Costanzo, Angelo Di

, lord of Cantalupo, was born in 1507, at Naples. In his youth he was solicited by Sannazario and Poderico to undertake the task of writing the history of Naples, “Istoria del Regno di Napoli,” &c. published in a folio, printed at Aquila in 1531. On this | he bestowed 53 years of persevering investigation. This first edition, scarce even in Italy, reaches from the year 1250 to 1489; that is, from the death of Frederic II. to the war of Milan, under Ferdinand I. Costanzo enlivened by the culture of Latin poetry the dryness of history, and succeeded both in one and the other. He is said to have improved the art of writing sonnets by graces of his own invention. His Italian poetry was published in 1709, 1723, 1728, &c. He died about 1590, at a very advanced age. A second edition of his history appeared at Venice, 1710, 4to and a third also in 4to, at Naples, 1735, with a life of Constanzo by Bernardino Tafuri. 1


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