Garsault, Francis Alexander De

, was grandson of M. de Garsault, groom of the king’s grand stable, whom M. de Colbert made inspector general of the studs throughout the kingdom in 1663. His uncle was captain of the ktng’s studs, and he was appointed captain in reversion, but did not succeed to the place; he nevertheless paid much attention to horses, and was by that means qualified to publish his “Nouveau parfait Marechal,” the fourth edition of which is, 1770, 4to. It is the best French work on that subject; nor has it been exceeded by any that have since appeared. M. de Garsault had before translated Snape’s “Anatomy of a Horse” from the English, which translation appeared in 1737, 4to. In 1756 he published his treatise on carriages, including a description of a coach that cannot be overturned; which he made use of a long time. “Le Guide du Cavalier,1769, 12mo, is the last work published on horses by this author; he afterwards employed his leisure hours in painting, engraving, and several other works; as “les Fails des Causes celebres,” 12mo; *‘ le Notionaire de ce qu’il y a de plus | utile dans les Connoissances acquises," 8vo. He wrote also in the collection of the academy of the sciences, thd arts of the tennis-racket maker, the peruke-maker, tha taylor, the sempstress, the shoemaker, the harness-maker, the sadler, and a collection of plants engraved, in 4 vols, 8vo. A palsy brought him insensibly to his grave, November 1778, at the age of 85. 1


Dict. Hist. de L’Avocat.