Carter, Francis

, F. S. A. Of this gentleman we have litde information. He was author of a “Journey from Malaga to Gibraltar/ 1 1776, 2 vols. 8vo, with piatts $<ld separately reprinted in 2 vols. 8vo, 1778, with the plates inserted. The many coins engraved in this work were from the collection of the celebrated Spanish medallist Fiores, whose cabinet Mr. Carter had purchased on his death, a?>d disposed of the duplicates to Dr. Hunter. Mr. Carter died August 1, 178'i, when he had just completed (and had actually printed the first sheet of)” An historical and critical account of early printed Spanish books;“in which, to use his own words, his intent was *” 10 write an historical and critical account of the mOft early printed volumes in the Spanish language, wnith had fallen into my possession during thirty years dil gently collecting them, both in Spain, France, and England." Of the lives of the authors he proposed to give a summary account, with occasional specimens of the style and manner of their writings, and strictures on the state and progress of learning and poetry, from the days of John II. king of Castile down to the present age: to appearance an humble and easy task, but which will be found in the execution to require no small labour, judgment, and experience, and be evidently of great advantage to those who wish to enrich their libraries with the best Spanish works, and be informed of the reputation, merit, and rank, each author holds in the literary world. We have to lament that this was never finished. A specimen of it may be seen in our authority. 1

1 Seat. Mag, vol. Lul Nicbolf’s Bowyer, vol. III.