Cadamosto, Lewis

, a famous Venetian navigator, was born about the year 1422, and by his talents attracted the notice of the infant don Henry of Portugal. This prince, animated with the spirit of making discoveries, like his father king John, resolved to gain the attachment of Cadamosto. He accordingly applied to him, through the consul of the Venetian republic in Portugal, named Patrick Conti, for information concerning the advantageous commerce of the island of Madeira, conquered in 14150. Cadamosto, encouraged by the hopes of profit, came to terms with don Henry, fitted out for him a caravelie, of which Vincent Diaz> a native of Lagos, was the patron. It sailed the 22d of March, 1455; and, after having anchored at Madeira, they proceeded to reconnoitre the Canaries, the cape Blanco, Senegal, cape Verd, and the mouth of the river Gambia. In a second voyage which he made the following year, with a Genoese named Anthony, they prosecuted their discoveries as far as the river of St. Dominic, to which they gave that name, and from, whence they returned to Portugal. He resided a long time at Lagos, gaining the affection of the merchants and navigators of the place by acts of kindness and civility. On his return to his native country in 1464, he published the account of his voyages, which was published at Vicenza, under the title of “La Prima Navigatione per TOceano a le terre de Negri della bassa Ktiopia,1507, 4to, but the subsequent edition printed at Milan, 1519, 4to, is thought the best. 2