Events noted in 1769

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1768 1770


Publication: “The History of Danish law from the time of king Harold to that of Christian V.” by Ancher, Peter Kofod lawyer

Died: Anderson, Walter a native of Scotland

Publication: “Traité des Mesures itineraires anciennes et modernes,” by Anville, John-Baptiste Bourignon D' first geographer to the king of France (?–1782)

Died: Ardene, John Paul De Rome D' and a priest of the Oratory

Publication: “Annee champetre,” by Ardene, John Paul De Rome D' and a priest of the Oratory

Publication: “Arator,” by Arntzenius, John Henry son of John Arntzenius

Publication: “Dimostrazione della theoria, &c.” by Audiffredi, John Baptist astronomer

Publication: “Registrum Roffense,” by Ayloffe, Sir Joseph of Framfield in Sussex

Publication: “The Endemical Colic of Devon not caused by a solution of lead in the cyder,” by Baker, Sir George physician

Died: Ballerini, Peter And Jerom brothers

Publication: “History of primary causes,” by Batteux, Charles professor of philosophy in the college royal

Publication: “L'Heureux viellard,” by Beurieu, Gaspard Guillard De writer

Publication: “Des principes de la vegetation et de ^agriculture,” by Beguillet, Edmund an advocate of the parliament of Dijon

Publication: “Apologie de la Religion Chretienne contre l'auteur du Christianisme devoid,” by Bergier, Nicolas Sylvester writer

Publication: “Chronologic historique des baillis et des gouverneurs de Caen,” by Besiers, Michael a canon of St

Publication: “Of the causes of public happiness,” by Besplas, Joseph Mary Anne Gros De doctor of the Sorbonne

Publication: “Eloge de Corneille,” by Bitaube', Paul Jeremiah poet

Publication: “Dissertations sur les Antiseptiques,” by Bordenave, Toussaint regius professor and director of the academy of surgery

Publication: “The History of Emily Montagu,” by Brooke, Frances whose maiden name was Moore

Publication: “Fragmentum I. Hawkins completum,” by Browne, Sir William physician

Publication: “Sicilise et objacentium Insularum veterum inscriptionum nova collectio, cum prolegomenis et notis illustrata,” by Castello, Gabriel Lancelot antiquary

Publication: “Euxodie,” by Chabanon, De writer

Publication: “Discours sur Pindar,” by Chabanon, De writer

Died: Chappe D'Auteroche, John astronomer

Publication: “Anecdotes of Painters.” by Chatterton, Thomas poet

Died: Chaulnes, Albert Duke De a peer of France

Died: Clarke, Samuel was educated at Pembroke-hall

Died: Cooper, John Gilbert poet

Publication: “Gospel Imitation of the Psalms of David, and other holy songs,” by Cramer, John Andrew of another family

Publication: “Commentarii de Senatu Romano, sub iniperatoribus, &c.” by Curtius, Michael Conrad professor of history and rhetoric at Marpurg

Publication: “Vox populi Vox Dei, lord Weymouth’s Appeal to the General Court of India Proprietors, considered, 14th August,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “An examination of some of the arguments for the high antiquity of regiam majestatem; and an inquiry into the authenticity of the leges Malcolrni,” by Dalrymple, David antiquary

Publication: “Historical Memoirs concerning the Provincial Councils of the Scottish Clergy, from the earliest accounts of the,; aera of the reformation,” by Dalrymple, David antiquary

Publication: “Canons of the church of Scotland, drawn up in the provincial councils held at Perth, anno 1242 and 1269,” by Dalrymple, David antiquary

Died: Davies, Sneyd physician

Died: Eliott, George Augustus the gallant defender of Gibraltar

Publication: “Mechanics, or the doctrine of motion,” by Emerson, William mathematician

Publication: “A collection of Hymns, adapted to public Worship,” by Evans, Caleb a dissenting minister of the baptist persuasion at Bristol (17371791)

Publication: “The Spanish military History,” by Eximeno, Anthony a Spanish ex-jesuit

Died: Facciolati, James orator

Publication: “An Essay on the medical virtues of Acids,” by Farr, Samuel physician

Publication: “An easy Introduction to Astronomy, for young gentlemen and ladies,” by Ferguson, James philosopher

Died: Ferrein, Anthony anatomist

Died: Gally, Henry divine

Publication: “Le Guide du Cavalier,” by Garsault, Francis Alexander De was grandson of M. de Garsault

Died: Gellert, Christian Furchtegott poet

Died: Genovesi, Antony or

Publication: “Traité des differentes sortes de preuves qui servent à etablir la verite de l'Histoire,” by Griffet, Henry writer

Publication: “Delices des Pays Bas,” by Griffet, Henry writer

Publication: “Two Novels, in Letters, 4 vols. the first and second, entitled Delicate Distress, by Frances the third and fourth, entitled the Gordian Knot, by Henry,” by Griffith, Elizabeth writer

Died: Grose, Francis antiquary

Died: Lightfoot, Jofln botanist

Died: Mansi, John Dominique prelate

Publication: “Spiritual Letters,” by Marin, Michael Angelo writer

Died: Meadowcourt, Richard critic

Publication: “A Letter to the right rev. the Lord Bishop of Oxford, from the Master of the Temple, containing remarks upon some strictures made by his grace the late archbishop of Canterbury, in the rev. Mr. Merrick’s Annotations on the Psalms,” by Merrick, James divine and poet

Publication: “Spicilegium Geographies Hebrseorum exterae, post Bochartum,” by Michaelis, John David critic

Publication: “Paraphrase and Remarks on the Epistles of Paul to the Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Titus, Timothy, and Philemon,” by Michaelis, John David critic

Publication: “Du Charbon de terre et de ses Mines,” by Morand, John Francis Clement was born at Paris in April 1726

Publication: “On Microscopical, and the Generation of Organized Bodies,” by Needham, John Tuberville divine

Publication: “Nomenclator Botanicus,” by Oeder, George Christian botanist

Publication: “Memoirs of the Life, Character, and Writings of Dr. Doddridge.” by Orton, Job divine

Publication: “An Enquiry into the present state of the Septuagint version of the Old Testament,” by Owen, Henry divine

Publication: “Greek and English Lexicon,” by Parkhurst, John divine

Died: Penrose, Thomas poet

Publication: “Journal Historique d'un Voyage faite aux iles Malouines, en 1763 et 1764,” by Pernety, Anthony Joseph was born Feb. 15

Publication: “Tom Jones,” by Reed, Joseph writer

Publication: “The History of the reign of the Emperor Charles V. with a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the subversion of the Roman Empire to the beginning of the sixteenth century,” by Robertson, William one of the most illustrious names in modern literature

Publication: “Le Manuel des Enfans,” by Sabbathier, Francis writer

Publication: “Les Saisons,” by St. Lambert, Charles Francis De formerly a member of the French academy

Publication: “Anni tres Historico-naturales,” by Scopoli, John Anthony naturalist

Publication: “The Romish Horseleech.” by Staveley, Thomas, Esq. a learned gentleman

Publication: “Registrum Roffense, or a collection of ancient records, &c. necessary for illustrating the ecclesiastical history and antiquities of the diocese and cathedral church of Rochester, &c. by John Thorpe, late of Rochester, M. D, F. R. S. and published by his son John Thorpe, esq. A. M. F. S. A.” by Thorpe, John antiquary

Publication: “The Church of England vindicated from the charge of Arminianism; and the case of Arminian Subscription particularly considered; in a Letter to the rev. Dr. Nowell,” by Toplady, Augustus Montague a strenuous champion for the Calvinism of the church of England

Publication: “The Doctrine of absolute Predestination stated and asserted; with a preliminary discourse on the Divine Attributes: translated in great measure, from the Latin of Jerom Zanchius; with some account of his Life prefixed,” by Toplady, Augustus Montague a strenuous champion for the Calvinism of the church of England

Died: Trew, Christopher James naturalist

Born: Tweddell, John scholar

Publication: “Examen historique du government de Sparte,” by Vauvilliers, John Francis writer

Publication: “Man a condemned sinner, and Christ the strong hold to save him,” by Venn, Henry divine

Publication: “A full and free Examination of the rev. Dr. Priestley’s Address on the Lord’s Supper, with some siricrures on the treatise itself,” by Venn, Henry divine

Publication: “The Evidences of Christianity, deduced from Facts, and the Testimony of Sense, throughout all Ages of the Church, to the present Time. In a series of discourses, preached for the lecture founded by the hon. Robert Boyle, esq. in the parish-church of St. James, Westminster, in the years 1766, 1767, 1768; wherein is shewn, that, upon the whole, this is not a decaying, but a growing, Evidence,” by Worthington, William divine