Corio, Bernardine

, born in 1460, of an illustrious family of Milan, was selected by duke Lewis Sforza, surnamed Maurus, for composing the history of his country; but the French having got possession of the Milanese, and the duke his patron being taken prisoner, he died of grief in 1500. The best edition of his history, “Storia di Milano,” is that of Milan in 1503, in folio. It is finely printed, scarce, and much more valued than those since published, which have been disfigured by mutilations. Some estimation, however, is attached to those of Venice, 1554, 1565, 4to and that of Paris, 1646, 4to. Although he writes in a harsh and incorrect style, he is accurate in ascertaining dates, and minute in relating those circumstances that interest the attention. His nephew Charles Corio employed | himself on the same object, and wrote in Italian, a “Portrait of the city of Milan,” in which are collected the monuments, ancient and modern, of that unfortunate city. 1


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