Events noted in 1700

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1695 1705


Born: Adam, Lambert-Sigisbert an eminent French sculptor

“A Treatise on the conformity between the Chinese ceremonies and the Greek and Roman idolatry, in order to confirm the apology of the Dominican Missionaries in China,” Alexander, Noel, In Latin Natalis writer

“De Loquela,” Amman, John Conrad physician

Born: Arbuckle, James, A.M. was born in Glasgow

“Ecclesiastical History,” Arnold, Gothofred pastor and inspector of the churches of Perleberg

“An argument, proving that, according to the covenant of eternal life, revealed in the scriptures, man may be translated from hence into that eternal life without passing through death, although the human nature of Christ himself could not thus be translated till he had passed through death,” Asgill, John lawyer

“Bart'lemy Fair, or an Inquiry after Wit,” Astell, Mary a learned and ingenious lady

Died: Athias, Joseph a Jew rabbi

Died: Aubrey, John antiquary

Died: Aviler, Augustine Charles D' descended from a family originally of Nanci in Lorraine

“Historia deortu et progressu Medicinse,” Aulisio, Dominico the son of Antonio Aulisio

Born: Ballyet, Emmanuel antiquary

“Regum et Imperatorum Romanorum Numismata, a, Rubenio edita,” Beger, Lawrence the son of a tanner

“Le Theatre des etats du due de Savoie, traduit du Latin de Bleau,” Bernard, James professor of philosophy and mathematics

Born: Bernoulli, Daniel philosopher

Died: Bertoli, John Dominick antiquary

“Gulielmus Cowper criminis Literarii citatus coram tribunali nobiliss. ampliss. Societatis Britanno-Regiae,” Bidloo, Godfrey writer

“King Arthur, an heroic poem, in twelve books.” Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

Died: Bohun, Edmund writer

“Exercitaciones Philologicæ, in quibus Novi Fœderis nonnulla loca è profants maximè auctoribus Græcis iiiustrantur,” Bos, Lambert philologist

“Pensees ingenieuses des Peres de l'Eglise,” Bouhours, Dominick critic

“the great ornament of our college.” Boyle, Charles earl of Orrery

Died: Brady, Robert historian

Born: Browne, Joseph provost of Queen’s-college

“Non compos mentis; or, the law relating to natural fools, mad folks, and lunatic persons,” Brydal, John antiquary

Died: Casanata, Jerome cardinal

Born: Cat, Claude Nicholas Le physician

“Orthographia Latina ex vetustis monumentis, hoc est nummis, marmoribus, &c. excerpta, digesta, novisque observationibtis illustrata,” Cellarius, Christopher critic

“The Perjured Husband,” Centlivre, Susannah writer

“The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire,” Chauncy, Sir Henry knt. author of the “Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire

“Gemme antiche figurate,” Chausse, Michael Angelo De La antiquary

Died: Chevillier, Andrew a doctor and librarian of the Sorbonne

“A Second Defence of the Short View, being a reply to a book entitled The ancient and modern Stages surveyed, &c.” Collier, Jeremy divine

Died: Cook, Henry artist

“Courtship Alamode,” Craufurd, David, Esq. was born at Drumsoy near Glasgow

Born: Dandre-Bardon, Michael Francis one of the professors of the academy of painting

“A Discourse upon Grants and Resumptions: shewing, how our ancestors have proceeded with such ministers as have procured to themselves grants of the crown revenue; and that the forfeited estates ought to be applied to the payment of public debts,” Davenant, Charles the eldest son of sir William Davenant

“Pro Testinonio Josephi de Jesn Christo, contra Tan. Fubrum et alios,” Daubuz, Charles divine

Born: Delany, Mary and a lady of distinguished ingenuity and merit

“Iphigenia,” Dennis, John poet

Born: Dyer, John poet

Died: Edema, Gerard painter

Died: Ellis, Clement divine

“Matthei Devarii de particulis Grrecae Linguae, liber singularis,” Eschenbach, Andrew Christian divine

Died: Fabretti, Raphael antiquary

“De recordatione animae humame post fata superstitis.” Fabricius, John Albert one of the most eminenjt and laborious scholars of his time in Europe

“The Homily of S. Gregoire of Nazianzen, on charity to our neighbour,” Francius, Peter poet

Born: Froelich, Erasmus a learned medallist

Born: Gifford, Andrew son of Emanuel

“Hist, des Isles Mariannes,” Gobien, Charles Le Jesuit

Born: Gottsched, John Christopher poet

“The History of the Bible, translated from the French,” Gough, Richard the Camden of the eighteenth century

“First Apology” Grabe, John Ernest the learned editor of the “Septuagint

“Life of archbishop Williams,” Hacket, John bishop

“Tractatus de Successionibus apud Anglos, or a treatise of Hereditary Descents,” Hale, Sir Matthew lawyer

Born: Hamel Du Monceau, Henry Lewis Du writer

Born: Hardinge, Nicholas scholar

“A System of Divinity,” Heidegger, John Henry divine

Died: Hopkins, Charles was born at Exeter

“Amasia, or the works of the Muses, a collection of Poems,” Hopkins, John bishop

“Notse in Anthologiam Epigrammatum Grsecorum,” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

“Quaestiones Hieronymianae,” Jerom a very celebrated father of the church

Died: Joly, Claude writer

Born: Jones, John divine

“Traite historique, contenant le jugement d'un Protestant sur la Theologie Mystique,” Juried, Peter divine

“Miscellanies.” King, Dn. William writer

“Un Trait de Perspective,” Lami, Bernard a learned priest of the Oratory

“The Natural History of the Counties of Lancashire, Cheshire, and Derbyshire, &c.” Leigh, Charles naturalist

“The Church Catechism efcplained,” Lewis, John antiquary

“The Piety of the Burmans;” Limborch, Pinup a celebrated professor of divinity in Holland

Died: Long, Thomas divine

Died: Maracci, Louis a learned author

Died: Martyn, John professor of botany at Cambridge

“Jani templum Christo nascente reseratum, seu Tractatus Chronologico-historicus vulgarem refellens opinionem existimantium, pacem toto terrarum orbe sub tempus Servatoris natale stabilitam fuisse,” Masson, John a reformed minister

“An Account of Mr. Locke’s religion, out of his own writings, and in his own words: together with observations, and a two-fold appendix,” Milner, John divine

“The Search after Truth.” Montmort, Peter Raymond De mathematician

“Hortatio ad studium lingua; Graecae et Hebraicae,” Moor, Michael divine

Born: Morant, Philip antiquary

Born: Nollet, John Anthony a French abbe

Died: Noris, Henry one of the most celebrated scholars of the seventeenth century

Died: Nostre, Andrew Le comptroller of the royal edifices of France

Born: Nutt, Joseph a very ingenious man

“Amyntas,” Oldmixon, John ridiculed in the Taller by the name of Mr

“Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences,” Parent, Antony mathematician

“Almagesti Botanici Mantissa,” Plukenet, Leonard botanist

“Reason,” Pomfret, John poet

Died: Quin, James a celebrated actor

“De Morbis Artificum Diatriba,” Ramazzini, Bernardin physician

Died: Rance', Dom. Armand John Le Bouthillier De the celebrated abbe and reformer of the monastery of La Trappe

Died: Russel, William, Fifth Earl And First Duke Of Bedford was eldest son of Francis fourth earl of Bedford

Died: Savile, Sir George marquis of Halifax

“La Banque Romaine,” Sixtus Iv. is said by some writers to have been the son of a fisherman at Celles

Born: Titley, Walter scholar

“Monumenta veteris Antii,” Torre, Philip Della antiquary

“Institutiones rei herbarise: sive, Elementa botanices,” Tournefort, Joseph Pitton De botanist

Born: Towgood, Micajah divine

Died: Tozzi, Luke physician

“A poem on Badminton -house, Gloucestershire.” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Verses on the death of the duke of Gloucester,” Trapp, Joseph divine

Died: Turner, Francis prelate

Born: Van Swieten, Gerard one of the most celebrated physicians of the last century

“An appeal to all the true members of the church of England, in behalf of the king’s ecclesiastical supremacy, as by law established; by our convocations approved; and by our most eminent bishops and clergymen stated and defended, against both the popish and fanatical opposers of it, 1698,” Wake, William prelate

Born: Webb, Philip Carteret

Died: Woodfohd, Samuel divine

Born: Worlidge, Thomas artist

Born: Zinzendorf, Nicholas Lewis count de


“Tetrapla Alcoranica, sive Specimen Alcorani quadrilinguis Arabici, Persici, Turcici, et Latini,” Acoluthus, Andrew a learned Orientalist

“De Messiæ duplici adventu dissertationes duæ adversus Judeos,” Allix, Peter divine

“Dissertationes quatuor de mensis, lecticis, et poculis veterum,” Almeloveen, Theodore Jansson Van physician

“Descriptio Frisiae inter Scaldis portum veterem et Amisiam,” Alting, Menso probably of fche same family

Born: Amory, Thomas a dissenting minister of considerable note

“Dissertation sur l‘usage de mettre la premiere pierre au fondement des edifices publics, addressée au prince electoral de Brandebourg, à l’occasion de la premiere pierre, qu‘il a posée lul même au fondement du temple qu’on construit pour les François Refugiez dans le quartier de Berlin nommé Friderichstadt,” Ancillon, Charles son of the above

“Dissertazione intorna alia patria di Ennio,” Angelis, Dominico De author of several pieces relating to the history of literature

“Germain e de Foix,” Baudot De Juilli, Nicholas born at Vendôme in 1678

Born: Beau, Charles Le first professor of rhetoric in the college of the Grassins

“Physiologica medica,” Berger, John William was professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

Born: Blackwell, Thomas writer

“Tractatus ecclesiasticus de jure parochiali,” Boehmer, Justin Henning lawyer

“Calendarium Romanum chronologorum causa constructum, &c.” Bonjour, William a learned Augustin

Born: Breitinguer, John James whom Meister calls the greatest reformer of the Swiss schools which the last century produced

“Burmannorum pietas, gratissimae beati parentis memoriae communi nomine ex^ hibita,” Burman, Francis was born at Utrecht

Born: Burrow, Sir James born in 1701

“Here valour has met with its deserts!” Catinat, Nicholas dean (?–1712)

Born: Chais, Charles divine

Died: Chevreau, Urban was born at Loudun

Died: Codrington, Christopher a brave soldier and a distinguished benefactor to All Souls college

“Historical, geographical, genealogical, and poetical Dictionary.” Collier, Jeremy divine

Born: Condamine, Charles Marie De La chevalier de St

Born: Cruden, Alexander author of an excellent “Concordance of the Bible

“Concordance of the Bible,” Cruden, Alexander author of an excellent “Concordance of the Bible

Died: Danet, Peteu a French cure at Paris

Born: Daran, James a French military surgeon

“EsMiys upon the Balance of Power; the right of making War, Peace, Alliances; Universal Monarchy. To which is added, an Appendix, containing the records referred to in the second essay,” Davenant, Charles the eldest son of sir William Davenant

“A picture of a Modern Whig, in two parts,” Davenant, Charles the eldest son of sir William Davenant

“Systema Dissert, rar.” Daumius, Christian scholar

“Primitive Sacrse, the reflections of a devout solitude, consisting of Meditations and Poems on divine subjects,” Disney, John divine

“Grabe’s Spicilegium.” Dodwell, Henry writer

“Defense de la Censure de la Facultie de Theologie de Paris, contre les Memoires de la Chine,” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

“De la necessite de la Foi en Jesus Christ, &c.” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

Born: Emerson, William mathematician

“A new jniscellany of original Poems on several occasion’s,” Finch, Anne, Countess Of Winchelsea a lady of considerable poetical talents

“Discourses on several subjects, viz. the Rise and Fall of Papacy,” Fleming, Robert was born and partly educated in Scotland

“Geometrica dernonslratio theorematum Hugenianorum circa logisticam, seu Logarithmicam lineatn,” Grandlus, Gumo mathematician

“De Ortu et Progressu Juris Civiiis;” Gravina, John Vincent scholar

Born: Guyon, Marie-Claude historian

“Meditations” Halket, Lady Anne a learned English lady

“Cent Nouvelles nouvelles,” Hoogue, Romain De engraver

Born: Hudson, Thomas painter

Born: Hunauld, Francis Joseph anatomist

“Historia Italiae et Hispaniae genealogica,” Imhoff, John a very famous genealogist

“Ecclesiastical Synods, and Parliamentary Convocations in the Church of England, historically stated, and justly vindicated from the misrepresentations of Mr. Atterbury,” Kennet, White writer

“An occasional Letter, on the subject of English Convocations,” Kennet, White writer

“De tribus Impostoribus magnis Liber, Edwardo Herbert, Thomse Hobbes, et Benedicto Spinosa oppositis,” Kortholt, Christian a learned professor of divinity at Kiel

“Terence,” Leng, John prelate

“De ratione et licentia metri Terentiani.” Leng, John prelate

“Theologia Evangelica,” Maius, John Henry divine

Born: Malouin, Paul James physician

Born: Maurepas, John Frederic Phelypeaux, Count Of grandson of the count de Pontchartrain

“Projet pour la Correction du Dictionnaire Historique de M. Moreri, deja revu, corrigé, & angmenté dans le derniere Edition de Paris par M. Vaultier,” Moreri, Lewis divine (?–1680)

“Nundaeana et Patiniana,” Naudé, Gabriel writer

Died: Nicaise, Claude antiquary

“An Introduction to a Devout Life, by Francis Sales, bishop and prince of Geneva; translated and reformed from the Errors of the Romish edition. To which is prefixed, a Discourse of the Rise and Progress of the Spiritual Books in the Romish. Church,” Nichols, William divine (16641712)

“A Treatise of Consolation to Parents for the Death of theirChildren written upon the occasion of the Death of the Duke of Gloucester and addressed to the most illustrious Princess Anue of Denmark,” Nichols, William divine (16641712)

“An Essay towards the Theory of the Ideal or Intelligible World; considering it absolutely in itself. Part I.” Norris, John divine

Died: Obrecht, Ulric a learned German

Died: Ozanam, James mathematician

Born: Pergolesi, John Baptist one of the most excellent of the Italian composers

“La Morale Chretien abregee,” Placette, John De La a protestant minister of great eminence

“L'Art de Tourner,” Plumier, Charles called Father Plumier

“An Essay on ways and means to maintain the Honour and Safety of England,” Ralegh, Sir Walter or'Rawlegh

“The Constitutions and Rules of the Abbe of la Trappe,” Rance', Dom. Armand John Le Bouthillier De the celebrated abbe and reformer of the monastery of La Trappe

Born: Randolph, Thomas archdeacon of Oxford

“Ecclesiastical Power,” Richer, Edmund divine

“The Turkish History by Mr. Knolles and sir Paul Rycaut abridged,” Savage, John the benevolent president of the famous club at Royston*

“Historia Ensiferorum ordinis Teutonic!,” Schurtzfleisch, Conrad Samuel a learned German

Died: Scuderi, Magdeleine De and his superior in talents

Died: Sedley, Sir Charles writer

Died: Segrais, John Renaud De poet

Died: Shower, Sir Bartholomew lawyer

“The liberty and independency of the kingdom and church of Scotland asserted, from ancient records in three parts,” Sibbald, Sir Robert physician

“Medicina universalis, theoretica et practica,” Sorbait, Paul writer

Died: Spanheim, Frederic brother of Ezekiel Spanheim

“Atuiquitatum Romanorum Syntagma,” Struvius, Burcard Gotthelf one of the many sons of the preceding

“The Life of Dr. John Elmer, bishop of London,” Strype, John the most valuable contributor to ecclesiastical history and biography that ever appeared in this country

Died: Tempesta, Peter otherwise called Molyn

“Vocabularium Anglo-Saxonicum Lexico Gul. Somneri magna parte auctius,” Thwaites, Edward a learned Saxonist

Died: Treby, George a learned judge

“A Vindication of the Proceedings of some Members of the Lower House of Convocation,” Trimnell, Charles bishop

“The Pretence to enter the Parliament-Writ considered,” Trimnell, Charles bishop

“Trithemii Opera historica,” Trithemius, John Benedictine

“Institute” Turretin, John Alphonsus the most celebrated of the family

“De ludis ssECularibus Academicae Questiones,” Turretin, John Alphonsus the most celebrated of the family

“A brief Disquisition of the Law of Nature, &c.” Tyrrell, James historian

“Historia JPtolemasorum yEgypti regum ad fidem numismatum accommodata,” Vaillant, John Foi a great medallist

“The Rights, Powers, and Privileges, of an English Convocation, stated and defended,” Wake, William prelate

Died: Williamson, Sir Joseph statesman

“Examination of Dr. Woodward’s Account of the Deluge,” Wotton, William divine (?–1726)

Born: Wray, Daniel a man of taste and learning


Born: Adelburner, Michael mathematician

“Nectarii Patriarchte Hierosolymitani confutatio Imperil Papæ in Ecclesiam,” Allix, Peter divine

Born: Antonini, Annibal brother to Joseph Antonini

“Poemata,” Aquino, Charles De writer

“Elementa Theologiae,” Argentre, Charles Duplessis D' bishop

“Schediasma de Phalaride, M. Antonini scriptis, et Agapeti Scheda regia,” Arndt, Charles [son of Joshua Arndt]

Born: Arntzenius, John philologist

Died: Arvieux, Laurence D' scholar

Died: Astorini, Elias born in the province of Cosenza in the kingdom of Naples in 1651

“A translation of Apollonius on Conic Sections,” Astorini, Elias born in the province of Cosenza in the kingdom of Naples in 1651

“De motus Fermentativi causa,” Astruc, John a very celebrated French physiciaiTj was born in 1684

Born: Attiret, John Denis Jesuit

Died: Baan, John De painter

“De Spiritualibus Pecci, or notes concerning the work of God, and some that have been workers together with God, in the High Peak,” Bagshaw, William a nonconformist minister

Died: Barth, John a native of Dunkirk

“L'Histoire de Philippe Anguste,” Baudot De Juilli, Nicholas born at Vendôme in 1678

“De nummis Cretensium serpentiferis,” Beger, Lawrence the son of a tanner

“Lucernae sepulchrales J. P. Bellorii,” Beger, Lawrence the son of a tanner

“Composizioni poeticheconsistenti inrimesacre,eroiche, morali ed amorose,” Beregani, Nicholas, Count an Italian author of the seventeenth century

Born: Bergler, Stephen was born at Hermanstadt

“Memoirs of the academy of Paris,” Bianchini, Francis philosopher

Died: Bidloo, Godfrey writer

“Mysterii Ellipsios Grcecas expositi Specimen,” Bos, Lambert philologist

Died: Bouhours, Dominick critic

“A prefatory discourse to an examination of a late book, entitled ‘An Exposition, &c.’” Burnet, Gilbert bishop

“The Exposition given by my lord bishop of Sarum of the second Article of our Religion, examined,” Burnet, Gilbert bishop

“Remarks on the Examinist of the Exposition,” Burnet, Gilbert bishop

Died: Caraccio, Anthony baron of Corano

Died: Charpentier, Francis dean

Born: Chaufepie, James George De author of a very useful Biographical Dictionary

Born: Chicoyneau, Aime Francis born at Montpellier in 1702

Died: Churchill, Sir Winston a distinguished English gentleman

“J. J. Claudii Dissertatio de Salutationibus Veterum, cui addita est Diatribe de Nutricibus et Paedagogis,” Claude, John James son of Isaac Claude

“Historia Fratrum Bohcmorum,” Comenius, John Amos divine

Died: Commire, John Jesuit

Born: Cooke, Thomas poet

“De civitate et ecclesia Settina;” Corradini, De Sezza, Peter Marcellinus antiquary

Born: Corsini, Edward a monk of the Ecoles-Pies

“Constitutiones de primitivis R. Mosis F. Maimonis, &c. cum versione et notis philologicis,” Cramer, John Rodolphus divine

“The shortest Way with the Dissenters,” De Foe, Daniel writer

Born: Demours, Peter physician

Born: Doddridge, Philip divine

“Commendatory verses upon the author of prince Arthur and king Arthur.” Drake, James physician

“Exercitations, critical, philosophical, historical, theological, on several important places in the Old and New Testament,” Edwards, John divine

“Epigenes sive commentarius in fragmenta Orphica” Eschenbach, Andrew Christian divine

Born: Fagan, Christopher Barthelemi writer

“Ancient Psychrolusy revived,” Floyer, Sir John physician

“Pharmacopreia extemporanea,” Fuller, Thomas physician

Died: Gale, Thomas celebrated for his knowledge of the Greek language and antiquities

Died: Gale, Samuel dean

“Olynthian” Granville, George viscount Lansdowne

“SystemaTheologise propbeticse,” Gurtler, Nicolas divine

Died: Hare, Dr. Francis bishop

“An Index to L'Estrange’s translation of Josephus,” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

Born: Hebenstreit, John Ernest physician

“A Scripture Catechism,” Henry, Matthew an eminent dissenting teacher

“Family Hymns,” Henry, Matthew an eminent dissenting teacher

Died: Heywood, Oliver divine

“The Generous Conqueror, or the Timely Discovery,” Higgons, Bevil younger son of sir Thomas

“Franeker, 4to. 2. Also, <c Dissertation urn libri tres, quibus explicantur, &c. selecta juris publici, sacri, privatique capita,” Huber, Zacharias son of the former

“Origines de Caen,” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

“An English translation of the Life of Apollonius Tyaneus, from the French of Tillemont,” Jenkin, Robert divine

Born: Jordan, Charles Stephen a person distinguished more by his connections than by his works

“Corpus Historic genealogicae Italiae et Hispaniae,” Imhoff, John a very famous genealogist

“The History of the Convocation summoned to meet Feb. 6, 1700, &c.” Kennet, White writer

“Nouvelles de la Republique de Lettres” King, Peter chancellor of England

“D Origine Mali,” King, Da. William archbishop

“On the Cubature of the, Sphere,” Lagny, Thomas Fantet De mathematician

Born: Leake, Stephen Martin antiquary

Born: Lecchi, John Anthony a learned Italian mathe. matician

“A Sermon preached in Chester, against Marriages in different Communions,” Leslie, Charles writer

Born: Liotard, John Stephen painter

“the Turk,” Liotard, John Stephen painter

“Bibliotheca Chemica curiosa,” Manget, John James historian

Born: Martine, George physician

“Animadversions upon Mons. Le Clerc’s Rejections upon our Saviour and his Apostles, &c. primitive fathers, &c.” Milner, John divine

Born: Morris, Lewis antiquary

Born: Murray, James clergyman

“Library” Nicolson, William antiquary

Born: Oliveyra, Francis Xavier De knight

Born: Passemant, Claude Simeon an able French optician

“Gazophylacii Naturae jet Artis, Decades decem,” Petiver, James botanist

“an honest and learned, but perplexed lawyer.” Pollexfen, Sir Henry lawyer

“Alexandra,” Potter, John archbishop (16741747)

Born: Purver, Antony one of the religious society called Quakers

Born: Querlon, Anne Gabriel Meusnier De born at Nantes April 15

Born: Ridley, Dr. Gloster divine

Born: Scheuchzer, John James naturalist

“Nova litteraria Helvetica” Scheuchzer, John James naturalist

“Memoirs of the reign of Charles I.” Smith, Thomas divine

Born: Stillingfleet, Benjamin naturalist

“Series Dynastarum et Regum Daniae, a Skioldo Odini filio, ad Gormum Grandaevum,” Torfæus, Thermodus antiquary

“On the deaths of king William, prince George, and queen Anne,” Trapp, Joseph divine

Died: Trimnell, Charles bishop

“An Answer to a third Letter to a Clergyman in defence of the entry of the Parliament- Writ,” Trimnell, Charles bishop

“The Observator,” Tutchin, John writer

Died: Villiers, George duke of Buckingham

“A short view of the Chronology of the Old Testament, and of the Harmony of the Four Evangelists,” Whiston, William divine (16671752)

Born: Yriarte, Juan De writer


Died: Addison, Lancelot clergyman

Died: Alsop, Vincent an English nonconformist of considerable note

“Le dernier triomphe de Frederic Guillaume le Grand, electeur de Brandebourg, ou discours sur la Statue Equestre érigée sur le Pont Neuf du Berlin,” Ancillon, Charles son of the above

“Tackers” Anstis, John writer

Born: Arntzenius, Otho was born in 1703

Died: Audran, Girard artist

“Disputatio de jure belli et pacis,” Averani, Joseph was born at Florence the 19th of March 1662

Born: Ayloffe, Sir Joseph of Framfield in Sussex

“De Ecclesiasticae Hierarchise origine dissertatio,” Bacchini, Bernardin scholar

“Acroamata, in quibus complures ad iatrochemiam, atqne physicam spectantia jucunda rerum varietate explicantur,” Barchausen, John Conrad physician

“Defense clu Tniite' des prejugez, &c.” Basnage, James de Franquener

Born: Bate, James was born at Bocton Malherb in Kent in 1703

“Nouvelle allegorique, ou, Histoire des derniers troubles arrives au royaume d'eloquence,” Bauldri, Paul surnamed D'!Berville

“Numismata Pontificum Romanorum,” Beger, Lawrence the son of a tanner

Born: Bellin, Nicholas geographical engineer of the marine

Died: Bellini, Laurence physician

Born: Beraud, Laurence mathematician

Born: Bergalli, Louisa an Italian poetess

“De Kalendario et Cyclo Ciesaris ac de Paschali canone S. Hippolyti martyris, dissertationes dusc,” Bianchini, Francis philosopher

“Apparatus of Nourri,” Bigne, Marguerin De La a priest

Died: Blancard, Nicholas a classical editor

“Reliquiae Bodleianse, or, some genuine remains of sir Thomas Bodley,” Bodley, Sir Thomas that illustrious benefactor to literature

“Dictionnaire de Musique,” Brossard, Sebastian De musician

Born: Browne, Moses vicar of Olney in Buckinghamshire

“Lex Spuriorum; or, the law relating to bastardy, collected from the common, civil, and ecclesiastical laws,” Brydal, John antiquary

“L'Avoisinement des Protestans avec TEglise Romaine,” Camus, John Peter prelate

“De angelis disputatio theologica,” Casati, Paul Jesuit

“Historia universalis brev-iter ac perspicue exposita, in antiquam et medii aevi ac novam divisa, cum notis perpetuis,” Cellarius, Christopher critic

“Notitia Orbis Antiqui,” Cellarius, Christopher critic

Died: Chamberlayne, Edward was descended from an ancient family

“Auxeus Constantini nummus, &c. explicatus,” Chausse, Michael Angelo De La antiquary

Born: Cibber, Theophilus son of the above

Born: Clubbe, John rector of Whatfield

“Mr. Collier’s dissuasive from the Play-house: in a letter to a person of quality, occasioned by the late calamity of the tempest,” Collier, Jeremy divine

“Praeludia Anatomica,” Commelin, John botanist

Born: Cosme, John De St. whose family name was Ba­Seillac

Born: De Missy, Cæsar a man greatly distinguished in the learned world

Born: Dick, Sir Alexander of Prestonfield

Born: Dodsley, Robert poet

“Wit without Money.” Drake, James physician

“Traite de la Doctrine Chretienne et orthodox,” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

“Opera Gersoni,” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

Died: Evremond, Charles De St. writer

“Les Qualités du Quinquina,” Fagon, Guy Crescent physician

Died: Falz, Raymond a celebrated medallist

“Case of Conscience,” Fouillou, James a celebrated licentiate of the Sorbonne

“De veteribus regum Francorum Diplomatibus, et arte secernendi antiqua' diplomata vera a falsis,” Germon, Bartholomew Jesuit

“Quadratura circuii et hyperbola3 per infinitas hyperbolas et parabolas geometrice exhibita,” Grandlus, Gumo mathematician

Died: Greenville, Denis and brother to sir John Greenville first eari of Bath

“Notitia et illustratio dissertationis nuperse de morte Juda?,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Phredri Fabulae cum Joan. Fred. Gronovii & Jac. Gronovii Notis & Nicolai Dispontini collectaneis,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Reliquiae Bodleianae, or some genuine remains of sir Thomas Bodley, &c.” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“Plinii Fpistolae et Paneg\ricus, &c.” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“Eutropius.' Messala Corvinus. Julius Obsequens, &c.” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“The History of the Low Countries, from the abdication of Charles V. to the year 1598.” Hooft, Peter Cornelius Van historian

Died: Hughes, John poet

“Opuscula Posthuma,” Huygens, Christian mathematician

Died: Hyde, Dr. Thomas writer

Born: Jenyns, Soame writer

Died: Johnson, Samuel divine

Died: Kidder, Dr. Richard bishop

“Nouvelles de la Republique des Lettres” King, Da. William archbishop

Died: Kunckel, John a celebrated chemist

Died: Lalande, James De an able counsellor

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Born: Law, Edmund bishop (?–1787)

Died: Le Cene, Charles divine

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“History of Cromwell,” Leti, Gregory writer

Born: Levret, Andrew an eminent French surgeon and accoucheur

Born: Lieberkuhn, John-Nathaniel anatomist

“Let him study the holy scripture, especially the New Testament. It has God for its author; salvation for its end; and truth, without any mixture of error, for its matter.” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

Born: Lynar, Rochus Frederic Count statesman

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“The Life of Dom Ranqe, abbe and reformer of La Trappe,” Marsollier, James historian

Died: Mascaron, Julius an eminent French preacher

Born: Miller, James writer

Born: Morell, Thomas scholar

Died: Nuvolone is the name of a family of painters

Born: Orleans, Lewis Duke Of a learned and pious prince of the s blood royal of France

“Reponse aux principaux articles, qui sont dans le 23 Journal de Paris de Tan 1703, touchant la premiere partie de son Algebre,” Ozanam, James mathematician

Born: Parcieux mathematician

“Q,. Curtius in integrum restitutus, et vindicatus ab immodica atque acerba nimis crisi viri ciarissimi Joannis Clerici,” Perizonius, James a learned German

Died: Perrault, Charles was born at Paris

“Antiquité de la Nation & de la Langue de Celtes,” Pezron, Paul a learned and ingenious Frenchman

“Dissertation touchant L'ancienne demeure des Cananeens,” Pezron, Paul a learned and ingenious Frenchman

Died: Pomfret, John poet

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“Oratio de Palingenesia literarum in terris nostris,” Rycke, Theodore De critic

“A Collection of Letters of the Ancients, whereby is discovered the morality, gallantry, wit, humour, manner of arguing, and in a word the genius of the Greeks and Romans,” Savage, John the benevolent president of the famous club at Royston*

“Truth and Excellency of the Christian Religion against Jews, Infidels, and Heretics.” Stanhope, George dean

Died: Sturmius, John Christopher mathematician

Born: Swinton, John antiquary

Died: Sybrecht, John painter

Died: Thiers, John Baptist a learned doctor of the Sorbonne

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“Abramule,” Trapp, Joseph divine

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Died: Viviani, Vincentio mathematician

Died: Wallis, John mathematician (16161703)

Born: Warner, Ferdinando writer

Born: Wesley, John the most celebrated of the family

Died: Wheler, Sir George traveller

“Paraphrase and commentary on the New Testament,” Whitby, Daniel divine

Born: Worthington, William divine


Died: Acoluthus, Andrew a learned Orientalist

“Les Gouverneurs et Lieutenants au Gouvernement du Dauphiné,” Allard, Guy was a native of Dauphiny

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Born: Argens, John Baptiste De Boyer, Marquis D' one of those writers who contributed to the general desolation of government

“Dissert, sup. Arist.” Aristeas a prefect or officer under Ptolemy Philadelphus

Born: Artigni, Anthony Gachet D' canon of the cathedral church at Vienna

“Essay on Peace and War,” Astell, Mary a learned and ingenious lady

“A fair way with Dissenters and their Patrons, not writ by Mr. Lindsay, or any other furious jacobite, whether a clergyman or a layman but by a very moderate person and dutiful subject of the queen,” Astell, Mary a learned and ingenious lady

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Born: Battie, William physician (17041764)

Born: Belgrado, James mathematician

Died: Bellocq, Peter valet-de-chambre to Louis XIV

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Born: Berthier, William Francis writer

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Born: Bianchini, Joseph priest of the oratory of St

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Died: Bossuet, James bishop

Died: Bourdaloue, Lewis Jesuit

Born: Boyd, William and fourth and last earl of Kilmarnock

Born: Broughton, Thomas divine

Died: Brown, Thomas of facetious memory^ as Mr

Died: Brydal, John antiquary

“Declaration of the divers preheminences or privileges allowed by the laws and customs of England, unto the firstborn among her majesty’s subjects the temporal lords in parliament,” Brydal, John antiquary

“A defence of his father,” Burman, Francis was born at Utrecht

“A Vindication of the twenty-third Article of Religion, from a late Exposition, ascribed to my lord bishop of Sarum.” Burnet, Gilbert bishop

Died: Buxtorf, John James either son or nephew to the preceding

Born: Carr, George clergyman

Died: Carstares, William a political character of considerable fame in Scotland

Born: Chapman, John was the son of the rev

Died: Chaufepie, James George De author of a very useful Biographical Dictionary

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Born: Clemencet, Charles was born at Painblanc

Died: Collins, Anthony writer

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Born: Cramer, Gabriel mathematician

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“Love at first Sight,” Craufurd, David, Esq. was born at Drumsoy near Glasgow

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Born: Desportes, John Baptist Rene' Pouppe'E physician

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Died: Duche De Vancy, Joseph Francis born at Paris

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Died: Gousset, James divine

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Died: Hemskirk, Egbert painter

Died: Henao, Gariel De a voluminous Spanish author

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Born: Lye, Edward antiquary

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Born: Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

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“Tractatus duo de Speciebus & Magnitudine Figurarum Curvilinearum,” Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

Born: Newton, Thomas prelate

“Diocletianus et Maximianus; sive, de Transactione et Pactione Criminum,” Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

Born: Pegge, Samuel antiquary

“An Epistle to the King on the glorious Success of his Arms,” Pellegrin, Simon Joseph an abbe

Died: Plumier, Charles called Father Plumier

Born: Pococke, Richard but added the e to his name

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Died: White, Robert engraver

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