Furstenau, John-Herman

, an eminent physician, was born at Herforden, in Westphalia, in the month of May, 1688. He began the study of medicine at the age of eighteen, and attended with diligence the schools of Wittemberg, Jena, and Halle, and became a licentiate in medicine in the last-mentioned university. About 1709 he returned to Herforden, and immediately obtained a considerable share of practice; but having conceived the design of visiting the Low Countries, he commenced his journey in 1711, in order to hear those great masters of his art, who at that time flourished so numerously in the cities of Amsterdam, Leyden, Utrecht, the Hague, Delft, and Doit. Having profited much by their instructions, whether in the chair, in hospitals, or in private communication, he returned to his native place at the end of a year, and recommenced the practice of his profession with the same ardour as when he quitted Halle, but with more knowledge and greater resources. Nevertheless he again interrupted his practice by another journey in 1716. He tnarried in 1717, with the intention of settling at Herforden; but became a professor in 1720, at Rintlen, where he died April 7, 1756. He left several works: the first of these was frequently re-printed, and bears the title of “Desiderata Medica.” It includes also “Desiderata Anatomico-Physiologica Desiderata circa morbos et eorum sig na Quae desiderantur in Praxi Medica Desiderata Chirurgica.” 2. “De Fatis Medicorum, Oratio Inauguralis,1720. 3. “De morbis Jurisconsultorum Epistola,1721. 4. “De Dysenteria alba in puerpera Dissertatio,1723. 5. “Programmata nonnulla, tempore Magistrates Academici impressa,1724 and 1725. 2