Gaupp, John

, an able divine and mathematician, was born at Lindau, in Swabia, in 1667, and after some education here, was sent to Ulm, and afterwards to the university of Jena, where he took the degree of M. A. and became a considerable proficient in mathematics. After this he spent some time in different German universities, improving himself in theology and mathematics, and then visited Amsterdam and London. In 16y3 he was ordained, and appointed in 1728 principal pastor of Lindau. His leisure hours he devoted to mathematical and philosophical pursuits, became a lecturer in these branches of science, in which character his reputation procured him the correspondence of many of the most learned mathematicians in foreign countries. He was a practical mechanic, as well as an able illustrator of the higher branches of science; and many of the instruments which he made use of were constructed by himself. He had begun the erection of an observatory, but death terminated his labours in 1738. He was the author of “Gnomonica Mechanica Universalis;” of various calendars, and calculations and descriptions of eclipses; of other philosophical treatises, and of sermons. His Ephemerides and astronomical observations were received by the royal academies of sciences at Paris and Berlin, and several of them were inserted in the Memoirs of those learned societies. 2