Chabot, Peter Walter

, a learned philologer, was born at Sainloup in Poitou, in 1516, and studied the Latin tongue at Sainloup, and afterwards went to Poitiers, at twenty-four years of age, to study the Greek there; but he was soon recalled from thence, to teach youth in his native place. He taught there six years, after which he went to Paris, and went through a course of philosophical studies under Omer and Talon, in the college de Prele. Having spent three years and a half in study, he took his degree of M. A. and professed teaching. The children of several persons of distinction were committed to his care and he acquired so much reputation as | a preceptor, that chancellor de PHopital resolved to engage him to live at his seat in the country, to teach his grandsons. He got Peter Ramus and John Mercier, the regius professors, to make proposals to him. Chabot accepted them, and lived twelve years in the chancellor’s family, viz. five years before the chancellor died, and seven years after. His chief work was a Commentary on Horace, on which he exhausted all the fruits of his studies. He was a man of great regularity in life and manners, and submitted three times, with great patience, to the plunder of his effects during the civil wars. He died of an advanced age, about 1597. He is said to have been once professor in the university of Paris, which Bayle doubts, but Freher seems to confirm it. His commentary on Horace was printed 1615, fol. according to Bayle. Dr. Clarke mentions an 8vo, Paris, 1582, and says it is a very rare edition, but this appears to be an abridgment of the larger work. 1


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