Delius, Christopehr Traugott

, a learned German mineralogist, was born at Wallhanson in Thuringia in 1728, and died at Florence, Jan. 21, 1779, during a visit he paid to the waters of Pisa. He originally served in the army, but applying himself to the sci< nces, particularly mineralogy, he was appointed professor of the academy of the mines at Chemnitz, and was afterwards employed at Vienna in the department of the mines and mint. Bis principal work was entitled “Enleitung zur BergBaukurst, &c.Vienna, 1773, 4to, embellished with plates, which was afterwards translated and published by the order and at the expence of the French king, under the title “Traité sur la science de l’exploitation des Mines,Paris, 177, 4to. He wrote also a work on mountains and their contents. 2