Fichet, Alexander

, a man of considerable learning, was born about 1589, and becoming a Jesuit, was appointed professor of classics and rhetoric in the college of the Trinity at Lyons. The time of his death is not mentioned. He is known principally for an edition of the whole body of poets, which he corrected and published under the title of “Chorus Poetarum,Lyons, 1616, adding several pieces of the lower empire, an ample index, and a “Musaeum rhetoricum et poeticum,” which seems to be a collection of the beauties of the poets. He published also, “Arcana studiorum omnium methodus, et bibliotheca scientiarum,Lyons, 1649, 8vo, reprinted by Fabricius in 1710, with additions; “Favus Patrum,” a collection of the thoughts of the fathers, in 12mo, above 1000 pages, and some other works. 2