Erdeswicke, Sampson

, an English antiquary, was the son of Hugh Erdeswicke, esq. and was born at Sandon in Staffordshire. He studied at Brazen-nose college, Oxford, in 1553 and 1554, as a gentleman commoner, and afterwards returned to Sandon, where he employed much of his time in antiquarian researches, especially what related to his own county. In this he must have shown acuteness and judgment as well as industry, for Camden styles him “venerandse antiquitatis cultor maximus.” He died April 11, 1603, and was buried in Sandon church, which be had a little before repaired and new glazed. He left behind him, in manuscript, “A short view of Staffordshire, containing the antiquities of the same county.” He began this, it is said, in 1593, and continued adding and improving it till his death. It is now incorporated in Shaw’s History of Staffordshire. A very incorrect copy was published at London in 1717, 8vo, and again in 1723. There are two copies of the original in the British Museum, and one among Mr. Gough’s Mss. in the Bodleian library. In the Museum are also some ms collections by him of genealogies, monuments, arms, &c. It is said that he wrote “The true use of Armory,” published under the name of Will. Wyrley, 1592; but this seems doubtful, and Wyrley was certainly very capable himself of writing it. 2


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