Burman, Francis

, one of the sons of the preceding, was born at Utrecht, in 1671, studied polite literature under Graevius, and afterwards went to the university of Leyden, where he entered upon his philosophical, mathematical, and divinity course. After he had finished his academical studies, he was chosen pastor of the church of Condom, in Frieseland, and three years after, in 1698, was invited to that of the Brille. In 1702 he accompanied, as minister, a deputation of his countrymen to England. On his return he preached at Enchuysen, and at Amsterdam, where he remained ten years. In 1715 he was appointed divinity-professor at Utrecht, where he died in 1719, leaving by his wife, Elizabeth Thierrens, four sons, the eldest of whom, John, became in 1738 professor of botany at Amsterdam; the second, Francis, was minister at Nimeguen; the third, Abraham, a merchant at Amsterdam; a.nd Peter, the fourth, professor of humanity at Franeker. His works are: 1. “Burmannorum pietas, gratissimae beati parentis memoriae communi nomine ex^ hibita,” with some letters of Burman and Limborg, Utrecht­1701, 8vo. 2. “A defence of his father,” in Dutch, 1704, against the charge of Spinosism, brought against him by Limborg. His other works are chiefly orations on points of theology, sacred poetry, &c. 2