Godefroi, Denvs

, son of Theodore, was born August 24, 1615, at Paris. He made use of his father’s Memoirs, and like him studied the History of France. Louis XIV. appointed him keeper and director of the chamber of accounts at Lisle, in which city he died June 9, 1681. He published “Le Ceremonial de France,” written by his father and the History of Charles VI. and Charles VII. printed at the Louvre, each in 1 vol. folio that of the Crown Officers, from the time at which that of John le Feron ends; “Memoires et Instructions pour servir dans les Negociations et les Affaires concernant les Droits du Roi,1665, fol. which had been attributed to chancellor Seguier, &c. 2 He left several children who were eminent among them. 2