Comiers, Claude

, canon of Ernbrun, his native place, was \ rofessor of mathematics at Paris, and was employed some time on the Journal des Savans, but becoming blind, he entered the Quinze- Vingts of Paris, where he died in. 1693. The chief of his works are, l.“The new science of the nature of Comets.” 2. “A Discourse on Comets.” 3. “Three Discourses on- the art of prolonging Life/' suggested by an article in the Gazette of Holland concerning a Louis Galdo, who was said to have lived 400 years. These discourses are curious from the number of anecdotes they contain. 4.A Tract on Spectacles for assisting the Sight,“1682. 5. A Treatise on Prophecies, Vaticinations, Predictions and Prognostications,” against M. Jurieu, 12mo. 6. “A Treatise on Speech, on Languages, and Writings, and on the art of secret speaking and writing,” Liege, 1691, 12mo, which, says our authority, although it passed through two editions, is extremely rare. 2