Events noted in 1690

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1685 1695


Born: Adami, Lionardo scholar

“The Catechumen; or an account given by a young Person to a Minister of his knowledge in Religion, &c.” Addison, Lancelot clergyman

“Nouvelles remarques de M. de Vuugelas sur la langue Franchise, ouvrage posthume, avec des observations de M. H.” Alemand, Louis-Augustine writer

“Histoire monastique d'lrelande,” Alemand, Louis-Augustine writer

“Some remarks upon the ecclesiastical history of the ancient Churches of Piedmont,” Allix, Peter divine

“L'art de vivre heureux,” Ameline, Claude a French ecclesiastic

“Praxis vulnerurn lethalium,” Amman, Paul botanist

“La France interessée a rétablir l'Edit de Nantes,” Ancillon, Charles son of the above

“Histoire de l'Etablissement des François Refugiez dans les Etats de son altesse electorate de Brandebourg,” Ancillon, Charles son of the above

“Epistolary Correspondence;” Atterbury, Francis bishop

Died: Bacchini, Bernardin scholar

Died: Baker, Thomas mathematician

“Versi e Prose,” Baldi, Bernard born at Urbino in the year 1553

“Synopsis pharmaceutica,” Barchausen, John Conrad physician

Died: Barclay, Robert the celebrated apologist for the Quakers

Born: Baring, Daniel Eberhard was born in 1690 in Hildesheim

Died: Bartholine, Thomas became eminent in the science of jurisprudence

Born: Bassius, Henry anatomist

“Veteres arcus Augustorum, triumphis insignes, ex reliquiis quae Rom* adhuc supersunt,” Bellori, John Peter antiquary

“Brutus” Bernard, Catharine of the academy of the Ricovrati of Padua

“Misnoe pars prima, ordinis primi Zeraim tituli septem,” Bernard, Edward critic

“Censura Celebrium Authorum” Blount, Sir Thomas Pope writer

Born: Bougeant, William Hyacinth historian

Born: Bouillet, John writer

“An essay on the great effects of even, languid, and unheeded motion; whereunto is annexed an experimental discourse of some hitherto little regarded causes of the salubrity and insalubrity of the air, and its effects;” Boyle, Robert philosopher

“Medicina Hydrostatica or, Hydrostatics applied to the materia medica, shewing how, by the weight that divers bodies used in physic have in water, one may discover whether they be genuine or adulterate. To which is subjoined a previous hydrostatical way of estimating ores,” Boyle, Robert philosopher

“An Historical Treatise of Cities and Burghs or Boroughs,” Brady, Robert historian

“Imperio vindicate,” Caraccio, Anthony baron of Corano

“Ger. Jo. Vossii & clarorum Virorum ad.eum Epistoiae,” Carleton, Sir Dudley Lord Dorchester

Born: Carteret, John earl Granville

“Musaeum Romanum,” Chausse, Michael Angelo De La antiquary

“Sermons” Cheminais, Timoleon a celebrated French preacher

“Vetera monumenta, in quibus praecipua Musiva opera, sacrarum profanarumque aedium structura, dissertationibus iconibusque illustrantur,” Ciampini, John Justin a learned Italian

“Annotations on the Bible,” Clarke, Samuel was educated at Pembroke-hall

“Reflections upon Varillas’s History,” Clerc, John Le writer

“Tr. de l'Usure,” Collet, Philibert a learned advocate of parliament of Dombes

“A Caution against Inconsistency, or the connection between praying and swearing, in relation to the Civil Powers,” Collier, Jeremy divine

Died: Collings, John divine

Died: Dappers, Oliver physician

Born: Deslandes, Andrew Francis Boltreau writer

“Act. Eruditorum Lipsiensiutn,” Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

“Mundus Muliebris; or, the ladies dressing-room unlocked, and her toilette spread. In burlesque. Together with the Fop- Dictionary, compiled for the use of the fairsex,” Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

Died: Fage, Raimond De La a self-taught genius

Born: Fizes, Anthony physician

Died: Flechier, Esprit bishop

Born: Folkes, Martin antiquary

“An Answer to the Paper delivered by Mr. Ashton at his execution,” Fowler, Edward prelate

Died: Frankland, Thomas historian

Died: Gadbury, John one of the astrological impostors of the seventeenth century

“Super auspicatissimo regis Gulielmi in Hiberniam descensu, et salva ex Hibernia reditu, carmen gratulatorium,” Gilbert, William divine

Born: Gronovius, John Frederick botanist

“St. Chrysostom’s Letter to Cassarius,” Hardouin, John Jesuit

“Tumulus Tridentini Concilii,” Heidegger, John Henry divine

Born: Hepburn, Robert writer

Died: Hermant, Godfrey a learned and pious doctor of the Sorbonne

Born: Heusinger, John Michael divine

“Francisci Ariosti de oleo mentis Zibinii, seu petroleo agri Mutinensis,” Jacobæus, Oliger a professor of physic and philosophy at Copenhagen

Died: Jeffreys, Lord George baron Wem (16451689)

“A Defence of the Profession which bishop Lake made upon his Death-bed,” Jenkin, Robert divine

“Ger. Job. Vossii & clarorum virorum ad eum epistolae,” Junius, Francis was born at Heidelberg in 1589

“Historia Genealogica Regum Magnae Britanniae,” Imhoff, John a very famous genealogist

“The Imperial Tragedy,” Killigrew, William descended from this family

“Dan. de Nessel Breviarium et supplementum commentariorum Bibl. Caes. Vindobon.” Lambecius, Peter writer

“History of Augustus,” Larrey, Isaac De historian

“Vossii Epistol.” Laud, William archbishop

Died: Lederlin, John Henry critic

“Essay concerning Human Understanding,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“Two Treatises of Civil Government,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“History of Ethiopia.” Ludolph, Job a learned orientalist

Born: Macklin, Charles the oldest actor

Died: Maggi, Jerome an ingenious and learned man of the sixteenth century

“De antiquis monachorum ritibus,” Martenne, Edmund a benedictine of the congregation of St

“Lugd. 1690, 12mo. This is reprinted in Meibom’s Diogenes Laertius. 13. <* AntiBailiet,” Menage, Giles called

“De Nethinim sive Nethinaeis, &c. et de iis qui se Corban Deo nominabant, disputatiuncula, adversus Steuch. Eugubinum, Card. Baronium,” Milner, John divine

“An Answer to the vindication of a Letter from a person of quality in the North, concerning the profession of John, late bishop of Chichester,” Milner, John divine

“A Defence of the Profession of John (Lake) lord bishop of Chichester, made upon his death-bed, concerning passive obedience, and the new oaths; with some passages of his lordship’s life,” Milner, John divine

Died: Molloy, Charles, Esq. descended from a very good family in the kingdom of Ireland

Born: Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley an English lady of distinguished talent

“History and Mystery of the Old and New Testament, logically discussed, and theologically improved,” Nesse, Christopher divine

“Reflections upon the conduct of human life with reference to the study of learning and knowledge; in a letter to the excellent lady, the lady Mashana,” Norris, John divine

“Christian blessedness; or discourses upon the Beatitudes of our Lord and Saviour 4 Jesus Christ,” Norris, John divine

“Dictionaire Mathematique, ou Idee generale des Mathematiques,” Ozanam, James mathematician

Died: Pays, Rene'Le sieur of Villeneuve

Born: Pearce, Zachary prelate

“Political Arithmetic,” Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

Died: Philips, Fabian author of several books relating to ancient customs and privileges in England

Born: Pine, John engraver

“Suetonius,” Pitiscus, Samuel scholar

“Maxims for the Education of a young Nobleman,” Porcheron, David Placide Benedictine

Died: Prestet, John, a priest of the oratory

“Fasciculus Stirpium Britannicarum;” Ray, John philosopher

“A Treatise of Algebra,” Rolle, Michel mathematician

Died: Rushworth, John an English gentleman

Died: Rycke, Theodore De critic

Died: Savary, James writer

“A practical discourse on Death,” Sherlock, Dr. William divine

“Judicium expetitum super dissidio Anglicano, et capitibus, quce ad unionem seu comprehensionem faciunt.” Spanheim, Frederic brother of Ezekiel Spanheim

“An Answer to a late pamphlet entitled Obedience and Submission to the present Government demonstrated from bishop Overall’s Convocation Book: with a postscript in answer to Dr. Sherlock’s Case of Allegiance,” Wagstaffe, Thomas divine

“A Narrative of the siege, &c. or, the late memorable transactions of that city faithfully represented, to rectify the mistakes, and supply the omissions of Mr. Walker’s account,” Walker, George divine

Died: Wase, Christopher a man of considerable learning

Born: Wilkes, Richard antiquary

Died: Wilkinson, Henry denominated sometimes Ju­Nior

Died: Wright, Abraham divine

“Verses anniversary to the venerable memory of his ever honoured father, &c.” Wright, Abraham divine

Born: Yorke, Philip, Earl Of Hardwicke lawyer (?–1764)

Died: Ziegler, Gaspar an eminent jurist

“Theatrum Botanicum,” Zuinger, Theodore physician (1534–?)


Died: Abelli, Louis was born in the Vexin Francois

Died: Amman, Paul botanist

Died: Anselme De St. Mary, Or Peter De Guibours commonly called father

Died: Arderne, James divine

“L'Education, maximeset reflexions,” Argonne, Noel, Called Dom Bonaventure D' was born at Paris in 1634

“A commentary on the Sum of St. Thomas,” Arnu, Nicholas was born at Merancourt

“A short Discourse against Blasphemy,” Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

“A translation of the Elements of Euclid,” Astorini, Elias born in the province of Cosenza in the kingdom of Naples in 1651

“Babylon’s Downfall,” Atterbury, Lewis born about the year 1631

“Cours d'architecture, qui comprend les ordres de Vignole, avec des commentaires, et plusieurs nouveaux dessins,” Aviler, Augustine Charles D' descended from a family originally of Nanci in Lorraine

Died: Auzout, Adrian was a French astronomer

“De Sistrorum figuris ac differentia ad illustriss. D. D. Leonem Strozza, ob Sistri Romani effigiem communicatum, ctissertatio,” Bacchini, Bernardin scholar

“Reflexions sur le Jugemens des Savans, [envoy 6ez a l'auteur par un Academicien,” Baillet, Adrian critic

Died: Baptist, John who was also surnamed Monnoyer

Died: Basnage, Anthony eldest son of the above

“World bewitched,” Bekker, Balthasar divine

“Le antiche lucerne sepolcrali, &c.” Bellori, John Peter antiquary

“Acta Eruditqrum Lipsiensia,” Bernard, Edward critic

“Bibliotheque Universelle,” Bernard, James professor of philosophy and mathematics

“Bibliotheca medica et physica,” Beughem, Cornelius De whose name often occurs in works of Bibliography

“Observationes circa viventia in non viventibus,” Bonanni, Philip Jesuit

“Statuts Synodaux,” Bossuet, James bishop

“Pensees ingenieuses des anciens et des modernes,” Bouhours, Dominick critic

Died: Brandi, Giacinto painter

Died: Brandmuller, Gregory artist

Born: Burigny, Levesque De was born at Rheims in 1691

Born: Byrom, John writer

Born: Cave, Edward a printer to whom the literary world owes great obligations

Died: Cavendish, William baron Ogle

“L'Esprit de M. Arnauld,” Chapuzeau, Samuel writer

“Sentimens de Piete,” Cheminais, Timoleon a celebrated French preacher

“Versio Latina et Annotationes in Joan. Malalae Chronographiam,” Chilmead, Edward mathematician

“Dr. Sherlock’s Case of Allegiance considered, with some remarks upon his Vindication,” Collier, Jeremy divine

“A Treatise on Speech, on Languages, and Writings, and on the art of secret speaking and writing,” Comiers, Claude canon of Ernbrun

Born: Conybeare, John divine

Died: Crewe, Nathaniel bishop

Died: Delamet, Adrian Augustin De Bussi a learned doctor of the house and society of the Sorbonne

Died: Denton, William the youngest son of sir T

Born: Dodington, George Bubb Lord Melcombe

“A Letter to Dr. Tillotson about Schism,” Dodwell, Henry writer

“Liber Psalmorumcum notis,” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

“A Description of Ireland,” Echard, Laurence clergyman

Born: Edwards, Thomas critic

“De orbe stagneo Antinoi, epistola,” Eggeling, John Henry antiquary

“A treatise-on the figure of the earth, entitled; Elliptico-Sphéroide,” Eisenschmidt, John Caspar was born at Strasbourg Sept. 25

Died: Faithorne, William engraver

Died: Fenton, Elijah poet

Born: Fischer, John Andrew physician

Died: Flavel, John divine

“Historiae Britannicse, Saxonicae, AngloDanicae, Scriptores quindccim, &c.” Gale, Thomas celebrated for his knowledge of the Greek language and antiquities

Born: Gent, Thomas a native of York

“De Causis Majoribus,” Gerbais, John a learned French ecclesiastic

Born: Gesner, John Matthew critic

“Cantilena Rustica:” Gibson, Edmund bishop

“Pharmacopoeia Bateana,” Goddard, Jonathan physician

Born: Gorio, Anthony Francis antiquary

“Sorberiana, sive excerpta ex ore Samuelis Sorbiere,” Graverol, Francis antiquary

“Prisci Censorini Photistici Hydra Mystica; sive, de corrupta morali doctrina dialogus,” Gravina, John Vincent scholar

“Historia Templariorum observationibus ecclesiasticis aucta,” Gurtler, Nicolas divine

“Itinera muncli ab Abrahamo Peritsol,” Hali-Beigh a Polander

Born: Herring, Thomas prelate

“Introductio ad Chronographiam; sive ars chronologica in Epitomen redacta,” Hudson, Dr. John critic

“De la situation du Paradis Terrestre,” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

“Panegyricus Christiano Vto dictus,” Jacobæus, Oliger a professor of physic and philosophy at Copenhagen

“Gaudia Arctoi orbis ob thalamos augustos Frederici & Ludovicae,” Jacobæus, Oliger a professor of physic and philosophy at Copenhagen

Born: Jennings, David an eminent dissenter

“An Inquiry into the Constitution, Discipline, Unity, and Worship, of the Primitive Church, that flourished within the fi*st three hundred years after Christ, faithfully collected out of the extant writings of those ages,” King, Peter chancellor of England

“The History of Eleanor, queen of France, and afterwards of England,” Larrey, Isaac De historian

Born: Leland, John writer

Died: Lloyd, David historian

“A Letter to Dr. William Sherlock, in vindication of that part of Josephus’s History, which gives an account of Jaddua the high priest’s submitting to Alexander the Great,” Lloyd, William bishop

“A Discourse of God’s ways of disposing Kingdoms,” Lloyd, William bishop

“Some Considerations of the Consequences of lowering the Interest, and raising the Value, of Money,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“Regicides not Saints,” Ludlow, Edmund one of the chiefs of the republican party during the civil wars

“The Plagiary exposed, &c.” Ludlow, Edmund one of the chiefs of the republican party during the civil wars

“Comaientarins in historiam Ethiopicam, &c.” Ludolph, Job a learned orientalist

Died: Mackenzie, Sir George writer

Born: Miller, Philip botanist

Died: Morel, Andrew antiquary

“Pyretologia, seu Exercitationes de Morbis universalibus acutis,” Morton, Richard physician

“Les Sirenes, ou discours sur leur forme et figure,” Nicaise, Claude antiquary

“An Answer to an Heretical Book called `The naked Gospel,' which was condemned and ordered to be publicly burnt by the Convocation of the University of Oxon, Aug. 19, 1690, with some Reflections on Dr. Bury’s new edition of that book,” Nichols, William divine (16641712)

“Probabilia Juris,” Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

“Annus et Epochse Syro-Macedonum in vetustis urbium Syriae nummis prsesertim Mediceis expositae,” Noris, Henry one of the most celebrated scholars of the seventeenth century

“The charge of Schism continued; being a justification of the author of * Christian Blessedness,' for his charging the Separatists with Schism, notwithstanding the toleration. In a letter to a city friend,” Norris, John divine

“Dictys Cretensis,” Obrecht, Ulric a learned German

Born: Panard, Charles-Francis poet

Died: Parr, Richard divine

“Verbum Sapienti,” Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

“An account of several new Inventions, &c. in a discourse by way of letter to the earl of Marlborougb,” Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

“Defense de l'Antiquite des temps,” Pezron, Paul a learned and ingenious Frenchman

Died: Pinsson, Francis a learned jurist

“Phytographia, sive stirpium illustrium et minus cognitorum Icones,” Plukenet, Leonard botanist

Died: Pocock, Edward divine

“A Pastoral Reflection on Death,” Potenger, John an English gentleman of talents (16471733)

“The young man’s claim to the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper,” Quick, John an eminent nonconformist

Died: Riley, John artist

Born: Secousse, Denis Francis historian

Died: Slingeland, John Peter Van artist

“Epistolse,” Smith, Thomas divine

Died: Sorbait, Paul writer

Died: Spizklius, Theophilus divine

Died: Tromp, Martin Happertz Van a celebrated Dutch admiral

“An earnest and compassionate suit for forbearance to the learned Writers of some Controversies at present,” Wetenhall, Edward prelate

Died: Williams, Daniel divine

“Gospel Truth stated and vindicated,” Williams, Daniel divine


“L'art de se Connoitre Soimeme; ou, la recherche des Sources de la Morale,” Abbadie, James divine

“Defence de la Nation Britannique,” Abbadie, James divine

Born: Albani, Alexander an eminent virtuoso

“Remarks upon the ecclesiastical history of the ancient Churches of the Albigenses,” Allix, Peter divine

“Surdus loquens,” Amman, John Conrad physician

Died: Ancillon, David divine

“Historia de S. Scripturse interpretibus,” Aristeas a prefect or officer under Ptolemy Philadelphus

Died: Arnauld, Henry brother of Robert and Anthony

Died: Arnu, Nicholas was born at Merancourt

“A Discourse against Drunkenness,” Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

“A Discourse against Swearing and Cursing,” Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

Died: Barde, John De La counsellor of state

“A letter (to his clergy) for the putting in execution the Laws against Dissenters, written in concurrence to that which was drawn up by the justices of the peace of the county of Bedford, at the quarter-sessions held at Ampthill for the said county, Jan. 14, 1684.” Barlow, Thomas bishop

Born: Barre, Joseph a canon regular of St

“Spicilegium antiquitatis,” Beger, Lawrence the son of a tanner

Died: Berthet, John Jesuit

“Prediche, discorsi, e lezioni,” Beverini, Bartholomew a learned Italian of the seventeenth century

Died: Boecler, John Henry critic

“Pyrologia topograpuica, id est, de igne dissertatio, juxta loca, cum eorun. doscriptione,” Bottoni, Dominic the son of Nicholas Bottom

“La Manier de bien penser sur les ouvrages d' esprit,” Bouhours, Dominick critic

“The general history of the Air designed and begun,” Boyle, Robert philosopher

“General heads for the natural history of a conntryy great or sinall; drawn out for the use of travellers and navigators. To which are added, other directions ior navigators, &c. with particular observations on the most noted countries in the world. By another hand.” Boyle, Robert philosopher

Born: Bradley, James Savilian professor of astronomy in Oxford

Born: Browne, Sir William physician

Born: Butler, Joseph prelate

Born: Caslon, William eminent in an art of the greatest consequence to literature

“Lexicon philosophicum,” Chauvin, Stephen clergyman

“Neptune Francois,” Chazelles, John Matthew De a French mathetician and engineer

“A brief essay concerning the independency of Church Power,” Collier, Jeremy divine

Died: Colomies, Paul a learned French protestant

Died: Commelin, John botanist

“Consilia et Methodi Studiorum optime instituendorum,” Crenius, Thomas a native of the marche of Brandenburg

“Dceneids,” Crowne, John an American

“A brief Disquisition of the Law of Nature, according to the principles and method laid down in the reverend Dr. Cumberland’s (now lord bishop of Peterburgh’s) Latin treatise on that subject, &c.” Cumberland, Richard divine

“A Defence of the same,” Dodwell, Henry writer

Born: Dunlop, William, A.M. was born at Glasgow

“An enquiry into four remarkable texts of the New Testament,” Edwards, John divine

“A farther enquiry into several remarkable texts of the Old and New Testament,” Edwards, John divine

Born: Elsner, James divine

“Re­^ueil des Poetes Francois,” Estoile, Claude De L' son of the foregoing

Died: Fantoni, John physician

Born: Ferracino, Bartolomeo a celebrated self-taught mechanic

Died: Foscarini, Michael historian

“Orationes,” Francius, Peter poet

Born: Frugoni, Charles Innocent poet

“Librorum Manuscriptorum in duabus insignibus Bibliothecis, altera Tenisoniana Londoni, altera Dugdaliana Oxonii, Catalogus.” Gibson, Edmund bishop

“Chronicon Saxonicum,” Gibson, Edmund bishop

Born: Granet, Francis deacon of the church of Aix

“L'Endimione di Erilo Cleoneo, Pasture Arcade, con nn Discorso di Bione Crateo,” Gravina, John Vincent scholar

“M. T. Ciceronis Opera quae extant omnia,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

Born: Hahn, Simon Frederic ayoungrnan of extraordinary talents

Born: Hallet, Joseph clergyman

Born: Henry, Nicholas scholar

Died: Hickman, Henry divine

Born: Highmore, Joseph painter

“A Vindication of the deprived bishops,” Hody, Humphrey divine

“A letter to Mr. Samuel Johnson, occasioned by a scurrilous pamphlet, entitled Animadversions on Mr. Johnson’s answer to Jovian,” Howard, Sir Robert writer

“Nouveaux Memoires pour servir a l'Histoire du Cartesianisrne,” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

“Origin of the Military Orders,” Justiniani, Bernard nephew of the above

Born: Kimber, Isaac divine

“De rationis cum revelatione in Theologia concursu,” Kortholt, Christian a learned professor of divinity at Kiel

“New Methods for the Extraction and Approximation of Roots,” Lagny, Thomas Fantet De mathematician

Died: Lancrinck, Prosper Henry artist

“De l‘origine du Droit d’Amortissement,” Lauriere, Eusebius James De lawyer

“The Pretences of the French Invasion examined,” Lloyd, William bishop

“General History of the Air,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

Born: Mansi, John Dominique prelate

“Diogenes Laertius,” Meibomius, Marcus a very learned man

“Sermons,” Milbourne, Luke writer

“Le Cabinet de la Bibliotheque de Ste. Genevieve,” Molinet, Claude Du regular canon and procurator general of the congregation of St

“DeExistentiaDei, et humanae mentis immortalitaie,” Moor, Michael divine

Died: Mountfort, William writer

Born: Musschenbroeck, Peter De mathematician

Born: Nantigni, Louis Chazot De a celebrated genealogist

Born: Nivelle De La Chaussee, Peter Claude writer

Died: Noir, John Le canon and theologal of Seez

“Two treatises concerning the divine light. The first being an answer to a letter of a learned Quaker (Mr. Vickris), which he is pleased to call A just reprehension to John Morris for his unjust reflections on the Quakers in his book entitled Reflections upon the conduct of human life, &c. The second being a discourse concerning the grossness of the Quakers’ notion of the light within, with their confusion and inconsistency in explaining it,” Norris, John divine

Died: Nuck, Anthony physician and anatomist

“Adenographia curiosa, et Uteri foeminei Anatome nova, cum Epistola ad Amicum de Inventis novis,” Nuck, Anthony physician and anatomist

“Operationes et Experirnenta Chirurgica,” Nuck, Anthony physician and anatomist

“Histoire de M. Constance, premier minister du roi de Siam, et de la derniere revolution de cet etat,” Orleans, Peter Joseph D' historian

Born: Orsi, Francis Joseph Augustine cardinal

“Veterum aliquot Galliae & Belgiae scriptorum opuscula sacra,” Oudin, Casimir a learned French monk (?–1717)

Born: Peck, Francis antiquary

“Exercitatio Philosophica de Homoeomeria Anaxagorea,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

Died: Perrier, Charles poet

“Musei Petiveriani Centuriae decem,” Petiver, James botanist

“A Letter from a gentleman,” Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

Born: Pezenas, Esprit Jesuit

Died: Pollexfen, Sir Henry lawyer

“Synodicon iiS Gallia Reformata, or the Acts, Decisions, Decrees, and Laws of the famous national councils of the reformed Churches in France, &c.” Quick, John an eminent nonconformist

Born: Racine, Louis was born at Paris in 1692

“Three Physico-Theologicai Discourses concerning the Chaos, Deluge, and Dissolution of the World,” Ray, John philosopher

Died: Rowe, Nicolas poet

“De unico Christi sacerdotio et sacrincio,” Sadeel, Anthony one of the promoters of the reformation

Born: Sandini, Anthony historian

Died: Sawyer, Sir Robert lawyer

Died: Seckendorf, Virus Louis De a very learned German

“The different Humours of Men,” Shaw, Samuel a learned non- conformist

Born: Shaw, Thomas traveller

Born: Somervile, William poet

“The Wife’s Excuse,” Southern, Thomas writer

Died: Struvius, George Adam scholar

“Cum notis variorum & Pitisci,” Suetonius, Caius Suetonius Tranquillus historian

Born: Tartini, Joseph styled by Dr

“the admirable,” Tartini, Joseph styled by Dr

Born: Thirlby, Styan critic

“Apology.” Toland, John writer

Died: Turner, Thomas brother to the above

“An Answer to a Letter to Dr. Sherlock written in vindication of that part of Josephus’s History, wtiicb gives the account of Jaddas’s submission to Alexander, against the Answer to the piece entitled Obedience and Submission to the present Government,” Wagstaffe, Thomas divine

“Defence of the Christian Sabbath,” Wallis, John mathematician (16161703)

“Body of Divinity,” Watson, Thomas divine

“A defence of the Church of England from the charge of schism and heresy, as laid against it by the vindicator of the deprived bishops (Mr. Henry Dodwell),” Welchman, Edward divine

Born: Wesley, Samuel, The Younger was born about 1692

Born: Zanotti, Francis Maria mathematician


“Mathematici Veteres,” Africanus, Junus historian

Born: Amico, Vito-Maria a nobleman of Catania in Sicily

“Memoirs, intermixt with moral, political, and historical Observations, by way of discourse, in a letter to sir Peter Pett,” Annesley, Arthur earl of Anglesey

“Nova de Symbolo Athanasiano disquisitio,” Antelmi, Joseph antiquary

“De ^tate S. Martini Turonensis Episcopi, et quorundam ejusgestorum ordine, anno mortuali, nee non de S. Priccio successore, Epistola ad R. P. Ant. Pagium,” Antelmi, Joseph antiquary

Born: Arcere, Louis Etienne priest of the oratory

Died: Ashwell, George rector of Hanwell

“Directions in order to the suppressing of Debauchery and Proprmneness,” Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

“A treatise on the power of the Holy See,” Astorini, Elias born in the province of Cosenza in the kingdom of Naples in 1651

Died: Bagger, John bishop

“Several miscellaneous and weighty cases of conscience, learnedly and judiciously resolved by the right rev. father in God, Dr. T ho. Barlow, late lord bishop of Lincoln.” Barlow, Thomas bishop

“Le Principaute de Catalogue et le Comte de Roussillon, suivant les nouvelles Observations;” Baudrand, Michael Anthony a celebrated French geographer

Born: Bel, John James counsellor of the parliament of Bourdeaux

“Histoire de Pedit de Nantes,” Benoit, Elias the son of a Calvinist

“Sermons at Boyle’s Lectures,” Bentley, Richard regius professor of divinity

“Deliciae quorundam Danorum,” Bering, Vitus poet

“Anti-Menagiana,” Bernier, John physician

Born: Bianchi, John naturalist

Born: Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

“Mathematici Veteres,” Bito mathematician

“Physical Dictionary,” Blancard, Stephen was an

Died: Blount, Charles younger son of sir Henry Blount

“King William and queen Mary conquerors; or, a discourse endeavouring to prove that their majesties have on their side, against the late king, the principal reasons that make conquest a good title; shewing also how this is consistent with that declaration of parliament, king James abdicated the government, &c. Written with an especial regard to such as have hitherto refused the oath, and yet allow of the title of conquest, when consequent to a just war,” Blount, Charles younger son of sir Henry Blount

“Natural History, containing many, not common observations, extracted out of the best modern authors,” Blount, Sir Thomas Pope writer

Born: Bodmer, John James writer

“Mathematici veteres,” Boivin, John professor of Greek in the royal college of Paris

Born: Bordeu, Anthony, physician

Born: Boyer, John Baptist Nicholas physician

Died: Bregy, Charlotte Saumaise De Chazan, Comtesse De neice of the learned Saumaise

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Died: Bulteau, Lewis a learned French author

Died: Burton, William author of the “History of Leicestershire

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Born: Chandler, Samuel an eminent dissenting minister

Died: Charleval, Charles was born in 1613

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Born: Cocchi, Anthony of Florence

Born: Collet, Peter divine

Born: Collinson, Peter botanist

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Died: Davies, Johin a translator of some note in the seventeenth century

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Born: Edwards, George naturalist

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“A Preservative against Socinianism” Edwards, Jonathan divine

Born: Ellys, Anthony prelate

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“I think you was a major-general in the French service” Evremond, Charles De St. writer

Born: Ferrein, Anthony anatomist

Died: Feuillet, Nicholas was a priest and canon of St

Died: Fisher, Payne Paganus Piscatok

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“Freind had more good learning in him than ever he had imagined.” Freind, Robert was born in 16'67

Born: Funccius, John Nicolas a native of Marpurg

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Born: Hare, Henry, Lord Colerane third and last baron of that name and family

Born: Harrison, John a most accurate mechanic

Born: Heywood, Eliza writer

“An Antidote against a careless indifferency in matters of Religion in. opposition to those who believe that all religions are alike, and that it imports not what men profess,” Horneck, Dr. Anthony divine

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Born: Jablonski, Paul-Ernest the son of Daniel-Ernest

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Born: Jones, Jeremiah divine

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Died: Kale, William painter

Died: Killigrew, William descended from this family

Died: Launay, Francis De lawyer

Born: Lillo, George writer

“Some Thoughts concerning Education,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

Died: Loggan, David a very useful

“Appendix ad hist. Ethiopicam illiusque commentarium, &c.” Ludolph, Job a learned orientalist

Died: Marana, John Paul the author of the Turkish Spy

Born: Markland, Jeremiah one of the most learned critics of the eighteenth century

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“The History of the Inquisition and its origin,” Marsollier, James historian

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Died: Patin, Charles antiquary

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Died: Rabutin, Roger, Count De Bussy a distinguished French officer and wit

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Born: Secker, Thomas prelate

Born: Sharp, Thomas was born about 1693

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Died: Vandervelde

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Born: Wetstein, John James divine

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Born: Aquino, Louis Claude De musician

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Died: Barbier D'Aucour, John advocate in the parliament of Paris

Died: Barlow, Thomas bishop

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Born: Bayer, Theophilus Siegfrid was born in 1694

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Born: Coypel, Charles Antony was admitted into the academy of painting in his twentieth year

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Died: Feydeau, Matthew clergyman

Died: Fleming, Robert clergyman

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Died: Gilbert, William divine

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Born: Hartzheim, Joseph Jesuit

“A Discourse concerning Lent, in two Parts. The first, an historical account of its observation: the second, an essay concerning its original. This subdivided into two repartitions, whereof the first is preparatory, and shews that most of our Christian ordinances are derived from the Jews; and the second conjectures, that Lent is of the same original,” Hooper, Dr. George divine

Died: Houlieres, Antonette De La Garde Des a French poetess

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Died: Huber, Ulric a native of Dockum

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“A short and easy Method with the Deists,” Leslie, Charles writer

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Died: Littleton, Adam scholar

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Born: Martin, James Benedictine

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Died: Muller, Andrew divine

Born: Neve, Timothy divine

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Died: Ouvrard, Rene' a learned French ecclesiastic

Born: Passeri, John Baptist antiquary

Born: Pelloutier, Simon writer

Born: Pemberton, Henry physician

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Born: Platner, John Zachariah physician

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Born: Quesnay, Francis physician

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Died: Rousseau, James painter

“Defence of the late Lord Russet’s Innoeency,” Russel, Lord William and for whose sake indeed some account was thought necessary of his father

Born: Rysbrach, John Michael a very eminent sculptor

Died: Sagittarius, Caspar divine

Born: Salden, William writer

Born: Sallengre, Albert Henry De writer

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Born: Schoepflin, John Daniel antiquary (?–1771)

Died: Scott, Dr. John divine

“Letters and Essays,” Shakspeare was a considerable dealer in wool

“Sylloge Stirpium Europaearum,” Sherard, William botanist

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Born: Stanhope, Pinup Dormer fourth earl of Chesterfield

“Life of Archbishop Cranmer,” Strype, John the most valuable contributor to ecclesiastical history and biography that ever appeared in this country

Died: Tachard, Guy Jesuit

Born: Taylor, John a learned dissenting teacher

Died: Teniers, David was born at Antwerp in 1610

“David Teniers, junior.” Teniers, David was born at Antwerp in 1610

Born: Voltaire, Marie-Francis Arouet De the greatest literary character which France produced in the last century

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“A Letter out of Lancashire to a friend in London, giving some account of the tryals there. Together with some seasonable and proper remarks upon it; recommended to the wisdom of the Lords and Commons assembled in parliament,” Wagstaffe, Thomas divine

“A Letter to a gentleman elected a knight of the shire to serve in the present parliament,” Wagstaffe, Thomas divine

“A Discourse of Government, as examined by reason, scripture, and the law of the land, written in 1678,” Warwick, Sir Philip historian

Died: Wharton, Henry divine

“Considerations on the explications of the doctrine of the Trinity,” Williams, John divine

“Reflections” Wotton, William divine (?–1726)

“Country conversations, being an account of some discourses that happened on a visit to the country last summer, on divers subjects; chiefly, of the modern comedies, of drinking, of translated verse, of painting and painters, of poets and poetry,” Wright, Abraham divine