at the burial of John Atherton, the next night after his execution, in St. John’s church, Dublin,” by Bernard, Nicholas divine

Died: Bernard, Richard divine

Publication: “Apiaria universae philosophise, mathematics, &c.” by Bettini, Mario Jesuit

Born: Bini, Severin in Latin Binius

Publication: “A Door of Hope,” by Bond, John LL. D. was the son of Dennis Bond

Publication: “Holy and Loyal Activity,” by Bond, John LL. D. was the son of Dennis Bond

Born: Bottoni, Dominic the son of Nicholas Bottom

Died: Brosse, Guy De La physician

Publication: “The sounding of the two last Trumpets; or, Meditations on the 9th, 10th, and llth Chapters of the Revelations,” by Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

Publication: “The Protestation protested, or a short Remonstrance, shewing what is principally required of all those that have or do take the last Parliamentary Protestation,” by Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

Publication: “Speech in the house of peers, Jan. 30, 1641, upon occasion of the present distractions, and of his Majesty’s removal from Whitehall,” by Carey, Henry earl of Monmouth

Publication: “De atrabile, quoad mores attinet,” by Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Born: Colombiere, Claude De La Jesuit

Died: Croke, Sir George the third son of sir John Croke of Buckinghamshire

Publication: “Animadversions upon a treatise lately published, and entitled, God’s Love to Mankind, manifested by disproving his absolute decree for their damnation,” by Davenant, John bishop

Publication: “Vindicite Trithemianse, sive specimen steganographiae Joannis Trithemii, quo auctoris ingenuitas demonstratur, et opus superstitione absolvitur,” by Despierres, John Benedictine

Born: Dodwell, Henry writer

Died: Domenichino artist

Publication: “A letter of state to a scholar of Cambridge;” by Dudley, Robert baron of Denbigh

Publication: “Consultatio theologica super negocio Pacis Ecclesiast.” by Dury, John in Latin Duroeus

Publication: “A summary discourse concerning the work of Peace Ecclesiastical,” by Dury, John in Latin Duroeus

Died: Eaton, John divine

Publication: “Synopsis Philosophise Orientalium,” by Ecchellensis, Abraham a learned Maronite of the seventeenth century

Born: Edelinck, Gerard engraver

Publication: “Reasons against the Independent Government of particular Congregations,” by Edwards, Thomas writer

Publication: “Commentariuf ad Betramum de Republica Hebrseorum,” by Empereur, Constantine of Oppyck

Publication: “The Arminian Nunnery, or a brief description and relation of the late erected monastical place, called the Arminian Nunnery at Little Gidding in Huntingdonshire: humbly addressed to the wise consideration of the present parliament. The foundation is by a company of Ferrars at Gidding,” by Ferrar, Nicholas an English gentleman of considerable learning and ingenuity

Publication: “Canterburian’s Self-conviction,” by Field, Richard divine

Died: Finch, Henry of the family of the lord keeper

Publication: “A Design for bringing a River from Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire to St. Giles’s in the Fields, near London; the benefits of it declared, and the objections against it answered,” by Ford, Sir John an ingenious gentleman of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Thomas a Kempis vindicatus per unuin e Canonicis regularibus congregationis Gallicanae,” by Fronteau, John canon regular of the congregation of St

Publication: “The antipathy between the French and the Spaniard,” by Gentilis, Robert but unworthy of him

Died: George, Amjra was a learned Maronite

Publication: “Historia Gotteschalci,” by Gotteschalcus, Fulgentius surnamed Fulgentius

Born: Graaf, Regnier De physician

Publication: “The Nature of Tiuth; its union and unity with the soule, which is one in its essence, faculties, acts; one with truth,” by Greville, Fulk lord Brooke

Publication: “A Discourse opening the nature of that Episcopacie which is exercised in England,” by Greville, Fulk lord Brooke

Born: Guerard, Robert Benedictine

Born: Gueret, Gabriel writer

Publication: “Observations upon History,” by Habington, William poet

Publication: “Analysis of the Psalms,” by Helmich, Werner divine

Publication: “An Help to English History,” by Heylin, Dr. Petek divine

Born: Hoeltzlinus, Jeremias a philologer (1583–?)

Publication: “A Discovery of the causes of these Contentions touching Church-government, out of the fragments of Richard Hooker,” by Hooker, Richard divine

Born: Horneck, Dr. Anthony divine

Publication: “An Answer to certain frivolous Objections against the Government of the Church of England,” by Jewel, John prelate

Died: Kellison, Matthew writer

Born: Knox, Capt Robert the son of capt

Publication: “Episcopal Inheritance; or, a Reply to the humble examination of a printed abstract; or the answers to nine reasons of the House of Commons against the votes of bishops in Parliament,” by Langbaine, Gerahd writer

Publication: “Excerpta Rhetorum” by Libanius a celebrated sophist of antiquity

Publication: “A Speech in the House of Commons at the passing of two bills,” by Littleton, Dwaud lord keeper of the great seal of England in the reign of Charles I. was descended

Publication: “Praise of the French,” by Macedo, Francis Jesuit

Publication: “The Antiquary, a comedy, acted by her Majesty’s servants at the Cockpit,” by Marmion, Shakerley writer

Born: Monnoye, Bernard De La poet

Died: Mountagu, Richard divine

Publication: “L'Interpretation des Chiffres, ou Regies pour bien entendre et expliquer facilement toutes sortes des Chiffres Simples,” by Niceron, John Francis mathematician

Publication: “De amore, de pulchro, Veneris et Cupidinis venales,” by Niphus, Augustine, a learned Italian

Publication: “A Treatise of the principal Grounds and Maxims of the Laws of England,” by Noy, William attorney-general in the reign of Charles I. the son of William Noy

Publication: “A Discourse concerning Puritans,” by Parker, Robert divine

Born: Pfanner, Tobias the son of a counsellor at Augsburg

Publication: “Nine Sermons on several occasions,” by Prideaux, John bishop

Publication: “Readings,” by Risdon, Tristram an English topographer

Publication: “Flandria Illustrata,” by Sanderus, Anthony antiquary

Publication: “The Song of Solomon,” by Sandys, George archbishop

Publication: “Dissertatio de ingenii muliebris ad doctrinam et meliores literas aptitudine,” by Schurman, Anna Maria A a most learned German lady

Born: Schurtzfleisch, Conrad Samuel a learned German

Publication: “Ibrahim, ou l'Illustre Bassa,” by Scuderi, Magdeleine De and his superior in talents

Born: Sherlock, Dr. William divine

Died: Spelman, Sir Henry antiquary

Publication: “Album Marianum, in quo prosa et carmine Dei in Austriacos beneficia, et Austriacornm erga Deum obsequia recensentur.” by Stanyhurst, Richard historian

Publication: “Comment on Psalms ciii.” by Sterne, Richard archbishop

Publication: “Stock of Divine Knowledge,” by Stock, Richard divine

Publication: “Commentary on the prophecy of Malachi,” by Stock, Richard divine

Died: Suckling, Sir John an accomplished courtier

Born: Tellier, François Michel Le marquis de Louvois

Publication: “A Discourse concerning the primitive Forme of the Government of Churches,” by Thorndike, Herbert divine

Publication: “Observationum medicarum Libri tres,” by Tulp, Nicholas physician

Publication: “Of the Morality of the Fourth Commandment,” by Twiss, William divine

Publication: “Certain brief Treatises,” by Usher, James prelate

Died: Vandyck, Sir Anthony a most illustrious portraitpainter

Publication: “El diabolo cojuelo, novella de la otra vida,” by Velez, Lewis Velez De Guevara poet

Born: Vieussens, Raymond physician and anatomist

Publication: “Epistolas de motu chyli et sanguinis,” by Walæus, Anthony divine

Publication: “The doctrine of the Holy Weekly Sabbath,” by Walker, George divine

Died: Webbe, George prelate

Publication: “The Negociations of Thomas Wolsey, &c.” by Wolsey, Thomas cardinal (?–1530)

Publication: “Beaten Oyle for the lamps of the Sanctuarie,” by Womock, Lawrence prelate

Publication: “Parallel bttween Robert earl of Essex and George late duke.,of Bucks,” by Wotton, Sir Henry an Englishman


Publication: “The Moral Law expounded, or Lectures on the Ten Commandments, with nineteen Sermons on prayer,” by Andrews, Lancelot divine

Publication: “Liber de vita et miraculis S. Wilohadi,” by Anscarius one of the early propagators. of Christianity

Publication: “Disquisitiones de partus termims,” by Arnisæus, Henningus writer

Publication: “A collection of sundry Petitions presented to the King and Parliament,” by Aston, Sir Thomas a brave and loyal gentleman

Born: Aubert, Peter lawyer

Publication: “Antiquitates Danicse,” by Aventin, John author of the Annals ofBavaria

Publication: “Le Vite de' Pittori, Scultori, ed Architetti dal 1572 al 1642,” by Baglioni, Giovanni artist

Publication: “Liber de Rheumatismo et Pleuritide dorsali,” by Baillou, William physician

Died: Barkham, John antiquary

Publication: “Syntagma medicum et chirurgicum de cauteriis,” by Bartholine, Caspar physician

Died: Benning, John Bodecher was born in the village of Loosdrecht

Born: Benzelius, Eric archbishop (?–1709)

Publication: “The whole proceedings of the siege of Drogheda,” by Bernard, Nicholas divine

Publication: “A Dialogue tetweeu Paul and Agrippa,” by Bernard, Nicholas divine

Publication: “Gazophylacium rerum naturalium,” by Besler, Michael Robert physician

Publication: “Observatio anatomico-medica, &c.” by Besler, Michael Robert physician

Publication: “Dissertationes philologies,” by Besold, Christopher lawyer

Publication: “Euclides explicatus,” by Bettini, Mario Jesuit

Born: Betts, John physician

Publication: “Instruction astronomique de l'usage des globes et sphere celestes et terrestres,” by Blaeu, William an eminent printer

Publication: “De Medicina Indorum,” by Bontius, James called by some

Born: Browne, Edward physician

Died: Brueghel, Peter the younger

Publication: “A just and true remonstrance of his Majesty’s Mines Royal in Wales,” by Bushel, Thomas a man once of considerable eminence for his philosophical pursuits

Publication: “Commentaries on the NewTestament, grammatical and critical,” by Camerarius, Joachim one of the most learned writers of his age

Publication: “De recta ratione studendi,” by Campanella, Thomas philosopher

Publication: “Responsa juris Electoralia,” by Carpzovius, Benedict was born in 1595

Born: Chouet, John Robert philosopher

Born: Cook, Henry artist

Born: Corneille, Michael born at Paris in 1642

Born: Courten, William the last in the male line of the family that makes the subject of the preceding article

Born: Creed, Elizabeth a very amiable and ingenious lady

Died: Crisp, Tobias writer

Born: Croese, Gerard divine

Publication: “De Patrum, fide circa imagines,” by Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

Publication: “Tractatus de causis amissarum Linguae Latince radicum,” by Daumius, Christian scholar

Publication: “A Discourse concerning the Rights and Privilege’s of the Subject in a conference desired by the lords, and had by a committee of both houses April 3, 1628,” by Digges, Sir Dudley eldest son of Thomas Digges

Publication: “An answer to a printed book entitled * Observations upon some of his majesty’s late answers and expresses, 1” by Digges, Sir Dudley eldest son of Thomas Digges

Publication: “The Magazine of Honour,” by Doddridge, Sin John lawyer

Publication: “Petition to the house of commons for the preservation of true Religion,” by Dury, John in Latin Duroeus

Publication: “Certain considerations, shewing the necessity of a correspondency in spiritual matters betwixt all professed Churches,” by Dury, John in Latin Duroeus

Publication: “De re vestiaria libri tres,” by Ferrari, Octavius of the same family with the famer

Born: Filicaia, Vincent De poet

Died: Franck commonly called Young Francks

Died: Galilei, Galileo astronomer

Died: Gill, Alexander son and successor to his father

Died: Godwin, Dr. Thomas writer

Publication: “Two Speeches, spoken in the Guildhall, London, concerning his majesty’s refusal of a Treaty of Peace,” by Greville, Fulk lord Brooke

Died: Gui Do, Reni artist

Born: Hickes, George an English divirre of uncommon abilities and learning

Publication: “Elementa philosophica seu politica de Give,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Born: Holder, William philosopher

Publication: “A Sermon preached in St. Mary’s, Cambridge, on his majesty’s inauguration,” by Holdsworth, Richard sometimes written Oldsworth (?–1649)

Born: Holt, Sir John knight

Died: Kynaston, Francis poet

Born: Loubere, Simon De La poet

Publication: “Deju-tilia & jure,” by Lugo, John cardinal

Publication: “De rirtute divinse fidei,” by Lugo, John cardinal

Publication: “Principles of Faith and of a good Conscience,” by Lyford, William clergyman

Born: Marana, John Paul the author of the Turkish Spy

Publication: “Sacramentarium Sancti Gregorii Magni,” by Menard, Nicholas Hugues writer

Publication: “The Reason of Church Government urged against Prelacy,” by Milton, John the most illustrious of English poets

Publication: “Collection of Voyages.” by Monson, Sir William a brave English admiral

Publication: “The Acts and Monuments of the Church before Christ incarnate,” by Mountagu, Richard divine

Publication: “Bibliographia Politica,” by Naudé, Gabriel bibliographer

Born: Opitius, Henry divine

Publication: “Display of Arminianism,” by Owen, John the most eminent and learned of the nonconformist divines

Publication: “Certain animadversions upon some passages in a Tract concerning Schism and Schismatics,” by Page, William divine

Born: Placcius, Vincent an eminent philologer of Hamburgh

Publication: “Animadversiones in veram Praxim curandos Tertianse propositam a Doctore Petro Barba” by Plempius, Vopiscus Fortunatus physician

Publication: “The Prince; or Maxims of State,” by Ralegh, Sir Walter or'Rawlegh

Publication: “Jezirah, or, the Creation,” by Rittangelius, John Stephen a native of Forcheim

Publication: “History of Marseilles,” by Ruffi, Anthony De historian

Publication: “Idea de un Principe Politico* Christiano representada en cien empress,” by Saavedra-Faxardo, Diego De writer

Publication: “A view of a pretende book, entitled, ' Observations upon his Majesty’s late Answers and Epistles,” by Spelman, Sir Henry antiquary

Publication: “A Discourse of Religious Assemblies and the Publike Service of God,” by Thorndike, Herbert divine

Born: Traill, Robert divine

Born: Tyrrell, James historian

Publication: “Italia sacra, sive de Episcopis Italiae, et Insularum adjacentium,” by Ughelli, Ferdinand historian

Born: Uvedale, Robert botanist

Publication: “Elegies celebrating the happy memory of sir Horatio Vere,” by Vere, Sir Horace baron of Tilbury

Publication: “Catalogns plantarum horti Patavini,” by Vesling, John anatomist

Publication: “Da la Cerdu’s” by Virgil, In Latin, Publius Virgiuus Maro, the most excellent of all the ancient Roman poets

Publication: “Short View of the life and death of George Duke of Bucks,” by Wotton, Sir Henry an Englishman


Publication: “Bibliotheca scriptorum societatis Jesu,” by Alegambe, Philip Jesuit

Born: Alemand, Louis-Augustine writer

Publication: “A treatise on Conscience, with the power and cases thereof,” by Ames, William divine (15761633)

Born: Antelmi, Joseph antiquary

Publication: “De Virginum et Mulierium morbis,” by Baillou, William physician

Publication: “Opuscula Medica,” by Baillou, William physician

Died: Bainbridge, John astronomer

Publication: “Antagathyrsus, apologia pro pinguibus,” by Balde, James poet

Died: Bargrave, Isaac dean

Publication: “Orationes Panegyricce Sacro-Prophanre decem,” by Baro, Bonaventure whose true name was Fitz-Gerald

Publication: “De armillis veterurn, pracsertiiii Danorum Schedion.” by Bartholine, Thomas physician

Born: Bellini, Laurence physician

Died: Bonfrerius, James Jesuit

Died: Boys, John one of the translators of the Bible in the reign of James I. was son of William Bois

Born: Brady, Robert historian

Born: Burnet, Gilbert bishop

Died: Burroughs, Sir John knt. garter king at arms

Publication: “A Narration of his own Life,” by Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

Publication: “The beloved city, or the Saints’ reign on earth a thousand years, &c.” by Burton, William antiquary

Publication: “Civitas solis,” by Campanella, Thomas philosopher

Publication: “Poetica idea Keipublicaj Philosophies,” by Campanella, Thomas philosopher

Born: Camps, Francis De was born at Amiens Jan. 31

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Died: Cartwright, William poet

Publication: “Marci Antonini Imperatoris de Seipso & ad Seipsum libri xii. Guil. Xylander Augustanus Graece &, Latine primus edidit: nunc vero, Xylandri versionem locis plurimis etnendavit, & novam fecit in Antonini libros Notas & Emendationes adjecit Mericus Casaubonus, Is. F. In eosdem Xylandri Annotationes,” by Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Died: Cerda, John Lewis Jesuit

Born: Chardin, Sir John traveller

Publication: “Anti-Philolaus, in quo Philolaus redivivus de terrse motu et solis ac fixarum quiete impugnalur,” by Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Born: Collet, Philibert a learned advocate of parliament of Dombes

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Died: Corenzio, Belisarius artist

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Born: Dangeau, Louis Courcillon De a French abbe

Died: Danvers, Henry a brave warrior in the end of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth century

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Born: Jouvenci Jesuit

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Died: Ludlow, Edmund one of the chiefs of the republican party during the civil wars

Died: Master historian

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Born: Mourgues, Michael mathematician (16431713)

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Died: Neer, Arnold Vander painter

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Died: Rous, Francis a very conspicuous racter during the republican state of England

Born: Rue, Charles De La orator

Born: Sagittarius, Caspar divine

Publication: “the remembrance of two errors did much afflict him, which were, his assent to the earl of Stafford’s death, and the abolishing of episcopacy in Scotland; and that, if God ever restored him to the peaceable possession of his crown, he would demonstrate his repentance by a public confession and a voluntary penance, by walking barefoot from the Tower of London, or Whitehall, to St. Paul’s church, and would desire the people to intercede with God for his pardon.” by Sanderson, Dr. Robert

Born: Schalken, Godfrey painter

Born: Sparrow, Anthony prelate

Died: Spondanus, Henry a younger brother of John de Sponde

Born: Strype, John the most valuable contributor to ecclesiastical history and biography that ever appeared in this country

Born: Tellier, Michael Jesuit

Died: Verger De Haurane, John Du abbot

Born: Verheyen, Philip physician and anatomist

Publication: “The First Century of scandalous, malignant Priests, made and admitted into benefices by the Prelates, in whose hands the ordination of ministers and government of the church hath been; or a narration of the causes for which the Parliament hath ordered the sequestration of the benefices of several ministers complained of before them, for vitiousnesse of life, errors in doctrine, contrary to the articles of our religion, and for practising and pressing superstitious innovations againt law, and for malignancy against the parliament,” by White, John lawyer (?–1644)

Publication: “Discovery of Mysteries, or the plots of the parliament to overthrow both church and state,” by Williams, Griffith bishop

Publication: “Jura majestatis; the rights of kings both in church and state, granted, first by God, secondly, violated by rebels, and thirdly, vindicated by the truth,” by Williams, Griffith bishop


Born: Adimari, Lewis poet

Died: Alard, William was born Nov. 22

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Publication: “Paraphrase on the Scripture” by Amyraut, Moses divine

Died: Aresi, Paul of Milan

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Died: Asser rabbi

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Publication: “Certain Disquisitions and Considerations, representing to the conscience the unlawfuluess of the oath entitled A Solemn League and Covenant for Reformation, &c. as also the insufficiency of the urgiiments used in the exhortation for taking the said covenant. Published by command,” by Barwick, John divine

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Died: Bentivoglio, Guy cardinal

Died: Besly, John king’s advocate at Fontenaye-le-Comte

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Died: Biondi, John Francis was born in Liesena

Publication: “MercurioCrelico Mastix; or an Anti-caveat to all such as have heretofore had the misfortune to be cheated and deluded by that great and treacherous impostor John Booker; in an answer to his frivolous pamphlet, entitled Mercurius Coelicus, or a Caveat to all the people of England;” by Booker, John one of those impostors who amused the public in the seventeenth century

Born: Bouflers, Louis Francis, Duc De peer and maréchal

Died: Bourbon, Nicholas nephew to the above

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Publication: “A draught of a speech concerning Episcopacy,” by Cary, Lucius was born

Died: Castelli, Benedict mathematician

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Publication: “The Christian Warfare.” by Downham, George bishop

Died: Downing, Calybute divine

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Born: Echard, James an useful French biographer

Born: Ettmuller, Michael physician

Born: Fare, Charles Augustus, Marquis De La was born in 1644

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Died: Helmont, John Baptist Van commonly called Van Helmont

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Died: Jameson, George artist

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Born: Ittigius, Thomas a learned professor of divinity at Leipsic

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Born: Lamoignon, Christian Francis De was born at Paris in 1644

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Publication: “A Review of the Covenant: wherein the original, grounds, means, matter, and ends of it are examined; and out of the principles of the remonstunce*, declarations, votes, orders and ordinances of trie prime covenanters, or the firmer grounds of scripture, law, and reason, disproved,” by Langbaine, Gerahd writer

Publication: “England’s prophetical Merlin;” by Lilly, William astrologer

Born: Lisle, Claude De historiographer and censor royal

Died: Menard, Nicholas Hugues writer

Born: Mencke, Otto in Latin Menckenius

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Died: Muis, Simeon De Hebrew professor of the Royal College of France

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Publication: “An Epistolary Discourse about Toleration,” by Nye, Philip an English nonconformist

Born: Orleans, Peter Joseph D' historian

Publication: “Religio Medici.” by Patrick, Simon prelate

Publication: “A Refutation of Longomontamis’s Discourse, De vera circuli mensura,” by Pell, John mathematician

Publication: “An Exercitation concerning Easter,” by Pell, John mathematician

Born: Penn, William was born in the parish of St

Died: Pineau, Gabriel Du lawyer

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Born: Roemer astronomer

Born: Sandius, Christopher or

Born: Sharp, John prelate

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Died: Urban Viii., Pope one of those pontiffs who deserve some notice on account of his learning

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Publication: “God made visible in all his Works,” by Walker, George divine

Died: Westfield, Thomas a native of Ely

Born: Williams, Daniel divine

Born: Wright, Abraham divine