Fischer, John Andrew

, a physician of Erfurt, the son of a celebrated apothecary, was born on the 28th of | November, 16G7, and graduated in the university of Erfurt, in April 1691. He was appointed professor extraordinary in the faculty of Erfurt in 1695, and professor of logic in the Evangelical college in 1699; but he relinquished, both these appointments in 1718, in order to assume the duties of the professorship of pathology and of the practice of medicine, to which he had been nominated three years before. Fischer acquired considerable reputation at Erfurt, and in the courts in the vicinity of that city, and had been ten years physician to the court of Mentz, when he died on the 13th of February, 1729. He has left several essays in the form of inaugural theses; which were published between the year 1718 and that of his death; but he was also author of some more important works: viz. 1. “Consilia Medica, quae in usum practicum et forensem, pro scopo curandi et renunciandi adornata stint.” Three volumes of this work were published successively at Francfort, in 1704, 1706, and 1712. 2. “Ilias in mice, seu Medicina Synoptica,Erfurt, 1716. 3. “Responsa Practica,” Leipsic, 1719. 1