Ficoroni, Francis

, a famous Roman medallist, antiquary, and Cicerone, was born in 1664, at Lugano, and died in 1747. Of his personal history, our authority furnishes no other particulars than that he was a disciple of J. P. Bellori. He was, however, the author of many works on subjects of classical antiquities, written in the Italian language, particularly “divertimenti delle Medaglie antiche,” mentioned by Menckenius, and written about 1694. 2. “Osservazioni sopra l’antichita di Roma descritte nel Diario Italico del Montfaucon,” &c. 1709. 3. “Delia Bolla d‘oro de’ Fanciulli nobili Romani,” &c. 1732. 4. “De‘ Tali ed altro Strumeriti lusori degli antichi Romani,1734. 5, “Le Maschere Sceniche e figure Comiche de’ antichi Romani,1736. (This is illustrated with engravings from ancient gems, cameos, marbles, and bronzes, upon nearly 100 plates well executed, is replete with erudition on the subject, and is at once curious, amusing, and instructive. It is peculiarly connected with dancing, saltation, comic scenes, and the musical declamation and melody of the ancients.) 6. “Piombi antichi,1740: all published at Rome. The two latter were translated into Latin, the first entitled '< De Larvis Scenicis et figuris eomicis antiquorum Romanorum,“1750. The second” De Plumbeis antiquorum numismatibus, tarn sacris quam profanis,“1750, both by Dominicus Cantagallius, whose real name, Winckelrnan seems to say, was Archangelo Contucci. He wrote also, 7.” Le Vestigia e Rarita di Roma antica, richercate et spiegate,“1744; a second book entitled” La Singolarita, di Roma mcKlerna," and some other tracts. 2