Events noted in 1773

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1772 1774


Died: Ballyet, Emmanuel antiquary

Died: Bardwell, Thomas artist

Publication: “The Naturalist’s Calendar,” by Barrington, The Hon. Daines was born in 1727

Publication: “A new and literal translation from the original Hebrew of the pentateuch of Moses, and of the historical books of the Old Testament, to the end of the second book of Kings, with notes critical and explanatory,” by Bate, Julius divine

Died: Beaumelle, Laurence Angliviel De La writer

Publication: “Delia proporzione tra i talenti dell' Uomo, e i loro usi, dissertazione,” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Died: Berger, Theodore professor of law and history at Cobourg

Publication: “Eclaircissements sur l'invention des nouvelles machines proposees pour la determination des longitudes en mer, par la mesure du tempe,” by Berthoud, Ferdinand an eminent French marine clock-maker

Publication: “Traite des horologes marines,” by Berthoud, Ferdinand an eminent French marine clock-maker

Publication: “Histoire sommaire de la ville de Bayeux,” by Besiers, Michael a canon of St

Publication: “Systeme de la Fermentation,” by Bexon, Gabriel-Leopold-Charles-Ame' writer

Publication: “Catechisme d'Agriculture, ou Bibliotheque des gens de la campagne,” by Bexon, Gabriel-Leopold-Charles-Ame' writer

Publication: “Oraison funebre d'Anne Charlotte de Lorraine, abbesse de Remiremont,” by Bexon, Gabriel-Leopold-Charles-Ame' writer

Died: Block, George Castaneus bishop

Publication: “Chirurgical Cases and Observations,” by Bromfield, Sir William surgeon

Publication: “Elogy and address,” by Browne, Sir William physician

Publication: “Introduction a Tetude des corps naturels, tirés du regne vegetal,” by Bucquet, John Baptist Michel physician

Publication: “Origin and Progress of Language,” by Burnett, James lord Monboddo

Died: Butler, Alban author of the “Lives of the Saints

Died: Chamousset, Charles Humbert Piarron De was born at Paris in 1717

Publication: “A treatise on Education,” by Chapman, George LL. D. a learned schoolmaster in Scotland

Publication: “Remarks” by Chelsum, James divine

Publication: “Voyage d‘ltalie, ou Recueil d’ observations sur les ouvrages d‘architecture, de peinture, et de sculpture, que l’on voit dans les principales villes d'ltalie,” by Cochin, Charles Nicholas was born at Paris in 1715

Publication: “the luminary of the Caledonian regions, whence savage clans and roving barbarians derived the benefits of knowledge, and the blessings of religion,” by Columba, St. renowned in Scotch history as the founder of a monastery at Icolmkill

Died: Commerson, Philibert doctor of physic

Publication: “Eight Discourses,” by Cowper, Spencer was the second son of the lord high chancellor Cowper

Died: Cracherode, Clayton Mordaunt an eminent benefactor to the taste

Publication: “Rights of the East India Company.” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Letter to Dr. Hawkesworth,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Observations on Dr. Hawkesworth’s Preface to 2d edition,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Memorial of Doctor Juan Louis Arias (in Spanish),” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Remarks on the History of Scotland,” by Dalrymple, David antiquary

Publication: “Reflexions d'un ingenieur, en reponse a un tacticien,” by Darci

Publication: “Nosce Teipsum,” by Davies, Sir John poet and statesman

Publication: “The Dying Negro,” by Day, Thomas writer

Publication: “Enleitung zur BergBaukurst, &c.” by Delius, Christopehr Traugott a learned German mineralogist

Publication: “Histoire de la vie et des exploits militaires de madame de St. Balmont,” by Desbillons, Francis Joseph Terrasse poet

Born: Draper, Sir William lieutenant-general and K. B. was educated at Eton

Publication: “Letters from Italy; by the late right-hon. John earl of Corke and Orrery, with notes,” by Duncombe, John was born 1730

Publication: “Explications des quelques Medailles de peuple, de villes, et des rois Grecques et Pheniciennes,” by Dutens, Lewis a gentleman of considerable literary and political knowledge

Died: Edwards, George naturalist

Publication: “Supplement aux Reveries du marechal de Saxe,” by Espagnac, John Baptist Joseph De Sahuguet Damarzil, Baron D' writer

Publication: “Genuine Protestantism, or the unalienable Rights of Conscience defended: in opposition to the late and new mode of Subscription proposed by some dissenting ministers, in three Letters to Mr. Pickard,” by Fell, John a dissenting minister of considerable learning

Publication: “Examen critique de THistoire Naturelle de M. de Buffon,” by Feller, Francis Xavier De an ex-jesuit

Publication: “Select Mechanical Exercises, with a short account of the life of the author, by himself,” by Ferguson, James philosopher

Died: Francis, Philip clergyman

Died: Ganganelli, John Vincent Antony physician

Publication: “Le monde primitif” by Gebelin, Anthony Court De writer

Born: Girtin, Thomas an ingenious young landscapepainter

Died: Glass, John clergyman

Died: Gravelot, Henry Francis Bourignon artist

Died: Gunner, John Ernest naturalist

Publication: “General History of the Science and Practice of Music,” by Hawkins, Sir John writer

Died: Horbery, Matthew divine

Publication: “Macbeth,” by Jennens, Charles, Esq. a gentleman of considerable fortune at Gopsal

Publication: “Letters on the Mosaic Religion and Philosophy,” by Jerusalem, John-Frederick William divine

Died: Juan, Don George mathematician

Died: Leake, Stephen Martin antiquary

Died: Ludwig, Christian Theophilus writer

Publication: “The Iliad of Homer” by Macpherson, James an author whose fame rests chiefly on his being the editor of Ossian’s poems

Publication: “De Senectute,” by Melmoth, William son of the above

Publication: “Jewish Socrates.” by Mendelsohn, Moses writer

Died: Morand, Sauveur Francis surgeon

Publication: “Jungendorum marium fluminumque omnis sevi molimina.” by Oberlin, Jeremiah James scholar

Publication: “Thevintent and propriety of the Scripture Miracles considered and explained, in a series of Sermons preached at Bow, in 1769, 1770, and 1771, at Boyle’s Lecture,” by Owen, Henry divine

Publication: “Prayers for the use of families and persons in private; with a preface, containing a brief view of the argument for prayer,” by Palmer, John writer

Publication: “Essays medical and experimental.” by Percival, Thomas physician

Publication: “Letters,” by Russel, Lord William and for whose sake indeed some account was thought necessary of his father

Publication: “Queries,” by Salter, Samuel divine

Died: Schultens, Henry Alp.Ert was born Feb. 15

Publication: “Remarks on the Opinions of some of the most celebrated writers on Crown Law, respecting the due distinction between Manslaughter and Murder; being an attempt to shew tiiat the plea of sudden anger cannot remove the imputation and guilt of murder, when a mortal wound is wilfully given with a weapon: that the indulgence allowed by the courts to voluntary manslaughter in rencounters, and in sudden affrays and duels, is indiscriminate, and without foundation in law: and that impunity in such cases of voluntary manslaughter is one of the principal causes of the continuance and present increase of the base and disgraceful practice of duelling. To which are added, some thoughts on the particular case of the gentlemen of the army, when involved in such disagreeable private differences. With a prefatory address to the reader, concerning the depravity and folly of modern men of honour, falsely so called; including a short account of the principles and designs of the work,” by Sharp, Granville eminent as a Christian

Died: Solignac, Peter Joseph De La Pimpie, Chevalier Of was born at Montpellier in 16S7

Publication: “Johnson and Steevens’s edition,” by Steevens, Geokge a celebrated commentator on the works of Shakspeare

Publication: “Essai sur les Eloges,” by Thomas, Antony, Leonard a member of the French academy

Publication: “Meteorological Journal,” by Toaldo, Joseph a learned Italian meteorologist

Publication: “Emendationes.” by Toup, Jonathan critic

Died: Wagenaar, John historian

Publication: “Meditationes A nalyticoe,” by Waring, Edward Lucasian professor of mathematics in the university of Cambridge

Publication: “The Scripture Theory of the Earth, throughout all its Revolutions, and all the periods of its existence, from the creation to the final renovation of all things; being a sequel to the Essay on Redemption, and an illustration of the principles on which it is written,” by Worthington, William divine

Publication: “Air-pump, &c.” by Wright, Joseph commonly called Wright of Derby (?–1797)