Fichard, John

, was a lawyer of Frankfort on the Maine, and syndic of that town, where he died in 1581, at the age of sixty-nine. He was the author of several works, of winch the most famous was his “Virorum qui superiori nostroque steculo eruditione et doctrina illustres atque memorabiles fuerunt, Vitae,” Francfort, 1536, 4to, a work of so great rarity, that some bibliographers have doubted its existence. He afterwards published, 2. “Vitae recentiorum jurisconsultorum,Padua, 1565, 4to, of which Clement notices a prior edition in 1537. 3. “Onomasticon philosophico-medico synonymum,1574. 4. “De Cautelis,1577. 5. “Concilium Matrimoniale,1580. 1


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